Hogwarts Endings (music826)

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

So, these are the absolute last parts of my series. I hope you enjoyed the entire story, and I'd love to hear what you thought of it as a whole. :)

Created by: music826
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  1. So, if you read my author's note or results on the last edition, you know that I was forced to put all the endings in an edition instead of the results as I had originally planned, so here they are. Enjoy! :)
  2. NEVILLE ***Nineteen Years Later*** “Holly, here, give me the plant. Your father will bring it to the castle tonight,” I told my daughter as she waited to board the Hogwarts Express. “I’m not Holly, I’m Hazel!” she said indignantly, passing over the plant. “I’m sorry, honey. Your sister’s usually the one carrying around the plants,” I apologized. “I want you to promise me you’ll stay out of trouble,” I told them sternly. “You don’t have to worry, mum,” Hazel said. “Yeah, we’ll practically be living with dad in the greenhouses anyway,” Holly added. I watched them board the train with a smile. “It’s going to be an empty house without you three causing me trouble,” I commented to Neville. He put an arm around my shoulders. “I’ll visit every weekend. And the girls will be back during the holidays,” he reassured me. I waved as the train began to make its way out of the station. “I know,” I said softly. I almost wished I were going along on the trip to the castle, but all the same…it was time for a new set of adventurers.
  3. DRACO ***Nineteen Years Later*** “Marcus, I want you to write to us as soon as you settle in. And let us know what house you’re Sorted into!” I told my son, giving him a tight hug. He patted my back with a laugh. “I will, Mum.” I looked into his innocent grey eyes and realized exactly how much he reminded me of his father. He had my hair, but it was also streaked with the trademark Malfoy blonde. I looked up at the clock. “You’d better go,” I said somewhat regretfully, and he happily boarded the train. Draco came up behind me and gave my shoulders a reassuring squeeze. “He’ll be all right,” he said. “I know he will. He’s a smart boy,” I said, waving up at him as he poked his head out a compartment window and grinned down at us. “Just like his mother,” Draco said with a smile. “Oh, he’s got quite a bit of his father in him, too,” I said. Draco sighed. “That’s what I’m afraid of.” I looked up at him and smiled. “I’m not.” We both watched as the train started pulling away from the station. I almost wished I were going along on the trip to the castle, but all the same…it was time for a new set of adventurers.
  4. HARRY ***Nineteen Years Later*** “Albus, the train’s about to leave!” I called to my son. He was busy talking to his father nearby, but jumped to attention at my warning. Harry smiled at our son as he hopped onto the train, and walked over to join me again. Our other two children, James and Lily after Harry’s parents, were already on the train, smiling down at us from the windows. “Do you think he’ll be all right?” I asked Harry, referring to Albus, who was going off to his first year at Hogwarts. He touched his scar lightly and smiled. That was all the answer I needed. It hadn’t bothered him in nineteen years. I waved as the train pulled out of the station, watching until it had disappeared far into the distance. I almost wished I were going along on the trip to the castle, but all the same…it was time for a new set of adventurers.
  5. GEORGE ***Nineteen Years Later*** “Fred, stop trying to feed your sister Every Flavor Beans,” I scolded my son sternly. “But mum –“ he protested. “No. Besides, I wouldn’t want to eat that gray one myself. Arianna, come here and take your cat,” I said, handing her a scruffy looking cat she had received for her eleventh birthday. She took the creature in her arms lovingly. “Her name is Sasha, mum,” she protested, stroking the feline’s fur. “Okay, take Sasha, then. Have you both got all your things?” I asked them, looking at my two children. They nodded. I smiled at them. They had both inherited the trademark red Weasley hair, and looked more and more like the aunt and uncle they were named for each year. “Well, all right. Go on, then,” I said, giving them each a hug. George helped them get their trunks on board and wrapped an arm around me as he joined me again. “Off to Hogwarts again,” I said with a sigh. “They’ll be back soon,” he said with a reassuring smile, waving at the kids as they appeared in a window up above. We watched the train roll off into the distance. I almost wished I were going along on the trip to the castle, but all the same…it was time for a new set of adventurers.
  6. RON ***Nineteen Years Later*** “Lucy, hurry up or we’re going to miss the train!” Lucy’s brother Conner complained, waiting impatiently for her as we walked to the Hogwarts Express. “Settle down, Conner. We’re going to make it,” I told my son sternly. Lucy dragged her trunk along slowly, struggling with the heavy piece of luggage. Looking up at the clock, I realized that we actually were running late. “Here, give me that, Luce,” I took her trunk from her, and Ron picked her up and deposited her on his shoulders. “Dad,” she laughed, holding onto his neck for dear life. “Hurry!” Conner called back, running up ahead and onto the train. Ron swung Lucy down and I set her trunk on the train as she stepped up onto the landing. “We’ll see you two at Christmas. Don’t forget to write!” I called as they raced down the corridor. “We won’t!” Lucy said, and they disappeared in the depths of the Hogwarts Express. I waved up at them as they joined the other students at the windows. Ron waved beside me, smiling up at our children. “Well, the second one’s off to Hogwarts now,” he said. I nodded, unsure whether I should cry or smile. It seemed like they were both getting so old already, off to uncover the secrets of Hogwarts. I almost wished I were going along on the trip to the castle, but all the same…it was time for a new set of adventurers.
  7. OLIVER ***Nineteen Years Later*** “Layla, don’t forget your owl!” I called after the little brown-haired girl disappearing into the crowd. “Thanks, mum,” she said, turning back and taking the cage. “Do you have your broom?” Oliver asked. “Like I would forget that,” Layla replied with a roll of her eyes. “Only her second year and she’s already turning into her father,” I teased, nudging Oliver lightly. “Remember what we’ve been practicing, and write back when tryouts are over!” he shouted after our daughter as she disappeared into the crowd. “Oh, don’t worry. She’ll be winning matches before you know it,” I told Oliver, waving to Layla as she stepped onto the Hogwarts Express. The whistle sounded, and the train started moving. “Do you think she’ll be all right?” I asked. “She might get hit by a bludger or two…but she’ll be all right,” Oliver replied. I laughed. “Always about Quidditch, isn’t it?” He squeezed me around the shoulders lightly. “Not always. I think I’ve moved on to more important things.” And with that, the train disappeared from the station. I smiled softly. I almost wished I were going along on the trip to the castle, but all the same…it was time for a new set of adventurers.
  8. So, I hope you enjoyed! Yes, I know they all ended off the same way and they were all really similar, but it would've been much less obvious in the results. And they are also much shorter than they had originally been, so I'm not sure if that made it less smooth of a read or not. But those were the official endings of the series. I'm going to put out a last quiz explaining a few things and sending some shout-outs in a couple minutes, but then that'll be it for posting. Goodbye for now. :)

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