Love In The Air At Hogwarts: A Love Story (part 1)

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This is my first love/roleplay kind of quiz and I hope you like it. Make sure to rate if you'd like a part 2! Also comment what you thought about my storyline. 🙉

This is kind of a love story between you and Ron. For girls that don't like Ron, click off, It's fine. But there will be moment between you & Draco and you & Harry in this series as well. Enjoy! -Aggie

Created by: Aggie

  1. Hi, welcome to my first love story quiz!
  2. You're staying at the Burrow for the summer. You can't wait to go back to your fourth year at Hogwarts. You hear someone stirring in the room across the hall (Harry and Ron's room). You take your wand and a blanket with you, and rise from your bed, deciding to go down the hall.
  3. You walk into the room, and find the door ajar. Harry is twitching. Might as well stay up. Today's the Quidditch World Cup, you think to yourself. I'll wake the boys up, but first, I should-. You turn around to find Hermione behind you. "What's wrong?" she says. "Oh, I heard someone stirring in Harry and Ron's room. Do you think we should wake them up?" you whisper. "Yeah." says Hermione. "It was about time anyway."
  4. "I'll wake Harry, I think his scar is bothering him," says Hermione. "Ok," you reply. "So that leaves me with Ron." You walk into the room, finding Ron in quite a peaceful, asleep state. You gently shake him, but it's no use. You whisper, "Ronald, wake up!" He jumps awake, and, seeing you, says, "Why are you in my room?" "It's time for the Quidditch World Cup, Ronald," you reply. "Honestly, get dressed," says Hermione, turning on both of their bedside lamps with a flick of her wand. You and Hermione get back to your room and dress yourselves, talking and laughing. But you are distracted, hearing Ron from the other room, saying, "I could've looked better for her. That was embarrassing, mate." You wonder who the "her" might be.
  5. You and Hermione head downstairs for breakfast. Well, good morning, ______ and Hermione," says Mrs. Weasley, jolly as ever, despite it being 4 A.M. You take a seat next to Hermione, listening to the tea kettle's loud whining. The boys are down not long after, along with Fred and George, who take a seat at the end of the table and seem to be discussing something. Ron sits next to you and Harry next to Hermione. Ginny comes down, and so does Mr. Weasley, wearing his most "muggle" clothing. Mrs. Weasley sets breakfast on the table with a flick of her wand, and everybody noisily chatters away, eating breakfast. Ron loops you in to a conversation about something Mr. and Mrs. Weasley aren't telling you all, and you eat your breakfast while listening to him talk. You notice his cheeks and ears are peculiarly red, but you ignore that. Then you all finish breakfast and head down to the place where you must meet for the Quidditch World Cup.
  6. *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Once you've used the Portkey (which you've never used before), you and the Weasleys get to the campsite and set up your tent. You, Hermione, and Ginny head to the Girls' Tent and set your stuff up. "The match is soon," says Ginny. The two teams competing are Bulgaria and Ireland." *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* You and the Weasleys have passes to sit in the Top Box, and there, you find the Malfoys. Draco sees you and looks away, but sneers at Harry. You, Ron, Harry, and Hermione sit together, with Ron playing with a miniature Viktor Krum figure that actually moves. Harry goes down and gets all four of you a pair of Omnioculars, which are quite neat. The match starts, and both teams enter splendidly. Throughout the match, there are many twists and turns. Earlier, Fred and George had made a bet with Ludo Bagman. True to their bet, Ireland won, but Krum caught the Snitch.
  7. After the match, you, Ginny, and Hermione head back to the Girls' Tent and head to bed. Shortly after, you hear explosions and strange incantations coming from outside. Mr. Weasley pokes his head in and yells, "Girls, get up, get out of this tent and run, run as fast as you can, away from here!" You and Hermione wake up Ginny, tell her what's going on, and run outside, and, in the sky, find The Dark Mark hovering in the sky. You find Ron and Harry, and Ron puts his arms around you and he lights his wand. He takes his robes and you both share them, and run into the woods, Hermione, Ginny, and Harry close on you tail. You and Ron tumble roughly onto the ground of the woods, all the while Ron holding you tightly. You land against a tree trunk and a disheveled Ron kisses you on the cheek, asking if you are ok. "Yes, but I'm quite scratched," you reply. He wipes some blood off of your face and you find Harry, Ginny, and Hermione staring at you both.
  8. Well, that's the end of part 1! How did you like it?
  9. Who's your favorite boy?
  10. Should I make more?

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