Draco Malfoy love story Chapter 3

Alright so I'm actually going to you real words in here:Draco has competition take a guess :Harry and Ron. Hopefully Draco comes out in the end I said hopefully

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Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. Recap-Spending the free period with Draco! What could possibly go wrong! (everything!) Yeah I needed to add Drama. Enjoy
  2. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!You both walked out of the hospital. You were keeping to your thought until he grabbed you hand. You flinched and felt your cheeks gaining colour. "To soon?" you shook your head and smiled. He took you to the Black Lake. "This is where I normally come to think things over." You were admiring the tree when he went up behind you. I normally climb up there but there is know point with this arm"
  3. "Lucky you I excel at charms" you winked pulled out you wand. "WinggardiumLeviosa!" Draco went flying. You perched him on a brach and you started to climb.
  4. You go to the branch Draco was on. You started to talk about potions. You made eye contact. He was looking at your lips you leaned in. His breath smelt like green apples. "Hey Malfoy! Finally kissing Pansey. Like you couldn't go any lower. Oh wait you did!" You separated. "Pheonix?" you looked down on Harry and Ron. "What are you doing with Malfoy" you jumped down from the tree. You looked up at Malfoy. "Pheo-" "I'm sorry Draco" you ran away crying.
  5. You ran into Hermoine. "Pheonix? Whats wrong?" you couldn't speak. She grabbed you and you went to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. "I-but" you sobbed. "Take deep breaths" you gained control. "I was hanging out with Draco and" "and what?" "I think he put a love potion on me!" "Ok lets go through the signs. Does it feel wrong or right" "wrong" "Can you stop thinking about him?" you nodded. Hermoine laughed. "Pheonix! you are crushing on Malfoy"
  6. Everything was awkward the next day. Ron and Harry kept you away from Malfoy besides from potions. You sat down and Draco slid in.
  7. "Uh what does it say to do next?" "Add the ginger slices in" "You can do it" "No you can" "I insist" "No I insist" "Just do it!" "Take the bloody ginger slices" you said. "Fine" Draco put them in one at a time. "Well this was the worse day to do partner work!" you thought.
  8. Class ended and you walked out the room. "Hey Pheonix it must have been awful to sit with Malfoy" Ron said. you didn't answer just kept your head down. "Pheonix you alright?" you nodded and smiled
  9. The end
  10. sorry short ending. Writers block

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