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Here is the point of view of Draco Malfoy. If you've read my series; you see where my recent quiz left off with Draco crying. Thinking logically, Draco wouldn't exactly tell you the reason why he was crying because he never cried in front of you. So, here's what really happened...

Look into the mind of your favorite Hogwart's Love Interest! Who knows, it may be heartfelt, filled with sorrow or things you might not have known. It's an invasion of privacy but we're all curious.

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. So, I wrote this because I was watching a childhood movie; Quest For Camelot and there was a quote in this movie and a song that corresponded that made me cry my eyes out and I thought I should give it a try. So, you're basically going to go through Draco's mind and you'll find out why when I release Pt. 27 of Hogwarts Love Story. Here is the song "/watch?v=iJn8wuxayeo" put it with the youtube url; only listen to 0:50! Play it for questions 8-12. This quiz is pretty short and quick but I think the emotions displayed will suffice.
  2. It was nice seeing her for the first time in two months, I'm still amazed that she can even smile or look at me as if what she saw that night was nothing. I guess I should be grateful but, if she continues to join Potter on his little adventures, it'll be almost impossible for me to even look at her.
  3. We just arrived from Hogwarts, I should be on Prefect Duty but instead I'm just sitting here in the Charms Corridor basking in the moonlight; the truth is, I'm scared of how she sees me now; since my father is a death eater, I wonder...if she thinks of me as vile as my father. Usually, the only thing I worried about was how people thought of her when she was seen with me, I already had a bad reputation as it is, but it didn't matter to her...she...always made time for me especially two years ago when she visited me. I let out small laugh thinking about her smile and her laugh whenever we hung out together.
  4. I got up and decided to roam the halls but I thought a little fresh air would be good for me. I stepped out into the courtyard and made my way over to the tree by the Black Lake; boy, did it bring back memories. I reached out my arms to grab onto a branch and swung my body so I can elevate myself into the tree. Once up there, I rested my back against the tree and continued let my mind wander. "You actually came" "Why wouldn't I?" that's what she said to me one our date, when she kissed me.
  5. I tell myself not to see things different, especially between me and her but; I don't think you don't understand. If she continues to hang with Potter, she'll only see me through his eyes, not a friend, not a man, not anything. I couldn't help it but at that moment, I felt overwhelmed, my throat was tightening and there was a lodged feeling in my heart. I shook my head violent so I didn't have brace myself for what happened. It...it just isn't fair, you know? I grew up always isolated from my father, no time together or anything. After meeting ______, she made me realize something I never felt with my father...she made me feel...wanted; the different type of wanted, different from how Pansy "wants" me. Now, in any moment, I can lose all of that.
  6. I slammed my fist into the tree branch between my legs, the pain for the my punch didn't bother me but I rather have that pain rather than the one I feel right now. "Damn it..." I mumbled; I could feel a drop of water pouring down my face. I let out a grunt but that only made the pain worst. The tears that formed in my eyes grew stronger and I could feel my eye bags aching from the tears I produced. I jumped off the tree and splashed water in my face, I stared into my reflection and saw nothing more than a pathetic blond hair boy in pain. I sat by the edge of the lake with my knees close to my chest.
  7. It's calming to let out a cry every so often, it is better than dumping this out all on her. I know she told me that I'm not like my father but, I'm sure she's probably just saying that. To everyone, I'm just a sleazy, pathetic, annoying cockroach that everyone hates with a father who is a follow of the Dark Lord. Now that he's back, things will get a lot worst.
  8. I stopped crying for a bit but I was still a little shaken, I'm probably just being paranoid...
  9. I stood up and dusted the dirt off my pants and sighed, I headed back to the castle but I took one look at the moon before I entered
  10. If I were to lose her, any moment from today, I wouldn't be surprised. I'm used to being alone.
  11. Okay, now that you've read it. I've thought about doing these little "character thoughts" of the boys for a while but not in my quiz and it didn't work out for the results. I've wrote an Oliver Point-Of-View but it's on my blog and irrelevant really. If you like these, drop a comment with the next character you would like to see!

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