A Draco Malfoy love story (part 4)

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Ok, part four. Welcome back! Please take this and love it and yeah. I stayed up late again and I would be in serious trouble if mom found out about my being up late. So like it OK?

So in case you forgot, you were entering the yule ball. Hope everyoen likes and in the comments please no inappropriate comments. Sorry for amy spelling errors.

Created by: gfh012
  1. So you've walked into the ballroom, it looks amazing. When you walk past, you hear Draco say "whoa." under his breath. He asks you to dance, do you?
  2. When you go to get some punch, you see a girl sitting on the side, she looks distracted, "Hi, I'm ______" You say. "I'm Luna, I'm in third year, a friend of mine invited me." "He just left you?" "No, I just don't like dancing." "Oh." Then you:
  3. After you finish talking to Luna, you see Draco dancing with Pansy Parkinson. You look around some more, and see Harry and Ron sitting on the side, you walk over, and say:
  4. Draco walks over, "_____, what are you doing talking to Potter?" You respond:
  5. As you leave, you hear a curse shouted and get hit from behind. Draco runs over, "Are you ok ______" He says with un-Dracolike concern. Harry then runs over, "Malfoy, get awy from her!" He hexes Draco and carrys you to the infirmery(sp). You can't speack, but you are thinking,
  6. As you lay in the infirmery, you think about what happened, you fall asleep. . . when you wake up, you hear voices, "Potter, I didn't curse her, I saw her fall and went to go help!" "Sure Malfoy, like anyone would believe that." You open your eyes, as annoying as you find Draco, you can't let him get blamed for this, "It wasn't him. he wasn't anywhere near me." You murmer. Draco gives Harry a look that almost makes you regret telling the truth. "Who did then?" "I don't know, but I think it was:"
  7. Once you're out of the infirmery, you need to get to Potions, as you go down, Draco stops you, "Hey _____, how are you doing?" You say:
  8. You go to potions and sit next to Ron. Half-way through class Ron hands you a note, it says, "I know we don't really talk, but I thought you should know, Harry really likes you and still thinks Malfoy cursed you. Be careful, Ron." You write a responce that says,
  9. As you walk out of the dungeon(sp) you see Harry running the other way, farther into the dungeon. You follow him, wondering what he's doing. When you get to where he was trying to get to, you see he's trying to attack Draco, Crabbe and Goyle are blocking him, but when Draco looks over and sees you, he tells them to leave. He walks to Harry and drops his wand, "I wasn't the one that hurt _______." He says. Harry looks over his shoulder and sees you. He lowers his wand. "______, I really can't accept that he's a decent person." Harry tells you. You want to run away from Harry and Draco's gazes, but you have to say something. "I-I can't tell you who it was that attacked me, but I know it wasn't either of you, so stop fighting!" You leave and go to your favorite spot, where is it?
  10. Time passes, it's time to leave hogwarts again, but I have one last question, Cedric Diggory died, how do you feel?
  11. Thanks for taking this! I'll make the next one soon, what should it be about?

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