Love Story of Draco-Chapter two- The Fight!

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So, you start to see differences out of Draco. However, you don't know if your falling in love with him or not. When that part happens when you hate Harry Potter for five minutes then you see who is the evil on.

I hope you are enjoying my Role Play Quizzes! They are SO AWSOME to make. Let me know what you want to happen with you and Draco or you and Harry??? Who knows....could you be enemies with Draco and then Fall in Love with him...Who knows until the next Chapter commences!

Created by: DracoPotter14
  1. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!So a recap of what's happened. Draco, has been staring at you for days and you keep wandering if you are starting to fall for him...However, Harry takes your mind off thing's when he says to you at Breakfast "Hey .....,can you come to the Gryffindor common room tonight, I need to tell you something? You say:
  2. If you DID go and see Harry, this is for you.I not just say DIDN'T HAPPEN!Draco, finds out that you are going to spend time with Harry and keeps away from you from the rest of the day, which you find suspicious. Once you and Harry sit down in the Gryfindoor common room, Harry says to you, "So ......, I was wandering if you want to go out with me? Draco, coincidently is passing through the corridors and overhears Harry ask you. You see Draco out of the window and then so does Harry. Harry, then pulls you close to him and kisses you right in front of Draco, trying to make Draco jealous. Do you:
  3. If you DIDN'T say go and find Draco then click DIDN'T HAPPEN!If you said no and go find Draco then, you see Draco coming down the corridors and looking down at the floor do you:
  4. The next morning, you see Draco with his head on the palm of his hand looking like he is about to cry. Harry then comes in and looks at you, but relieases you are looking at Draco and then either :-This relates to the answer is your his girlfriend, Kisses you and then glares at Draco or Walks past you but still glares at Draco. Do you:
  5. After potions class you hear something coming from the boy's bathroom. You go and see what it is. You suddenly find out that it is Draco and Harry having a fight. Harry has pushed it to far and got Draco to bleed with minor injurers. You suddenly break up the fight and lay on the floor with Draco while telling Harry to leave. Draco starts crying and murmurs something to you which is I have fallen in love with you ..... Do you:
  6. After you get to the infirmary, Madam Pomfrey asks how the fight happened. Harry told her that Draco was trying to Hex you (Lies) and then that is what happened. However, when she asks Draco how it happened he said it was because he wanted to ask you out and Harry kicked him and then started to fight with spells. Who do you believe?
  7. The next day you go to visit Malfoy in the infirmary. You still have what he said to you the day he was hurt about how he had fallen in love with you. When you turn the corner Draco hospital curtain was shut, Crabbe and Goyle where there with him. You heard Draco tell Crabbe and Goyle that he didn't want them to be there in a couple of minutes because you where coming. Draco then told then both that he had fallen in love with you and didn't want Harry to hurt you/Hex you! Draco then told them to keep it a secret as they would be in big trouble if they where to spread it around Hogwarts. Goyle notices your arm, and they both leave the infirmary. They look at you passing through. Do you:
  8. If you tell Draco that you likes him/Kissed him this is for you. If you DID NOT then say DIDN'T HAPPEN!Draco is shocked but happy you told him that you liked him to. He looks up in your eyes and then looks across his room and sees...HARRY POTTER! Do you:
  9. The next day of school Draco is out of the hospital wing and you sit near him -Harry is not going to be happy about that!- Do you:
  10. The next Chapter will be about what happens after the next day of Hogwarts! Do you like this Role Play Quiz?!??!?!

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