Your Romance at Hogwarts

Hi Everyone! This is my first quiz, and I plan to make more. This is a series, so look for more! Basically, this is a story for you bored people or if you just like Hogwarts love stories.

You have the possible results of Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasly and Fred/George Weasly. And, of course, undecided. Hope you like it. Oh, and I will probably be adding more results later on.

Created by: Jay
  1. Greetings, Quiztakers! This story takes place in your third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Your name appears in the blanks: _______. Have fun!
  2. You just are reentering your train compartment after changing into your Gryffindor robes. But, you wonder if you've entered the wrong compartment because it's no longer empty. Two identical redheads are in your former spot. "Oh, sorry! Am I in the wrong compartment?" You ask. The boys pause their conversation to look at you. One begins to gape, but the other lifts up your handbag. "If this is yours, then, no." he says. You sit down and take your handbag. "I'm Fred." the one who was gaping says. The other one smiles, "I'm George." he says. "You're the infamous Weasly Twins?" You ask. They not proudly. "The same." They say simultaneously. "The exact same who dyed my hair pink?" You say angrily. The two blush and shift uncomfortably. "Probably." Fred says. You smirk. "Actually, that never happened. I just wanted to set you on edge." you say. "Hey!" they both exclaim. Then, you begin a conversation. You keep on talking until you reach Hogwarts. You quickly and excitedly exit the train to board the carriages and reach the Great Hall.
  3. The meal goes by pleasantly. You find yourself seated next to the "Golden Trio." Hermione turns out to be a lovely conversationalist, and you hope to become friends with her this year. Harry, Harry Potter, speaks to you with a soft voice and a nervous smile.He compliments your smile a few times, and even suggested doing homework together sometime. Ron Weasly kept on shoving food into his face until you mentioned his brothers, which he wasn't pleased about. "You actually talked to them? I can't believe it!" His comment makes you slightly uncomfortable, and you are eager to return to your dorm.
  4. You try to go to sleep, but it's far too early. You put your clothes back on and tidy yourself up once more to return to the common room. You sit down near the back of the room, slightly hoping to be left alone. however, this does not happen. Neville Longbottom decides to delight you with his company. "Hi, ____." he says as he sits down. "Oh, Neville! Long time no see!" you say. Neville grimaces slightly. "I suppose. Have you met anyone new?" he asks. "The Weasly brothers, Hermione and Harry. You know that you're the only one I knew... besides Patricia." You sigh as you think of your good friend, who sadly transferred to Beaubatons (spelling?) over the summer. Neville nods. "Yeah. But it sounds like you're getting plenty of attention!" he says. His look grows distant, and he gets up and walks away.
  5. You continue to sit alone, wondering about his peculiar behavior. But, once again, someone comes to talk to you. It's Ron, coming to talk to you. "Popular, aren't we?" he asks. You smile ruefully. "Yeah, it's weird, huh? I've never gotten too much attention before." you mutter. Ron tilts his head. "Really? You seem too charming for that." He says. You blush. "I bet you say that to everyone." Ron shakes his head. "It varies." he says. "Ah, I see. Looks like Harry is waiting for you. I'm going to let you goo now." You say. Ron shrugs. "Kay. Bye." You watch him walk away, cursing under your breath. Your roll your eyes.
  6. You return to your dorm, in hope of peace and quiet. You climb into bed, and wonder about the endless possibilities of tomorrow. As you close your eyes, your thoughts drift to...
  7. Thanks for taking my first quiz!
  8. Apparently I need to write more questions...
  9. Don't mean to sound desparate, but... Comment? (you dont have to answer)
  10. Bye! Happy Hogwarts

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