A Draco Malfoy love story (part 8)

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Well this is the last of these quizzes. I hope you've enjoyed them and I will be making more soon. (I hope) As I try to fill this stupid thing, I want to thank you for taking this. . .

Please no language or inaproprait materials. I mean it, or I will delete this quiz! Oh, and just a quick reminder, you are in the middle of the battle of hogwarts. Alrighty! Bye!

Created by: gfh012
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  1. Ok, so we left off at the great battle. You start fighting, who do you fight?
  2. Ok, so you see Greyback attacking a girl you don't even know, what do you do?
  3. AS you continue fighting, you see your best friend being attacked, but you can't reach her/him. The only person close enough to hear you is Draco, you call out and tell him that that is your friend over there, he pales even more than his already pale complexion(sp). "I-I can't help." He says, with that he runs into the throng of people and dissapears. You:
  4. You turn around and finally reach your friend, Harry Potter had just rescued her. As you hug her you thank him, he just stands there watching you as though expecting something. You kiss him on th cheek after a moment and he blushes and walks away. Your thoughts?
  5. You battle up and down the many floors of hogwarts. You see Hermione pass you seeming to be coming out of Moaning Myrtles bathroom. Then Ron passes, "Hey, ______ have you seen Harry?" He askes. "I saw him on the grounds, but that was fifteen minutes ago." You respond. "Well thanks!" Ron shouts. You run up the stairs again, and go to your common room when you get there what colors are on the walls? (obvious.)
  6. You running up to the seventh floor, when you notice Draco Crabbe and Goyle sneaking into the room of requirement.
  7. You go in, and you were right! Harry Potter is in there, with Ron and Hermione. You creep up behind Draco, what do you plan on doing?
  8. So the battle continues, you suddenly start sweating and you realize someone had started a feindyfire(sp). Draco is trapped underneath some bookshelves that are about to catch on fire, do you help him?
  9. Ok so now you will find out your fate, will you live? Will you die? It is up to you. . . what do you think you will get?
  10. Well that is the end of this series, I hope you enjoyed it and I plan on making more quizzes soon!

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