Harry Potter love Story Pt 6

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Hello Harry Potter fangirls! Many of you may want to know who your boyfriend at hogwarts should be. Will it be Harry? Neville? Draco? Oliver? Cedric? Ron? Snape? The Weasley twins? Well now you will be able to find out!

Please take he previous parts before starting this one. It will make a whole lot more sense. Remember, you are a third year girl who's adjusting to Hogwarts. Please rate and comment when you're done. I love feed back! Thanks a million!

Created by: Jtsquared4

  1. The week passed quickly. You can faintly remember anything of it. You served all of your detention, so that was over, but you had to wear gloves now so nobody'll see your punishment. In a way, the sentence was like a brand. If anyone say it it was shameful. Even after that Jane incident, Draco still inquired information about you. Was Jane still stalking you? Jane wasn't the only one you were worried about. Oliver was acting very strange around Cedric, and you couldn't deal with the two most important people in your life were fighting. Then there was Harry. Every time you even slightly numbed into the subject of Oliver he changed the topic. Ron was doing that too. You didn't know how much more of this you could take.
  2. You walked onto the Quiditch Pitch. It was try outs, and you were attempting to be a chaser. After all, the Weasley twins were the beaters, and Oliver made it pretty clear that they weren't going anywhere. Also, Harry was the seeker. He was the best seeker. You'd never be able to replace him. And Oliver himself was the keeper. Hopefully, he was a keeper in more ways than one, but with the way he was acting it was like he was avoiding you. Before tryouts, you talked to Oliver. "Cedric and I are just friends! You need to chill!" He didn't chill though. During the warmups he pointed out every flaw in your flying. You didn't paid it any mind. He was just jealous of Cedric. He'll get over it.
  3. You didn't make the team. Apparently Oliver found way too many flaws in your performance, even though you scored with every throw. A girl named Taylor got your spot. Taylor was pretty, smart, and could fly on any broomstick given to her. How could Oliver resist all that? After the tryouts you talked to Oliver. "Look, I don't know what I said, but I'm so sorry. Oliver please tell me what's wrong." He didn't seem happy,"_____, I'm not mad at you! Why'd you think that?" "Maybe cause you pointed out every one of my flaws!" "I'm sorry, I was just... Nevermind that, it isn't important. Meet me in the common room at seven." Then he left without another word.
  4. You waited for Oliver in he common room. It was seven thirty, a half an hour late. Where is he? Is he okay? Once the clock strikes eight, you give up. You sneak out of the common room and into the hall. You can't see, cause its pitch black in the corridor. "Luminous!" You whisper. Your wand lights up and the corridor is filled with light. You walked to the Quiditch Pitch. You sat on a bench and stared into the dark sky. It was a full moon. That's when you heard the howl. A werewolf jumped out of the bushes and came right for you.
  5. You couldn't move. Fear had taken over. The wolf bounded at you with thunderous speed. It was five yards from you when you saw him. He hollered,"hey Wolfy!! Come and get me!" The wolf changed it direction and bounded at the boy. "Run! ____, run!" The boy yelled at you. You couldn't move. It was too much for you to take in. The boy sounded shockingly like- "Mr. Longbottom!!" The dark voice of Snape yelled. "Get out if here!" Snape raised his wand. "Stupify!" The wolf was knocked back about fifty feet. You got up and ran, following Snape and Neville back to Hogwarts. "______, what on God's green Earth were you doing out there!" Neville asked you. "I.... I was..... Ummm..." You didn't know what to say. "Both of you. Headmaster's office. Now." Snape said. Neville and you followed him through the corridors and into Dumbledore's office.
  6. You didn't get into any trouble. That's because you lied to the headmaster. "I was sleep walking," you'd said to him. Neville said he followed you because you was sleep walking. You were so lucky Neville had played along with the lie. After the interrogation, Neville asked you for the real reason. Your response was, "I was upset. That's all." You left Neville in the corridor. He ran to catch up with you. He accidentally stepped on your robes, causing you to face plant. Neville fell on top of you. "Get off of me!" you yelled. Neville didn't listen. He moved his head next to your ear. You could feel his hot breath on your skin. "You're lucky I followed you out," he whispered. Then he got off of you an went back into the Griffendoor tower.
  7. You entered the common room. Oliver was sitting glumly in a leather recliner. You walked over to him. "Why'd you blow me off?" You ask him. "I got in a fight." He replies. "Why?" "Someone was saying mean things about us, so I hexed that person." "Who was it?" "Taylor." "You fought with Taylor?" "Look, I know I'm not supposed to hex anyone, especially girls, but she was talking trash on you. Because you liked me." You were shocked. "We're gonna have to reschedule this date. Hogsmede tomorrow?" Oliver frowned. "I can't. My punishment is no Hogsmede. I'm so sorry." "That's fine Oliver, how about meeting here on Sunday?" "Sure, ____. It's a date." You smiled and kisses him on the cheek. "See ya then," you whispered to him. Then you cheerfully walled to your dorm thinking______.
  8. You sat on your bed and heard a crinkling sound. You moved the pillow and saw a note. It said, "I'm still watching you. Just a little differently than before." You shivered.
  9. You wait by the gates for Ron and Hermione. They finally show up with the rest of the gingers, twins included. You stop at the joke shop first. The twins bought one of everything there, so the fun would never end. Apparently, all of that stuff was needed for the huge Snape prank they were gonna pull. They were in there for over an hour, so you, Ron, and Ginny left, leaving Hermione and the twins behind. Ron say that as a golden opportunity to hold your hand. He slowly reached for it, and you saw him, but didn't say anything. The touch of his hands sent a warm feeling up your spine. You smiled and got closer to Ron. Ginny saw the display between the two of you and politely excused herself from the group. It was just you and Ron alone. You sat at a bench by a small freezing cold pond. You want to ____
  10. Ron moves closer to you and you lean on him. Then you hear a click and see the blinding flash of the camera. Ron jumps, causing you fall into the lake. You're freezing. Drowning.
  11. Then next thing you know, Ron is on top of you. He's giving you mouth to mouth. You hear a devilish voice behind you. "You should see your face right now! Priceless!" It was Draco. "You must be very concerned for her if you'd actually give her mouth to mouth Weaselbee." He takes another picture. Your eyes slowly open, but Ron didn't see. He lowers down one more time, and you kiss him. He kisses you back, and you faintly hear the sound of Draco's camera. Ron pulls away, and you smile. "Eww! Now my potions partner just kissed a weasley! Could things get any worse?" Draco laughed and took another picture. You got up and stated him down. "When I get my hands on you, you'll wish you were never born, Malfoy!" He only smirks. "Oh really? How will you do that?" He steps closer to you. You can almost feel his warm breath on your cheek. Then, out of nowhere, a snowball flys into Draco's head. He screams and runs away. Then your hood is pulled over your head. When you pull it off you see Harry, smiling.
  12. Harry smiled. You ran up to him and hugged him. "Thank you so much." You whispered into his ear. "It was my pleasure," he says. His mouth lightly touched your ear. You let go of him. "Wanna go to the Three broomsticks?" He asks you. That's when you remembered Cedric. "I'm sorry, I already had plans to meet someone there. Catch ya later?" You say. "Yeah," Harry answers. You leave them to find Cedric. He was standing at the door of the Three Broomsticks. When he saw you he ran at you, knocking you down. It was all just so he could say: "we've got to stop meeting like this." He was inches away from your face. You froze. Draco might be around to take some more photos of you. You pushed Cedric off of you and stood up. "Shall we?" Asked Cedric. You grabbed his hand and the two of you entered the three broomsticks.
  13. Pick one! Are you lucky?
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