A Draco Malfoy love story

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So this is a Draco Malfoy love quiz. I've left everything pretty open, so you could be in any house and you ban insert your name into any _____s

Please no language or inappropriate terms. Excuse my terrible spelling. Please give me some comments. Enjoy taking my newest quiz! Have fun at hogwarts!

Created by: gfh012
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  1. You are in your third year, you get into an empty compartment. After a few minutes Draco Malfoy slams the compartment door open. You react:
  2. He sits down, "Sorry, but I have to sit here. Everywhere else is full." He murmers. You respond:
  3. You ride in silence, Draco is reading some book, and you are drawing a sketch of the veiw out the window, but you finally need to break the silence. "I thought you never left the company of Grub, and Crabby?" You say. Draco looks up from his book. "They annoy more than help me, and Blaise has always been jelous of my getting help from them all the time, so I told them to help him out for today. It's a relief really." Hmm, that's really weird, he's almost acting like a normal teen. You think to yourself. Out loud you say, "I need to change into my robes, and this is my compartment, so I'd like to stay in it." "Go ahead." Draco says, but he makes no effort to move. "That means get out Malfoy." You say, looking at him. "But this is technically my compartment too." He says, his smirk becoming broader. I knew a nice Malfoy was too good to be true. You think. "Never mind, I'll go to the back and change." You say. On your way you bump into Hermione. You:
  4. Once you get back to the compartment, you see Draco has left. You sit back down happy, but after a few moments, Draco comes back in, "Miss me." He says. "Actually, I hoped you vanished." You reply. "Aww, I was just changing." "Wait," You say, "If you left the compartment, then what was the point of kicking me out?" "Just to bug you." He responds, that familiar smirk on his face. You get to the station, and head over to your table. You think you keep seeing Draco glancing at you, but you figure you're just being paranoid(sp). After dinner you walk out only to find your path blocked by Draco. You say:
  5. After you walk past, you can't help thinking about how Draco had changed, he seemed almost nice. Not the vain, cruel boy he was last year. Why? You talked about it to your friend, the way you tell it:
  6. The next morning you go down to breakfast, then you head to Care of Magical Creatures. When you get there, you see Draco making fun of Harry's fear of Dementors. He seemed to be back to normal, but when he looked up and saw you, he stopped acting so childish. He stood straight up and nodded cortiously(sp), "Hello _______." He says. You could almost laugh. Instead you:
  7. When Buckbeak attacked Draco, you were slightly concerned. But at the same time, you know it was his fault. You go up to see him in the infirmary to tell him it was his own fault. When you are turning the corner, you hear Draco telling Crabbe and Goyle, "Now I don't want this being told to anyone else, if word gets out that I like _____(your name), no one will think of me with respect." As you walk in, he becomes silent. Crabbe and Goyle walk out. As you walk up, you say:
  8. Draco then says something you don't expect. "I know it was my fault. I just can't stand Potter being so much better than me, but when I try to do things, they never work for me." You are surprised that Draco isn't as mean as he seems. You look at him, and don't see Malfoy the cocky Slytherin. You see Draco, the normal teen-age boy. You can look at his blond hair and grey eyes and almost, like him. WHOA! no way, this is Malfoy! You say to yourself. You leave the room wanting to sit by yourself. When you sit by the lake, you think about:
  9. You go down to Potions, you can't stand Snape. He gives you detention after about ten minutes because you were talking to your friend. Then Draco spills all of his Acid Potion(not a real potion, but too bad!) onto Snapes robe. The robe starts to dissentagrate(sp), Snape starts toward the door, giving Draco detention with me. Oh no, just who I need. You thought. An hour with the boy who likes me. You leave class. Tired, you head to bed. Which one honestly sounds like the dream you'd have:
  10. Well the next chapter will be about detention, let me know which direction you want this to take! Please comment.

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