hogwarts love story

this is about the first year of hogwarts. i will make more later. have fun taking this and other quizzes. have a good day and dont be mean cause this is a suckish quiz.

i know its suckish but please rate and comment anyway. and dont report me cause i hate Draco malfoy. its a mutual feeling. i hate him he hates me (if he knew me i would make sure of that)

Created by: lily
  1. You go to hogwarts and you are about to be sorted. which house do you want to be in?
  2. ok so you get put in gryfindor! who do you sit next to?
  3. so you sit next to harry (if not click didnt happen. he asked you to meet him next to the lake tomorrow. do you?
  4. so you sit next to ron (and the rest of the weasleys).(if not click didnt happen) Ron asks you to help him with potoins.(cause even though professor snape doesnt like you you get good grades.) do you?
  5. so you sit alone and stare at draco (aaaaggggghhhhh!!!!help me!) he comes and talks to you after dinner and invites you to his common room. do you go?
  6. whether or not you sat by them or not, Harry Ron and Draco all see you the next day. they all ask you to sit next to them in defence against the dark arts. who do you sit with?
  7. whoever you sit with, they ask you to be their girlfriend. what do you say?
  8. you had a good year. who do you sit with on the train
  9. you go home and who do you think about all summer
  10. who do you send a letter to first?

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