Draco Malfoy love story Chapter 1

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I guess I have to fill this all with woorrddss. How very boring anyway this is my first time doing a Draco series any experts sos? Any way hope you enjoy.

God help me this is to much work. Also this was rushed so sorry about the editing not my fault (ok maybe it is) anywho hope you enjoy this quiz series as much as the others

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. Ok so my friends have egged me on to do this don't judge! Also skipped to third you for what eleven or twelve year old would date at that age. (ok maybe once or twice with me ;) )
  2. The last whistle blew and you ran away from your muggle cousin. You ran on the train holding your black cat called Jemaie. You closed the door not checking who was in the compartment. You turned slowly while talking. "Sorry everywhere else was full-" It was Malfoy
  3. He rolled his eyes and you sat near the window got out your book and read "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them" by Newt Schammander. You had to break the silence. "So....wheres your all faithful minions?" "There mmore of a nuisance than help and Blaze was getting restless so I told them to help him. What is your name?" "Pheonix and I didn't know that you were a normal teenager." He chuckeled.
  4. "We're almost at Hogwarts." "So?" "I need to change into my robes" "Go to the bathroom!" "It my compartment too!" you sighed got out and changed. You bumped into your friend Luna. "Becareful of the Nargles!" "Ok Luna" you said and got changed. When you arrived the compartment was empty. Then Draco walked in. "Why did you kick me out if you were going to the bathroom." "To annoy you" "Jeese you are a Slytherin" youy rolled your eyes grabbed Jemaie and was getting ready to leave.
  5. You got on the boat hoping Luna would join you then Malfoy did. "Coincidence?" he smirked. "Hmph" hoping the boat ride go alot quicker. It didn't it went slower and on top of that it was pouring. Then the ran stopped. or you thought. Draco took his cloak off and lifted it over both your heads. "Th-thank-y-y-you" you shiver he chuckled. He scooted closer and you allowed him.
  6. The boat ride ended and you put the hood of you cloak over your long black raven hair. You walked over to your table with Luna. Cho cheng sat next to you. "Hi cho! anytips for year 3?" she laughed and you started talking. You felt like someone was watching you. You turned around and you saw Draco turn around quick. You smirked.
  7. This went on through the opening ceremony. You turned and
  8. After a good night sleep you went to potions and sat by yourself in the corner. "Can I sit here?" you looked up and it was Draco. "Its a free country" he smiled and slid in the chair next to you.
  9. He turned out to be really helpful until your cawldron blew up. You got an evening detention with Snape alone. Well thats what you thought. Draco spilled acid on Snapes robe and got an evening detention with you.
  10. Cliffhanger

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