A Draco Malfoy love story (part 2)

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This is the second part to my I-don't-know-how-many part series about Draco. I hope you've done the first one first, because otherwise some things won't make sense.

Recap: You overheard Draco telling Crabbe and Goyle he liked you. Then, he made Snape angry just so he would get detention with you, what will happen?

Created by: gfh012
  1. So a reminder, you've got detention with Draco! The detention is tonight, how do you feel?
  2. Ok, time to get ready.
  3. So you're on your way to the dungeon, Draco comes up behind you, you know he's there, but you don't say anything. As you walk into detention, there is a note on the table. Draco reads it out loud, "Miss _______ and Mister Malfoy, I have been requested to the headmasters office, I will return momentarely(sp). Remain in my office, if I find either of you are not there, I will give he or she detention for a month! -Professor Snape." Draco looks up from the letter, and for a moment, you think he is smiling. Freaked out, you pull out your wand, and walk over to the far corner of the office. Unfortuately, Draco follows you. You say:
  4. Ok, this is a choos your own answer, here is what could happen, then you choose which thing you want to happen.
  5. Snape finally comes in, "Mister Malfoy, Miss ________, you will be sorting thru my stores of herbs and disposing of any that look moldy. You set about your task. After you have fisished, you and Draco head out of Snapes office. "Would you met me at the lake tomorrow night please?" Draco whispers before dissapearing to the Slytherin common room. You decide to:
  6. So if you chose go, this is for you. If you chose the other, just click "DIDN'T HAPPEN!" If you went, Draco came out from behind a tree, holding up his wand, you:
  7. If yo didn't go, than this is your question: (if you did go, just click "DIDN'T HAPPEN" below.) You didn't go, so you feel:
  8. If you did or didn't meet him, at breakfast the next day he's still starting at you. You wonder how much longer this will go on, but you remember you only have 8 more days of Hogwarts before the summer! You feel:
  9. Back home you go! You make a point of sitting in a compartment that is Draco-free. You turn around and notice you're sitting with Harry, Ron and Hermione. "Hi, sorry to barge in." You say. Hermione looks like she could laugh, "Hiding from Malfoy?" She asks. You nod. She turns away to look and Harry and Ron, you turn too. When you do, you see Ron and Harry both quickly turning to face each other, they had been staring at you too! You think:
  10. Ok, part 3 will be about year four, the yule ball, the triwizard tornament and more! stay tuned!

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