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thanks for clicking on this quiz if it was a mistake im sorry but could at least try it and tell me what you think. i might continue but not if no one likes it

by the why your name is Thalia Ford (i know thalia is from percy jackson but i like the name), you have strait black hair and deep brown eyes. and i know this isnt that good but could you give it a try and tell me what you think?

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  1. your letter of acceptance has finally come! even though your thirteen your letter to Hogwarts has come over the weekend. thank god. you started to get worried. your whole family has done magic already, even your little sister who starts this year too
  2. you and your little sister, rachel, go to diagon alley to get your robes and wands. you get the robes and head over to get some butterbeer before getting your wand. when you sit down you feel eyes on you. you look around and saw a guy with sholder length dark black hair, bright green eyes and a mysterious look on his face. he seemed to be looking right at you
  3. you see him turn back around and start talking to the guy sitting next to him who is floating his butterbeer up in the air. you turn back around to face Rachel and heard her say, "-how about you?" "what?" you asked kinda embarrassed and confused. "i said that i hoped i get gryffindor, what about you?" you think...
  4. before you could answer you felt eyes on you again. you look over at the creeper-ish guy sure its him. you see he was still talking to his freind, not paying you any attention. you still feel watched as you look around the room, again. you spot an attractive athletic looking blonde guy. he looked like one of those actors in a big film but his eyes ruined it. they were a bright yellow,like a cats. he looked away but the watched feeling wouldnt leave. you looked behind you and saw a cute guy with close-cropped black hair and matching black eyes. eventually he looked away but the feeling of being watched wouldnt. looking over Rachels shoulder you see yet another guy looking at you. he has short and wavy, brown hair and light blue eyes. "-and...Thalia!" Rachel yelled and the guy with the blue eyes looked away and the feeling of being watched lifted. "What?" "What do you keep looking at thats so distracting?" you reply saying...
  5. "...okay? well come one lets get our wands." as she paid i looked around the room again but the four guys seemed to have vaished. after you left you headed to Ollivanders. you got...
  6. you get the wand and head back to your house. you walk through the door and immediatly duck, your sister doing the same. your dinner just flew by almost knocking you out in a pot like it always does. your family sits down at the table and you show your parents your new wand. while you were there they taught you some basic spells that you wouldve learned in your first and second year but since you are starting late you wouldve looked like a fool not being able to do a simple spell like Wingardium Leviosa: used to levitate which you accually know by heart because your parents are to lazy to get things for anyone so they just use that, expelliarmus: disarming, alohomora:opens,lumos: light, transfiguro: tranforms, and even some like exhilaro: cheering, and riddikulus: scares boggarts, you know just in case, which you wouldve learned this year
  7. the next week is a blur as you spend your time getting your books and other supplies you need as a third year. youve been out everyday nearly sunrise to sunset but no matter where or how hard you look you cant seem to find any of the four boys you saw last weekend although numerous times youve gotten that feeling like youre being watched. each time you turn exited hoping its one of the guys but even if it was you could never see them and whenever you turn the feeling goes away. finally its time to get on the Hogwarts Express. you head to Kings Crossing to get on. but when you look at your letter again you see that it says that 'You will be able to board the train at Kings Crossing, platform 9 3/4' 9 3/4? you were so confused you were glad that Rachel was starting this year too so you didnt look like a total fool not knowing where to go.
  8. your parents direct you two to where you need to go. you hear some snickers and look to see a bunch of snooty looking girls standing off to the side wearing green and silver headbands with a snake in the shape of an 's'. so theyre in slytherin, you think. you shot them an evil glare and pushed away your dad who was shooing you in the direction you needed to go in, trying to make it look like you didnt need him to guide you. eventually you came to platform 9. your dad pointed to the barrier separating 9 and 10. "run strait through it. but you better hurry we dont know what time the Express leaves at." your so confused and were about to prove it but you saw the slytherin girls and just ran towards the barrier. you look to the side and saw the girls standing in shock, probably because they didnt think you would actually go. then it was black then you saw a red and black train in the station. you look at the platform name and see it says 9 3/4. "the Hogwarts Express." you hear behind you. you turn around and find the three snooty slytherin girls. "really? 'cause i thought it was the Thames river." you replied "then you must be an idiot." "and you must be a slytherin." "i am." "exactly." you finish turning around and getting on the train.
  9. you walk the length of the train trying to find an empty cart when suddenly you feel four eyes on you. you turn your head to face the cart you just passed. sure enough you saw four pairs of eyes, one black, one blue, one green, and one yellow. "s---." you mumble to yourself and started walking forward but soon found out that you reached the end of the train. "s---." you say again, a bit louder and started walking back to the front. taking a deep breath you knock on the door of the cart that has the four guys in it.seconds later you hear, "yes?" you look inside and saw only one guy looking at me. it was the one with yellow eyes. "can i sit here? i cant find another seat." "sure." he said. so you sit down next to the guy will yellow eyes, facing the blue and black eyed guys. the guy with the green eyes sat on the other side of the yellow eyed dude. "so whats your name?" the guy with yellow eyes asked. "Thalia." you replied "you?" "im logan, thats todd, mike, and jimmy." the yellow eyed guy said then pointing the guy with black eyes, green, then blue.
  10. you start talking and found out that you are all third years and logan is in gryffindor, todd: ravenclaw, mike: slytherin, jimmy: hufflepuff. it was going great until todd asked what house you were in. you thought about lying but then decided it would just cause trouble when you get sorted. "i accually havent been sorted yet." "i thought you said that you were a third year?" "oh...i am i just got my letter late but im still starting as a third year i just have to be sorted first." i explained "oh" he said "yeah...so why are your eyes yellow?" you ask Logan. "well... my parents dont do magic. they cant. theyre just regular people so when i started doing magic they flipped out and treated me like a freak. news got around that i was a wizard and no one would go near me any more. no matter how hard i tried to change peoples mind it never works. after a while i just gave up. if they wanted to treat me like i had a disease then id give them something to look at. i got different color contacts, white, red, yellow, purple, a whole bunch of colors."
  11. before you could reply you saw Hogwarts out in the distance."its beautiful." you say and it was. it was royal looking and castle shape and the architecture was magnificent. since you would be there soon you put on your robe and found that the others did too. you started to feel self conscious noticing that the guys had their house colors on the inside of the robe and the beautiful crests on each, while yours was just plain old black. you and the guys talked for a while longer until you stopped. you got off the train but since you were just starting you had to cross the river on the boats with all the first years. thankfully you found another third year with a black robe indicating it was her first year too. you got on a boat together and started up a conversation. her situation was the same as yours. her whole family including her little sister had started doing magic already. her name was Mary and she had long-ish caramel colored hair and big brown eyes. "my sister starts thiss year too", she pointed to a boat ahead of you and you saw that there were a group of girls. she pointed to the one with the same caramel colored hair but this girls was curly. you saw that she was laughing with a girl right across from her. the girl had strait black hair like you and dark brown eyes like you. "hey shes talking to my sister, Rachel." you said pointing her out. after a while the boats docked and you, Mary and the first years walked into the Great Hall to be sorted. you heard "Rachel Ford!" be called and you saw your sister go up to the seat and the hat placed on her head. the hat sat there for a long time and everyone kept looking around, wispering, wondering if something was wrong. finally the hat shouted, "GRYFFINDOR!" and the whole gryffindor table started cheering. you were smiling until you realized that made you next. "Thalia Ford!" you walked up to the chair and sat down. from the slytherin table you see those snooty girls from the train station snickering once again. you felt the hat being placed on you and immediatly you hear, "a little late arent we?" "uh.." was the best you could manage. hey a hat just talked to you. even in your messed up magic filled house, the hats never talked to you. "due to trouble i see..." trouble? you wonder. "yes...you could become great in any one of these houses but one clearly shows you the best..."
  12. thanks for taking this quiz its my first one so i hope you liked it could you just leave a comment if you liked it or not? if you did it would help a lot in helping make a second one if you didnt i apologize but dont be mean and go to all of them (if i make more) and post negative comments ok you didnt like it but dont bother others who read comments

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