Let's Ring in the New Year,Hogwarts style!

It’s a wondrous time to spend New Years at Hogwarts with your favorite people! Who knows what kind of things will brew up with the boys? It’ll be quite a blast,I’ll tell you that. Have fun!

This is the New Years edition in the series ‘‘Before Harry Potter...Romance at Hogwarts’ There’s currently 3 parts out in the series not including this special edition so if you like this, then please check them out! There is also a Christmas edition if you missed it called ‘Snow and Mistletoes at Hogwarts’ Thanks & enjoy!

Created by: XxxKaliaxxX
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  1. You awoke,stretching as you got out from under the covers and blinked against the golden light flowing inside your room from the large window. A flash of white outside your window caught your eye through your still dream-like state. You wandered over to the window,careful not to disturb your sleeping roommates and opened the window. Outside,was a scroll of parchment,rolled up with fluttering white wings on the top of the scroll. You plucked the scroll out of the air and unraveled it. To all those who have received the exclusive invite, At this point you woke up each of your roommates,one by one, until they were awake and sitting on their beds,waiting for you to read it. You continued,reading aloud now,"There will be a New Years party,today at promptly 7 o'clock, in the Great Hall. There will be food,drinks,dancing,games,fireworks, and a special event at 12 o'clock.See you there. -The Marauders"
  2. "We HAVE to go!" squealed Sara,one of your roommates. Your other roommates chimed in,all agreeing with Sara. You seems to have no choice now. It was either go or be attacked by endless pleading and other such torture from your roommates. You decided to go with the first option. "Okay,I'll go then." You winced as cheers filled your ears. “Shh...We don’t want to wake the first years.” They quieted and you smiled.
  3. Later at 6:30 you sat down as you agreed to let Sara do your makeup for the party. You almost fell asleep until Sara announced,”Done!” You opened your eyes and looked into the mirror. She had dusted on a shimmery purple eyeshadow and lined your eyes with black liquid eyeliner. Your lips were a dark pink. Sara put onto your wrist a silver bracelet with a heart dangling from it. You stood up revealing the dress.It was a deep,royal purple dress with one shoulder strap.It had sequins adorning the area below your chest with a bow right underneath to the right side.In the front,the dress ended but in the back,the dress flowed on in a drape-like flowy fashion that reached down above your ankles. You smiled,knowing Sara had outdone herself. She sure was a fashionista. You reached for your silver flats with ruffled frills on the front. You slid them on and walked to the Great Hall with all your roommates. You arrived to a bustling crowd in the Great Hall and saw Hufflepuffs,Ravenclaws,Gryffindors, and most shockingly Slytherins who stood away from the rest of the group. James,Sirius,Remus,and Peter had transformed the Great Hall. White,glowing lights were stringed around you onto the walls as well as satin ribbons of assorted colors,that you figured replaced the streamers.Silver and gold confetti scattered onto the floor. The most shocking of all though was that the ceiling of the Great Hall seemed to have vanished,replaced by the vast,starry black sky.You were awestruck at how the Great Hall looked.Sara suggested,”We should go and find the Marauders. I want to congratulate them on how the Great Hall looks.” You nod and weave your way through the Great Hall with Sara by your side until you spotted the messy black hair of James Potter with Sirius,Remus,and Peter.James noticed you first and smiled. “Hey _______! Hey Sara!” You smiled and nodded at James.
  4. Remus and Peter smiled at you but Sirius looked a bit embarrassed. He looked at you and said,”Sorry ‘bout what happened on Christmas. James told me what I did to Diggory...Though he had it coming.” He was referring to when Amos Diggory had kissed you and a drunken Sirius chased him off. You laughed softly and said,”Forgiven.” Sirius grinned at you,using his Black charm well as always,gray eyes sparkling. “Thanks ______.” You were pulled into a one armed hug by Sirius for a brief moment.
  5. Soon after the conversation had ended,you walked away from them. After all, they needed to talk to their other guests. You wandered around aimlessly before you identified a pale blonde head of hair off to the side as Lucius Malfoy. You approached him and he looked at you,and you swore you saw a flicker of surprise appear before his eyes returned to a steely gray again. You said,”Hey Lucius.” The 7th year boy locked his gaze to yours and you braced yourself for an insult. All that came in a soft voice was,”You look pretty.” Shock filled you as you looked at him,eyes wide. Did he...? No,you must have been mistaken. But there was no mistake in his words,though soft but had no hesitation in them. His words echoed in your mind. You look pretty. That was the nicest thing that Lucius had ever said to you. You responded,”T-Thanks.” He merely nodded, as if he had never said anything.
  6. Lucius looked over your shoulder,nodding at someone you guessed before he murmured,”See you.” He walked away and you turned around to see why he left. Severus was approaching you quietly. He smiled. “Hi ________.” You smiled and responded,”Hello Severus.” A small lapse of silence followed before he offered a hand. “Want to dance?” You looked at him,a bit shocked at his boldness. He had never been this out-spoken and bold before. Not that he’d quite noticed,he just waited for an answer. The glint of hope in his black eyes were almost unnoticeable. “A-alright then.” you say,taking his hand and putting a hand on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around your waist,not a bit of hesitance in his movement. He seemed to have gained an unexpected Gryffindor courage. You swayed and twirled around in the Great Hall and actually began to enjoy yourself in Severus’ arms. He smiled,the clear joy alight in his eyes. Severus dipped you,leaning down and almost touching the floor now,hair hanging down until Severus pulled you up swiftly again. The song ended and you let go of him. “Thanks Severus. I enjoyed that.” With a step backwards you began to walk away. You could hear a faint,”You’re welcome.” You walked away and into the crowd of people,pushing past them. What was that? Did....Did Severus like you? You weren’t sure where the sudden courage had come from or why it had come...
  7. Finally you reach an almost empty area,leaning on the wall as you sighed,closing your eyes. You didn’t know what to make of Severus’ personality today. “Something gone wrong?” Your eyes fluttered open,and you searched for the owner of the voice. Peter. You shrug,not really sure. “So why are the Slytherins at the party? I thought Slytherins didn’t count as exclusive invites.” Peter chuckled. “Well,McGonagall found out about James’ not so secret party and forced him to invite the whole castle since it wouldn’t be fair and it was in the Great Hall,school property and what not.” He rolled his eyes. “James certainly threw a fit about inviting the snakes. Poor Remus though. He had to write all the invitations and charm the parchments to have the little fluttering wings.” “Really?” You were impressed by the feat. Peter nodded. “Yeah,Remus is pretty advanced with that stuff.” You looked around to pinpoint the source of very loud talking and saw a large group at the end of the Great Hall,standing for an unknown reason but it was creating a lot of buzz. You gestured to the group. “Want to go over there Peter?” Peter nodded,and peeled himself off the wall as you both joined the group. James, was in the center,daring a Ravenclaw to charm the suits of armor to dance. Sirius sighted you,grinning as Remus looked over and smiled. You smile back at:
  8. The Ravenclaw walks off to do so, and more truths and dares are issued. A Hufflepuff boy looks at you, a glimmer of mischief in his dark brown eyes. “________ right?” He didn’t bother waiting for a response from you. You didn’t know why he chose you,or how he knew you but you didn’t ask any questions. “Truth or dare?” You mulled over it for a moment. A truth might mean spilling your guts about something you probably didn’t want to share. A dare couldn’t be that bad could it? You swallowed the lump in your throat and answered,”Dare.” How bad could a dare be from a Hufflepuff? A gleeful look spread across the boy’s features. “Alright then! Brave aren’t you?” You shrugged in turn. “How ‘bout....” He scanned the people gathered around him and his eyes landed on someone before switching back to you. He rubbed his hands in anticipation. “I’ve always wanted to know if Remus here was playing for the other team.” Your face fell at the mention of this,squeezing your eyes shut for a moment before opening them again,waiting. “I dare you to kiss Remus!” Shock filled you as you stood,rigid. Y-You couldn’t do that! Remus was your friend...A friend... Or could it be more? You were confused,emotions whirring past you. The Hufflepuff watched you,waiting for your move. Tears started to streak across your vision and blur it,the people in front of you and the Great Hall becoming fuzzy. You couldn’t stand it here anymore. You had to get away...It felt like all the walls were closing in on you. A voice,strong and defiant said,”Leave her alone Fenner! She doesn’t need to do the dare!” The Hufflepuff snickered. “Admit it Lupin. You just don’t want to admit you do play for the other team,so that’s why you’re helping her out.” “That’s not true!” Remus snapped,clearly irritated. You choked back the tears,shoving your way out of the Great Hall,pushing people out of your way as you headed blindly for the door. You were grateful Remus had defended you and given you the chance to escape from the Great Hall.
  9. You ran the tears streaming down your face,flying across the floor. You rounded the corner and collapsed onto the floor,leaning against the wall and hugging your legs to your chest. Why weren’t you able to do it? Right. Remus was your friend. You didn’t want to ruin the friendship you had with him right? You sighed, the tears continuing to come at a rapid pace making your dress damp. You kept on crying silently,feeling weak and pathetic. You heard footsteps coming towards you but you ignored it. Only when you felt a warm hand be placed onto your shoulder did you look up into the gentle and compassionate,warm eyes of Remus. He mustered a half-smile for you and settled down onto the cold floor next to you. “Are you alright?” You bit your lower lip before saying,”Honestly,no....I just- the pressure and I...” Remus shook his head,his hair shifting in the front of his face. “You don’t have to explain. I understand. Fenner was being a jerk.” You were relieved at the fact. You really didn’t want to say anymore,and Remus was just so understanding...
  10. Remus calmed you with his soothing words until the river of tears stopped and with a flick of his wand,the wetness from your dress and the floor evaporated. You smiled in thanks,still in a bit of a emotionally weak state. Remus stood up,smoothing his robes and held out a hand. “Coming?” “N-No,I’ll come in just a bit Remus.” “Are you quite sure?” You nodded. “Go on.” Remus frowned for a moment but nodded,accepting your decision.As he was half-way down the hall he looked back and said,”Come soon alright? It’s almost midnight and James has a surprise planned.” You looked at him,a bit puzzled but remembered what it said on the invitation. His footsteps slowly faded as he joined the party in the Great Hall. You close your eyes,wanting to sink into the fabric of your dress. Minutes passed by slowly,only the occasional hoots of owls and other sounds of the night keeping you awake. Suddenly,you heard rapt footsteps coming towards you from the direction of the Great Hall. You groaned inwardly,only wanting peace for another minute or two. It was probably Remus. You didn’t look up until the person was standing above you. “Hiding out hmm?” Your head snapped up to look at the person,who definitely was not Remus. “Lucius?!” You exclaimed, gaping in shock. Lucius gave you the infamous,arrogant, Malfoy smirk. “Who’d you think it was? Potter?” Sarcasm dripped from the older boy’s words. “Though a visit from Potter would be most unwelcome.” You looked at him,wondering why he was here. As if he had read your mind Lucius said,”Come on,it’s almost midnight. There’s something special that’s going to happen at 12 o’clock I’ve heard. Even I’m a bit intrigued.” You smiled slightly,reluctant to leave,but then you would miss the big surprise. You got to your feet slowly but stumbled,your hands flying out as you closed your eyes,falling....Strong,muscled arms wrapped around you as your head was on Lucius’ chest,his arms around you. You felt so warm and comfortable in his arms. He released you,dropping his hands to his sides,mumbling,”Watch out next time.” You nodded mutely and walked in silence to the Great Hall where people were waiting for midnight. It was only 1 minute to go. You quickly went through the crowds until you found Sara,standing next to her as Lucius flanked you. The Marauders were with Sara on her other side and Severus joined the ranks next to Lucius. You were warmed by the thought of being with:
  11. The seconds ticked by slowly until the mass of people around you shouted,voices raised,”10,9,8....” You started to join in with the others. “7,6,5,4...” Excitement fizzed inside you. 3 more seconds! “3,2,1!! HAPPY NEW YEARS!” James raised his wand and flicked it and suddenly,the black night sky above you was black no more. Colors exploded above you in the sky above the Great Hall. Pink,blue,red,purple,green. All different colored fireworks of many different shapes and sizes whirred across the sky,lighting it up like you’ve never seen before. In cursive,‘Happy New Years!’ was written across the sky,the words sparkling before finally whizzing away. You looked to the front of the Great Hall when you heard a loud yowl. Hovering high above the students was Peeves,holding Mrs.Norris. “Enjoy the fun while it lasts lil’ Warty students! I’ll just drop this old disgusting excuse for a cat now!” Peeves released Mrs.Norris,sending the dear cat plummeting to the floor as Peeves cackled. Loud laughter coursed through the Great hall as Mrs.Norris hissed and yowled until a student broke the cat’s fall with a spell. Filch burst through the Great hall,running towards his cat. You paid no attention,gazing at Sara, Lucius, Severus, Peter, Remus, James, and Sirius. These people were going into the New Year with you, and you were sure they would make your year much better. No matter what hardships you would endure,undoubtedly they would be there for you. That was the moment you realized how magical these people really were to you.
  12. I’ve finished the New Years edition at last,2 weeks late! Sorry,not the best at meeting deadlines but please bear with me! Happy {late} New Year and finally,we’ve entered 2012! I really do hope you liked this little quiz. Also,this is part of a series of quizzes called ‘Before Harry Potter...Romance at Hogwarts’ and there are currently 3 quizzes in the series out. There is also a Christmas edition,if you haven’t seen it called ‘Snow and Mistletoes at Hogwarts!’ Well,I’m going to stop talking now and I really do hope you liked the quiz! Tell me what you think in the comments. Rate,give suggestions,and anything else. Let the magic J.K. Rowling made live!

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