Hogwarts Love Story Pt 5.2

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Hogwarts Love Story Pt 5.2! Looks like things are DEFINITELY heating up in the castle. We are going to be seeing some sides of the boys that we haven't really encounter but wished when we all go to Hogwarts. Can you handle it?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year.

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. You had the worst Defense Against the Dark Arts Class ever. Prof. Lupin has been keeping an eye on you since you tend to lose focus, All the Gryffindors except Neville are talking about you and Ron & Harry don't even want to make eye contact or talk to you. You make your way to Potions class as you walk by you see a bunch of students whispering about you as you past by. "SUPPLANTO" is cast loudly from behind you and before you know it; you're face down on the floor with everyone laughing at you. You see Ron & Harry eyeing you from a distance but they just turn away. You:
  2. As you stand up and brushing off any dirt on your robes, a hand goes around you and a voice is yelling "Guys, Back off! Any more of this and I'll alert a Professor." Sure enough, the voice had a Scottish Accent. As Oliver has his arm around you, he escorts you to Potions Class. "Are you alright?" You don't make eye contact with him and you brush off a tear under your right eye "I'm fine. You'll make everything worst if you help me..." Startled by your words, he let go of you. "_____, I just care about you...and I really like you..." You stare at him when he says those words. "I know you do but it's not doing me any good. I'll see you this weekend..." You walk off and head inside to class. You're thinking:
  3. As you stand up and brushing off any dirt on your robes, a hand goes around you and a voice is yelling "Guys, Back off! Any more of this and I'll alert a Professor." Sure enough, the voice had a Scottish Accent. As Oliver has his arm around you, he escorts you to Potions Class. "Are you alright?" You don't make eye contact with him and you brush off a tear under your right eye "I'm fine. You'll make everything worst if you help me..." Startled by your words, he let go of you. "_____, I just care about you...and I really like you..." You stare at him when he says those words. "I know you do but it's not doing me any good. I'll see you this weekend..." You walk off and head inside to class. You're thinking:
  4. When you enter Potions class,it's the same situation except the only downside is there is no Oliver and you're sitting beside a foul loathsome evil little cockroach by the name of Draco Malfoy. You get to your seat and you see Draco sitting in his seat smiling at you. "What?" You asked being scared yet irritated. He chuckled and brought the palm of his hand to his face. "________...I just heard from Parkinson that you're dating the incompetent Gryffindor Quidditch Captain. Didn't know that was you're type" You scoffed and faced him "You're girlfriend has a mouth but she doesn't have a brain to tell you that those rumors are false. We're not dating." "She's not my girlfriend and don't deny it. When you were hiding, I was also there with you listening to every word he said. He likes you and you like him." Your mouth drops in surprise to the words Draco is saying "Well, this looks like this matters to you. You're showing signs that you're interested in me." Draco howled in laughter "Signs?! Like what?!" "Being face to face with me and then leaning close about to-" "About to what?!" He nods up "Well, it looked like at first like you were going to kiss me." "KISS YOU?!" "YEAH! I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO KISS ME!" "WHAT?! I...If I didn't know any better, I think you like me." Your thoughts are:
  5. Before you could rebuttal, Prof. Snape walks in and the atmosphere between you and Draco is very awkward yet very irritated. During the lesson, you two are working in a professional way because Draco is Snape's favorite student and potions is his best class; however, you are interrupted when Ron walks over to your table and places a handful of Candy on your desk. "These are Oliver's Favorites. Maybe you'll get a kiss, like the desperate girl you are." Ron smirked and Draco made a loud snicker. You say:
  6. "Don't want to hear it. You little sl-" Before Ron could finish, he was interrupted when Draco made a waving gesture of a putrid odor."Weasley, as much as this is entertaining for me. Too much of your presence longer than a 10 seconds is giving me a headache." Ron's ears and cheeks turned bright red, his nostrils were flaring "Even got Malfoy on your side?" Absurd with Ron's comment, you try to defend yourself "No! Ron! Listen to me! It's not like that." "You two are perfect for each other" were the last words Ron said before he stormed off. "You begin to tear up as Ron leaves. You watched Draco's expression as it turned to a smile but a quick from when he turned to face you. "________..." Draco begins to say, you turn around to your cauldron and take a breath "Draco...Please just leave me alone." and with that, he did. You:
  7. As Potions class ends, you separate from Draco with a halfhearted smiled. You leave class wiping off some excess tears, as you walk out the door you see Harry who appears to be waiting for you. You're a little confused, so you end up avoiding Harry but as you turn and try to walk away, he grabs your arm. "What do you want...Ron sent you to torment me some more?" He gives you a look of sympathy and shakes his head "Nothing like that. You've been having a rough time and I thought, I shouldn't have walked away...I should have listen. So, since it's free period. Let's talk?" Your reply:
  8. You walk over to the courtyard where Ron brought you when he asked you to spend time with them. You took a deep breath and began to explain "I really hate getting into fights. I hated when I fought with Fred and George. Now, it's you and Ron and well...It's worst because...you're you!" He widen his eyes but contemplated the situation and understood where you were coming from. "I was originally suppose to meet Oliver at the Three Broomsticks as a secret admire two weekends ago but we were interrupted by Fred & George. I already made that promise with Oliver and I tend to keep it...but that doesn't mean I don't plan on keeping yours. We can still get a butter beer together! Well, next weekend...Do you forgive me? I'm sincerely very sorry!" Harry gave a laugh and smiled "I was never mad at you. Just upset and a little down plus I was shocked. I just needed my space, I'm sorry about Ron. I'll talk to him and I'll explain to everyone in my house about your situation." Relieved with the words Harry spoken, you weren't completely satisfied. "I appreciate you explaining it to your house but I rather speak to Ron myself. Can you just make sure he meets me after dinner? He agrees. You:
  9. You and Harry talk for a few minutes but leaves as he went to go talk to some Gryffindors and explain the situation with Ron. As you are now by yourself, you close your eyes and stretch out your arms to release your stress. Too good to be true, the silence was broken by a menacing laugh. When you open your eyes on both of your sides were two ginger headed boys. "Hello there ______, seems like you got into a riot with our brother." They said in unison, it gave you quite a scare but before you could speak "Heard you gave him the red one!" Said Fred "Right across the face, left a good mark" Said George "But as far as we could judge" Said Fred "We'll give you a 10. Always wanted to do it but Mum would go bonkers!" Said George "ENOUGH!" You yelled out in a laughing way "You guys are so annoying" You laughed and it felt good to laugh after a good day "Aw, but you love us." Said George You:
  10. "Guys, no more laughs please. I'm going to talk to Ron later...clear it all up. I don't wanna fight with him." You sighed as you put some hair that was in your face behind your ear. "He finally talked to you, I see." Fred laid back on the stone ledge "Yeah...It wasn't -" You sighed but you were caught off when George smiled and clapped "Finally, whenever we talk about you; Ron has the most to add and it's pretty unnatural for him." Shocked by George's words, you tried to inhale some air that will allow you to speak "Yo-You guys talk about me?" The twins gave each other a look "Uh...You weren't suppose to hear that...George, I think it's time for us to leave!" "Right behind you Freddie." and with that both of the twins left in a rush with interesting news. Your thoughts:
  11. After the interesting talk you had with Fred & George, you learned 2 things. 1) The Weasley Boys love to talk about you 2) Ron talks about you the most. Confused and curious, you let this slide. You decide to take a stroll around the Castle with the remaining time you had left; hoping to be alone "Ah! Hello there, Love" Olivier smiled as he walked over to you, he spotted you from a distance and had a smile on his face. You blushed withe embarrassment and saw people pointing at you. "D-Don't call me that! We're not dating!" You defended yourself. "Yes, but are we not going on a date soon?" He smiled and sat beside you "I was just about to leave actually..." You stood up but turned around to face him "And...besides, I promised you." He smiled "So, hopefully after our first..." "Oliver..." You cut him off with an unhappy look, he gave you a concern yet curious look "This isn't you. You were always so quiet except when it came to Quidditch. It was your life. Now, you're clingy....Why?" He gave a blank look and sighed as he rested his head on his arms, slouching to his knees. "And why me? I'm a Third Year and you're graduating next year." He smiled and stood up "I focused on Quidditch for the past 6 years, am i not allowed to make the last year the greatest year ever? And...by the way, you were the most interesting one." You:
  12. "That's mean" You laughed to his sentence regarding you. "I'll focus on Quidditch when a match is announced but for now, I'd like to focus on you." A smile appeared from the right corner of his lip "Sorry, I'll tone it down. I don't want to lose you...to be honest, You're...actually the most precious person to me this year." The atmosphere was getting to romantic, so you made a comment to break the mood. "I thought Harry was?" You laughed and stuck out your tongue "Shh, only in the change room" You gave him the look of shock and tried to laugh but it came out very awkward. "KIDDING! Relax. Anyways, don't you have to be somewhere?" He asked, you stared at him and forgot you were gonna go on a walk. "Oh, yeah! I'll see you later or on the weekend." "Sooner than you think" He winked at you. Your heart skipped a beat and your face turned bright red. You say:
  13. You walk away with those parting words. You're aware your bright red as you placed a hand to your face. Your thoughts:
  14. "You feeling okay?" A voice from behind you said. You gave a scream and you hope it's not: Harry, Fred, George, Oliver or Draco. As you turn, you see a round face with a concern expression "Neville....WAH! WHERE WERE YOU!? This day has been getting worst! I don't know my feelings!" You cried out as you saw Neville. "There, there. Have some Toffee" Neville patted your head and handed you a piece of Toffee wrapped in blue paper. You say:
  15. "Thought it might work, and I know with Harry & Ron right?" He said in disappointment "Plus 4 more..." You pouted "Why aren't you popular?" Neville laughed but you seemed a little hurt that he's finding the situation so amusing. "I think I like Oliver and I'm confused about Draco, Ron and Fred & George...I cleared things up with Harry though." Neville gave you a look but it was unclear to his emotion, he just said "Your life, I'll never understand" You say:
  16. "Anyways, dinner is soon. Let's start heading there." Confused why Neville disregard the whole conversation, you decide not to push him any further. So, you just followed him and talked about Herbology as you both headed there. "What's your favorite flower?" You say: (Answer does not affect boys)
  17. "I'll keep that in mind!" He smiled a little confused but before you realized, you were at the Great Hall. "See you!" He waved. As you sat at the table; you wait for the food, so you think about
  18. Okay, before I continue...I'm just going to fastforward after dinner and there is not going to be any detail since dialogue is the most important point.
  19. After Dinner is done, everyone has a few minutes to get ready for bed in the Great Hall one last time. Harry gives you a look that Ron will meet you. "Ah, he's actually coming..." You gave a deep breath "Why? Nervous?" Said a voice from behind you "Eep!" You turned around and saw Ron who showed no emotion. You:
  20. "Look, I want to apologize." You said as you stared in his eyes "You should." "I didn't mean to slap you, you were being annoying..." You suddenly looked down as his tone was very sharp "Gives you no right to though." You begin to tear up by the way Ron is treating you "...Ron, stop...I'm being nice by-" "By slapping me? Dating our Captain? Upsetting my best mate? Having Draco defend you? Being the person Fred & George always talk about? YOU got everyone's attention the moment you got off the train this year. You're not being nice, you little..." were the words Ron said as he interrupted you, you couldn't tolerate it anymore. "RON! I NEVER MEANT ANY OF THAT! MOST OF THOSE THINGS, I CAN'T CONTROL" You yelled at him in a very high decibel of sound " BUT YOU NEVER TRIED TO STOP THEM!" Ron yelled back "HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW?!" "YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO TELL!" You began to tear up after Ron started blaming all of this on you for being apparently oblivious "I'M NOT A MIND READER!" "YOU...YOU'RE MUCH WORST THAN THAT!" By those words, the tears started falling down harder and there was a sharp pain ion your chest "WHY?! HOw!? WHAT ELSE DID I DO!?" You cried out wiping the tears off your face "YOU'RE HURTING ME! EVERY TIME I LOOK AT YOU, HEAR YOUR VOICE, THINK ABOUT YOU AND SEE YOU WITH ONE OF THOSE GUYS. IT HURTS!" Ron turned a bright red even brighter than when Draco insulted him in Potions class; you were speechless at first but you got the courage to yell back "WH-WHAT!? I'M SORRY THAT I'M SUCH A HAZARD TO YOUR LIFE. MAYBE YOU SHOULD...OR MAYBE WE SHOULD ACT LIKE WE NEVER MET EACH OTHER AND THAN BOTH OF US WERE NEVER BORN OR EXISTED ON THIS PLANET. JUST NEVER LOOK AT ME AGAIN!" You started crying your eyes out, Ron extended his hand. You closed your eyes "He's really going to hit me now..." What are your thoughts?
  21. Your eyes are shut tight and the last thing, you saw was Ron extending out his arm. The tears are still running down your face, your throat feels like it's on fire and your heart is pounding so hard but the next thing you feel is pressure on your lips. You open your eyes and see Ron, not where he was but with his eyes close. The arm that was extended was around your head and he held you tight, he pulled back and the pressure off your lips was lifted. "You'll only hurt me more...if you did that." He said staring straight in your eyes. Your thoughts:
  22. Hello lovelies. I'm finally done part 5.2. Part 6 is currently being planned. This quiz is the longest one I've written & sorry, i couldn't send this as soon as possible. It took a lot of planning and I was busy preparing for school. It's going to get busy but I will still continue this when school comes. Thank you so much for supporting this quiz up till now. Please rate, comment or message me on my forum by clicking my name and my thread to post any thoughts. Love you all x

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