Hogwarts Love [year1]

For girls only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was bored of doing the other Hogwarts quizes so i decided to make my own. I hope you like this seris and please tell me what you think in comments.

In this story you can get 5 different boys. I will make as many parts as I can as long as it all makes since. Now go have a good first year at hogwarts.

Created by: AliceStacia

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  1. You get a letter saying you have been accepted to go to Hogwarts the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  2. Anyway you some how get to Diagon Alley. You have to pick a pet/animal for the school what do you pick?
  3. Now you arrived at the King's Cross on September First. What are you wearing?
  4. You look for platform nine and three-quarters and you see you best friend [Bff name]. She got accepted into hogwarts last year.
  5. You get onto the train and you sit be yourself. What are you doing?
  6. When you get into the school you see a boy named Malfoy and Harry Potter having a fight.
  7. The fighting stops when Professor McGonagall came back and told you it was time for sorting. It took a while but, then your name was said and the teacher put the old falling apart hat on your head. What house do you hope you get?
  8. You were sorted into the house you picked and you finished eating and went to bed. Its the next day you have potions. Who do you sit by?
  9. You mixed up the potion and got detention. Then class ended you were going up the stairs when you heard someone say a hex. Geogre and Fred saw you laying on the floor and toke you to hospital wing.
  10. Was this a good quiz. I will work on the second one today. Part 2 will be out by tomorrow.

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