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  • I think hes teasing me.. I love him..

    ashycadashy Dec 18 '16, 5:48PM
  • NOOOOO I AM NOTING TO YOU! AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS I,VE COMFORED YOU YOU YOU YOU F*****G UGH I AM DISGUSTED! just jk but seriousley he is the love of my life and i'm with Darth Vaderit just goesdown from here!

    demilova101 Jan 8 '16, 3:30AM
  • *GASP* he HATES me??? We are just getting worse and worse, the first one I took said he loved me and it's gone down and down lol... It's probably for the best, though haha XD

    DarthVader Jun 13 '13, 5:52PM
  • Hey... Draco...

    MalorieMoon Jul 12 '11, 9:50PM
  • good quiz plz make it more descriptive not just like 6th year this happens cuz ill be to sad to see it end at 7th year

    PersonXD May 26 '11, 3:54PM
  • I love this series! But, now he feels nothing for me! :( So sad! Anyway, this quiz is genius and I love it!

    LinxLady May 25 '11, 8:24AM
  • I'm making it, I'm making it. Nobody is going to die ok? BREATH! I shall get Draco to perform mouth to mouth if I have to. . . For the last time, it's coming.

    Oh, and please tell me what result you got.

    gfh012 May 21 '11, 8:53PM
  • you've got to make part 6! i love Draco too much.... i'll die if you don't make a part 6!!!!!1

    Emmersreturns May 21 '11, 2:52PM
  • Can't wait for part 6!

    Emarubygrl May 21 '11, 11:04AM
  • aww I love Draco! Please dont take too long..

    kdxoxo May 21 '11, 10:07AM
  • Love this quiz series!! 10/10!

    cometcat May 21 '11, 6:21AM
  • Aw I'm a ravenclaw or hufflepuff this time XP Can't wait until the next part :)
    P.S. first comment, yay!

    xxblutixx May 20 '11, 11:35PM

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