Harry Potter Love Story pt. 1

I really like Harry Potter! This is my first time ever making a quiz! So I HOPE you like it! I am going to make others soon! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much! P.S. This is for GIRLS ONLY! =D

Do you think you have a chance with Harry, Malfoy, or Ron? Well then this is for you! Unless you are a boy, otherwise GET OUT! There will be more of my quizzes, so stay tuned! =p

Created by: Mrs.Malfoy

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  1. So, your on the train of the Hogwarts express. And find a compartment that empty. You decide you should put on your robes early. Then a blonde haired boy walks in. What do you do?
  2. So he comes in anyway. He tell you, " Sorry, all the compartments are full!" You continue reading a book. Then the train stops! Draco got out a waited for with his hand held out. What do you do?
  3. So either way you go with Draco. When your getting out you run into Harry, "Sorry! I wasn't looking were I was going!" "That's okay!" You just got love struck! So a big, hairy, dude, Hagrid, took all of you on a boat ride to HOGWARTS!!! You stand by Draco. Then Mrs. McGonagal pulls out an old hat. What house are you in?
  4. After that you have a big feast! Who do you sit by?
  5. You go up to your dorm, somebody stops you. It's Draco Malfoy! What are you thinking?
  6. You ask " What do you want, MALFOY?" " I was just wondering if you knew,where,um, NEVERMIND!" Then he ran off. You are thinking...
  7. You wake up with water being dumped on your head. "Huh? What? Hey stop it!" You yell. You open your eyes to see Harry and Ron. "How did you guys get up here? (Your in Griffendor) "Well, you were sleeping on the couch!" Ron said. You run up to your dormitory without a word! You are SOOOOOO inbaressed! Then you run down to breakfast! What do you eat?
  8. (Me: SOO SORRY that these aren't good questions!) So your day goes by super fast and so does the next month! Then you get a love letter saying, Dear _____, please meet me at the room of requirement. -secret admirer! Who do you think it is?
  9. You meet him at the room of requirement! And guess who it is! It's mister Malfoy!!! So you walk over to him, and he gives you a necklace! Do you wear it!
  10. You saw it had a big silver heart locket, you open it and you saw somebody looking at you! I was Draco! When you got out you saw Ron. He gave you a ring. "Thanks?" You say, and continue walking! Then the ring spoke, "How do you like it?" "Good? Who are you?" "Well I'm Ron, didn't you know?" You didn't talk. Then you saw a charm bracelet on your bed. It was from Harry! What charms does it have?
  11. Fainally! The year is over! You pack up. When it is time to get on the Hogwarts express who do you sit by?
  12. Sorry this quiz wasn't very good! I tried my best! Quiz 2 will be out soon! Here's a secret, if you get Crabb, that was NOT ME! Did you like this quiz?

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