A Draco Malfoy love story (part 5)

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Here is part five. it was difficult to write this one, which is why it took so long. Sorry about that. oh, and I know it's not my best, so please don't rub that in.

So anyway. . . Yup here's the next one. I hope you like it and ge what you want. As always, please no language or "stuff". Thanks.

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  1. Fifth year, you ride the train by yourself. When you get to hogwarts, you sit at your table and talk to your friends. Then Dumbledore introduces Dolores Umbridge, your reaction?
  2. You are ready to get out of there the moment Umbridge starts talking on, and on. You see Draco staring at you, you:
  3. After a few weeks, you start hearing about the detentions Umbridge gives, you realize she is foul. When she askes you to join the imperial squad you said:
  4. So Harry tells you about the DA, do you join?
  5. So Dumbledore has left, you think:
  6. When you sit in your OWLs, you hear a noise outside, it's Fred and George, they wizz into the room, throwing fireworks. during all of this, what are you doing?
  7. As you're walking in the hallway a few days later, you feel something bump you, suddenly Harry appears in front of you, you see a cloak at his feet, he barely glances at you, puts the cloak back on and you hear him running in the direction of Umbridges office. Your reaction?
  8. You follow the footsteps, as you enter Umbridges room, you see Harry stick his head in the fire. . . after a few moments umbridge grabs you from behind, thrusting you into Goyles hands. You see Draco holding his wand against Neville, he looks over at you and tells Goyle to be gentle, then focuses on Neville again. When Umbridge leaves with Harry and Hermione, you help Neville and Ginny escape by throwing curses at Crabbe and Goyle. When you follow Neville and Ginny, you meet up with Luna outside and run to find Harry and Hermione. Ron comes to meet you all and Harry trys to convince you not to go with him, but you all insist to go. When the thestrals come, do you see one?
  9. You go the the ministry, when Harry shouts, "NOW!" to attack, you get separated. Lucius Malfoy apparates(sp) in front of you, he starts to say the crucius curse, what do you do?
  10. Well you make it backk safely. The rest of your year isn't very exciting. . . But year six will be. Trust me!

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