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Hi Guys, I am back! Sorry about my long break, I'm so surprise about the number of people taking my quiz and the feed back. Hogwarts Love Story pt 4. Seems like the boys are trying to show some feelings but looks like you're trying to resist...or are you? BYTHEWAY, anyone with a pottermore account, I go by the user SpiritMagic. So if you want you want to talk on pottermore. Drop your user and feel free to add once we're allowed in :)

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year.

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Your with Ron making your way to the School Grounds where all the students spend their free period. You realized you still have some way to go considering Potions class is in the dungeons. "So, uhm...How come I never seen you in First or Second Year?" Ron asks you, trying to avoid eye contact "Well, I was always around...I just...didn't...well I don't know. I was really quiet" Ron looks at you and tries to smile "You must have been lonely then...If I known since First Year that I woul-- I mean..." You looked at Ron puzzled but he's trying to avoid eye contact again. You decide not to push him further instead you:
  2. The atmosphere around the both of you is just too awkward for anyone but thank Goodness that you arrived at the grounds, any second and you would have left. To you shock, you see no one but a bunch of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw students. "Where are they...?" You ask as look around trying to find someone you know "Well...uhh...I mean they were right here..." He says in a hoarse voice as he's turning bright pink and begins to sweat. "Ron! Over Here Ron!" Both of you are relieved as you turn around to see Hermione and Harry. "Hey guys, you don't mind if ______ spend time with us. I think she needs time to recover after working with Malfoy." You:
  3. "Blimey Hermione, how can you manage Arithmancy and Divination at the same time? On top of that Muggle Studies. Your parents are Muggles...I don't see why you bother." Ron looks amazed as he picks up one of Hermione textbooks. "I'd like to see them in a Wizard point of you." She says as she gives Ron some sass. As you're sitting there keeping quiet, Hermione gets up to go to the library leaving you with Harry and Ron. "So...what subjects do you have?" Harry asks as he has his Potions textbook on his lap. "Herbology, Defense Against The Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms then Double Potions." You tell them "Pretty easy term, if you ask me" Ron says as he eats some every flavored beans. "I've been meaning to ask if you're okay." Harry says and immediately Ron is all up for ears. You:
  4. "Do you mind telling us what happened?" Ron asks you still consuming his treats. You think about it for a while but it seemed like a good time to finally say what's been going on. "Well..." After a few minutes of explaining yourself. Ron's reaction shows a bit of shock, understanding and anger; Harry on the other hand understood completely. "It's just Fred and George being them, don't take it that way. They don't understand a girls heart. You should forgive them, they seem concern about you." Harry smiles touching your hand for compassion. "But mind telling me who the girl is while you're at it?" You:
  5. After a bunch of laughs, disagreements, smiles and fun fights with Ron and Harry, it's time for Dinner. You three both head to the Great Hall, you separate as you go look for a place to sit. You sit beside Neville and he gives you a cheery hello. "I see that you recovered, that's good. I was going to give you some flowers Prof. Sprout gave me to cheer you up. I don't know if you still want them..." Neville reaches into his pocket and pulls out some Lavender,Yellow Roses and Violets. "Wow, their beautiful.." You take them and you see that Draco is eyeing you down. You:
  6. "You just had a rough week here. Don't worry. I get them everyday, you just got to look at the brightside." You say:
  7. Dinner lasted much longer than usual, when you're making your way to your common room; you hear a commotion coming from the Gryffindor Common Room entrance. Apparently, the notorious known killer Sirius Black has entered the Castle and has tried to get in. Dumbledore immediately tells all the prefects and Heads of Houses that all students will sleep in the Grand Hall. You react:
  8. As you make your way down to the Great Hall, all the tables have cleared and there are sleeping bags on the floor. On the far top left is the Hufflepuff, the bottom left is Slytherin, the top right is Gryffindor and the bottom left is Ravenclaw. You see Fred and George huddling together, from previous advice you realized it was about time to forgive them. As you walk up to them, you start off by saying:
  9. "_____..." Fred starts off as he turns around seeing you looking shyly at the both of them. "It was really our fault, I hope you didn't take it the wrong way or anything..." George said moving around uncomfortably. You begin to smile "Can we just...forget about it?" You ask and the boys looked at each other. "I think we can give this cutie another chance. Right Fred?" George smiled at his brother "Right George." He said winking at you and your face began to flush with color. "So, what're you doing?" You ask and the boys smile and look at each other, when they turn around they have a little puff ball in their hand. "It's a Pygmy Puff. We're planing what we want to sell in our future joke shop...that is if we get the money..." You say:
  10. "A joke shops seems like a good ideal career for you two joking wizards" You laugh to what you said and the boys smiled seeing you happy again. "By the way, who's the girl you're trying to go for?" You ask out of the blue, the boys turn instantly red. "No need to get shy." You start to pressure the boys and try to dig deeper. "It's embarrassing..." The boys said in unisons "What is?" "Liking yo-" but before they can finish you had the urge to use the washroom. "Ah...hold that thought..." You instantly start making your way to the door, begging a prefect to go let you use the washroom. When you leave you try to run to the first floor bathroom, while doing your stuff; you instantly think about:
  11. As you start walking back to the Great Hall you see Oliver talking to his friends; they haven't noticed you yet, you were planning to walk up to them smoothly until "Hey Wood, you still planning to ask that 3rd year out?" You instantly duck behind a suit of armor and try to listen to what they're saying. "What 3rd year?" Oliver said trying to avoid the question "You know...what's her name...uh..._______?" Your heart stared beating fast as one of them mentioned your name "Don't lie to us, Wood. You started crushing on her the moment, she bumped into you in the staircase the first night back! You even sent her little love notes." "...She doesn't even seem slightly interested in me." You start thinking:
  12. "Do you like her though?" "Yeah, I do. She's funny when she's in awkward situations. Even though, sometimes I get rude replies from her she's probably having a bad day...Anyways, we should be getting back..Talk about this later." You sense relief as you hear footsteps vanish but as you're making your exit a cold familiar voice appears in your ear in a whisper. "Eavesdropping are we?" You turn around to see Draco and his grey eyes looking directly into yours. Before you can say anything, he puts a finger over his lips. "You don't want to know you were hiding here..." You're dead scared more than you heard Sirius Black was in the Castle. "Do you mind if we talk?" he says, he leans closer to you. "Draco.." You gave a small breath "What're you doing?" ~~~~~~ CLIFFHANGER ! Sorry, This was pretty late, like 2 weeks? Just got back from my vacation. Now I'm really glad that I've been getting a lot of positive feedback after my Pt. 3. I'm really taking into consideration about the "letting you have more time with each of the guys" Sorry, I'm planning pt 5 as we speak. So yeah. What did you think of the quiz? btw, your answer doesn't affect the guys relationship with you.

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