Hogwarts Love Story Pt 15.2

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The First Event is about to commence! We all know what this event is about! The capture of the Golden Egg but let's see what really happens when we, ourselves, are in Hogwarts.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. The crowd was waiting for the action to commence; the dragon was identified by Fred and George as a Swedish Short Snout; their brother Charlie knows a great deal about dragons as he currently lived in Romania to study about Dragons. The exterior of the dragon was a dimmed sapphire blue with its stomach a bright golden color. It seemed harmless except for its gruesome teeth as well as the horns on his nose. Cedric made his way to the Golden Egg as the Short Snout did not detect Cedric’s presence, however the moment when the Cedric was just a few feet away from Egg, it charged. The Short Snout whipped its tail towards Cedric, only to skim his head but still enabling him to lose his balance and move back a few steps. “Oooh, narrow miss there, very narrow” Bagman commentated as he watched, you as well as some of Cedric’s many fan-girls gasped. Cedric wiped his chin and tried to move in front of the Short Snout. “He’s taking risks, this one!”
  2. Cedric was now standing in front of the Short Snout but from a reasonably fair distance away. It seemed at first that he and the Short Snout embarked in a staring contest. Cedric drew out his wand and pointed it to the Short Snout’s feet. “Silicus Canis!” He cried out; at its feet there was nothing but a boulder but it suddenly transfigured into a dog. “What is he up to?” You said confused as the crowd was still cheering and roaring with pride. “Clever move!” Bagman roared as he too was amused by the show Cedric was giving; however to Cedric’s action it seemed to have a positive effect. The dog instantly drew the Short Snout’s attention away from Cedric and onto himself; Cedric took his chance to run to the Golden Egg. However, as soon he was closer to the Egg once more the Short Snout swiftly turned its head “Pity it didn’t work” Bagman added to his previous comment, however due to the short attention span, Cedric managed to capture the Golden Egg. Once again, you and the crowd roared with cheer and glee to Cedric’s success. Cedric left the enclosure and his score totalled to a 38; Karkaroff giving the lowest score of 5 and Professor Dumbledore a 10.
  3. Cedric’s victory was just the start of the competition. Fleur was up next facing off the common Welsh Green, she managed to do a good job as she placed the dragon under the trance; however she lost time as her uniform caught on fire and she took the time to extinguish the flames. Overall, she ended off with a score of 37. Viktor was the third to enter the enclosure; his dragon was the Chinese Fireball. Viktor really knew what he was doing; he ended up using the Conjunctivitis curse (the curse itself gave you shivers of what you’ve went through which eventually had its downfall as the Fireball ended up crushing the Golden Egg. However, Bagman announced in all fairness; Viktor had succeeded the challenge but it was most unfortunate for the Fireball to crush it. (He does manage to get a replacement egg) His overall score was a 40. All the students from the Durmstrang Institution as well as the Slytherin household were cheering in a fiery passion. The moment everyone has been waiting for; it was now time for the unexpected fourth champion to face off with his dragon. “Harry Potter!” You and some of the Gryffindors yelled as you watched as Harry entered with his black and scarlet garments with a golden trimming. There was no dragon as far as Harry’s eyes can see. Harry felt relieved as he marched up to the Golden Egg; however after one step into the field, a horned tail flew out of nowhere and made a fierce blow “WOAH! HARRY’S GOT HIMSELF A HUNGARIAN HORNTAIL!” One of the twins behind you said. Harry’s dragon had brownish black skin, horns all over its body and a very spiked head.
  4. The Horntail showed no mercy to Harry as it quickly swung its vicious tail once more. The Horntail was rather smart as it stood to the side of where the champions entered, after the second swing of its tail; it turned around to face Harry with its horned head. Its appearance made Harry petrified for a moment, but only a moment as the Horntail released a fiery double flame. Everyone was keen on, Fred used his binoculars to take a closer look; from a distance you can hear the Slytherin cheering on the dragon, you came to wonder if Draco was the one yelling “YEAH! CRUSH HIM!” You watched as Harry ran through the enclosure to the other side, he tried to climb the rock the Egg was on but he was under too much pressure as it appeared to be a challenge for him. He was panting and feared not to look back, the Horntail flew over to Harry and swung it horned tail once more; this time nearly missing Harry’s head. Harry was forced to slide down the hill as rocks from the Horntail blow were tumbling down; the Horntail didn’t hesitate as turned around and swung it again and again but the second attempt the Horntail managed to lift Harry from his back causing him to fly to the other side of the enclosure. Harry was now in between a boulder and another rocky hill; he managed to quickly stand up before the Horntail could release another fiery roar. You feared for Harry as you dug your nails into your face shielding your eyes from the sight; at times you would beg Neville to stand in front of you, for you couldn’t tolerate the grunts and yelps Harry released.
  5. All the students moved back and ducked whenever the Horntail breathed fire; Hermione who was standing beside Neville leaned over the railings screaming at Harry to remind him of his wand. “YOUR WAND HARRY! YOUR WAND!” You allowed yourself to see what Harry was about to do as you slowly removed your trembling hands from your face. Amazingly, it appeared that Harry was able to hear Hermione as he pointed his wand up in the air “Accio Firebolt!” Harry managed to use the summoning charm but at first nothing seemed to happen, the Horntail flew up encircling the enclosure as Harry went to go shield himself from any other sudden attacks. The Horntail landed but this time only to walk forward and release a ferocious yell at Harry. Harry ducked and was no longer visible for anyone at the opposite side of the enclosure; he did manage to stick his head out from the boulder, he was hiding behind and saw his Firebolt. A sudden rush of hope and joy filled your entire body but it was staring to waver once the Horntail released another flame but after it subsided, Harry ran out and jumped onto his Firebolt.
  6. The crowd was cheering with excitement and jumping and screaming out Harry’s name. You were also screaming at the top of your lungs was thrusting your fist up in the air. The Horntail hovered in the air as it released another breath of fire; Harry was nearly at the Golden Egg, just moments before grabbing it when another flaming outburst drove Harry off course. You can hear from the Slytherin area, lots of sudden “oh” were released as well as some outrageous snaps at the Horntail. Each dragon was chained to the enclosure but once Harry was in the air, the Horntail snapped its chain off and followed Harry. Harry was now flying straight into the judges’ area but manage to evade it; however with the Horntail following Harry the horned tail managed to tear the tent that was over their heads in half. Harry was now flying out of the arena, he was flying farther away that he vanished before everyone’s eyes and into the mist.
  7. Everyone was now cheering Harry’s valiant actions as he managed to put on quite a show than the other three champions did. “Do you bet that Harry is going to make it back alive?” “How much are you offering?” Fred and George said as they stood above you, looking through their binoculars. You immediately turned around and slammed your fist on their shoes “Both of you! Do not even say that!” You protested, they groaned in pain for a while before looking down at you. “Sorry _______. But you saw that dragon!” “Our brother Charlie is the one who brought the Hungarian Horntail, saw him last night. He was badly singed” George stated after Fred’s comment about the sight of the dragon. “He feels sorry for whoever has to deal with that. Wait till we tell him it’s Harry!” Fred said as he continued to look through the binoculars. You scoffed as you turned around to face the empty enclosure; some of the rocks were bright red because of the flames of the Horntail. Hermione had imprints of her nails dug into her face, for she also feared for Harry. Ron had a different expression on his face than before the event started, however this one was more sympathetic.
  8. The arena was quiet, five minutes passed by and people were already starting to create stories of Harry’s death. You couldn’t tolerate being around such imbeciles; you told Neville that you would go see Cedric and Fleur down at the Infirmary tent. He nodded and told you he’ll fill you in what you missed, you told him to only give you news about Harry returning rather than his death. You made your way down to the tent and saw that they were both sitting down on an examination bed, you were going to approach Fleur was she gestured that you should go visit Cedric first before her; she ended off with a wink before turning around and resumed conversing with Madam Pomfrey. “How are you feeling?” You asked as you slowly approached Cedric, he turned his head and smiled “Alive and well.” “That was a brilliant show. However, I’m not really big on the idea of you using a poor defenseless dog as a distraction.” You shuttered while forcing a smile as you sat down beside Cedric. He apologized and instantly frowned, you placed your hand on his left shoulder and immediately it brought a smile to his face. (Just like Cedric) “So, how’s Harry?” He asked while straightening his back, you didn’t know where to start. There was so much you had to say but you ended up saying “He disappeared” in a very blunt tone
  9. Cedric was taken aback by what you had to say; he was aghast and breathless to your news. You explained that Harry managed to summon his broomstick and drove the Horntail away. “I’m such an idiot, of course! Flying! Why didn’t I think of that?” He mumbled to himself, you restrained yourself from answering that question. “So, are you excited for the ball?” He asked assuming that the subject revolving around Harry was over. You didn’t know how to answer, so you were a bit hesitant “Uhm, yeah. I am. It was hard when my friends found out; they didn’t know what to say.” He chuckled before running his hair through his fingers “So, Harry knows that you’re going to the ball with me?” Your face dropped; you never mentioned to Harry that you were going to the ball with Cedric. You felt it wasn’t appropriate for Harry because he had the First Event in a matter of days, you only mentioned it to Ron because he asked you. You just hoped that Harry wasn’t going to ask you yet. “He…doesn’t know.” You stuttered, Cedric’s eyes widen and he released a “Ha” You let your feet dangle in the air because you were too short to reach the floor. “Just hope he doesn’t ask you. Do you know how awkward that will be for him when he finds out that you, his friend, is going to the ball with the other champion?” You shoved Cedric away from you as you rolled your eyes and forced a laugh “Like I don’t already know!” You complained. Just then a sudden roar from the crowd burst from the arena, you ran out from the tent and saw Harry flying towards the arena with no dragon. You screamed and jumped up in the air, Cedric came walking beside you and looked up towards the sky “Well, I’ll be…” You were so ecstatic; you jumped up and gave Cedric a hug. It took seconds to realize what you’ve done, you immediately pulled away to see a look of surprise yet happiness appear on his face. “Uhm, I’ll go see Fleur…” You quickly said before running off to Fleur. Let’s hope he didn’t get the wrong idea.
  10. Ta-da! This was so easy to write! I am so happy! The first event is finally done! Do you know what that means? The Yule Ball is going to be up next! I really would like to thank all of you for reassuring that the last release wasn’t terrible, but in the end, it didn’t stop me from writing. Some parts of this edition is more like the book, however the scene with the Horntail and Harry; I was watching that scene over and over to get the detail right. Whew, that was fun. Okay, so-we’re going to see what happens after. Stay Magical x

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