Do you love Draco Malfoy?

So this is about your first time at hogwarts because you got transfered there.Well the plot is that you meet Draco Malfoy and he likes you.There might be a part two.So you look out for that. So now the scores: 1.He likes you 2.He thinks your a little annoying 3.You love and hate him 4.You hate him Good luck and be wise.

Wait,hes waiting.... >:-P So now that your reading this,These Characters Belong To J.K Rowling!! YOU belong to your self. >:-P I dont know what to say....... Oh cooool!My cat Found the Chian Saw! Goooood Luck and be wise!

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  1. You are on your sixth year and you have moved to Hogwarts because you had nearly drowned someone. A boy that looked like he was gonna be in your year sat down.His hair was blond,his eyes were steely grey and he was tall and skinny."Sorry to bother you,everywhere else is full" he said wearing a smirk.You say:
  2. He stays."By the way, Im Draco Malfoy"he said.You look up from your book...he is staring at you.His hand starts creeping to yours.You
  3. Five kids as known by the daily prophet:Harry Potter,Hermoine Granger, Ron and Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood."Hello cousin,"Draco said before giving Luna a kiss on the cheek.You...
  4. At the platform you and luna talk about Dracos looks and you hear a big deep voice saying"Stop Ron!".You and luna find hagrid pulling Ron off Draco who has a broken nose."Do you want me to help you?"luna asks Draco.Draco nods as more blood comes out of his nose."Pinsky!"luna said, her wand out.A loud snap came from Dracos nose and his nose no longer was broken.Then you kiss him.Then...
  5. In the Great hall Ron found out you had kissed Draco and he almost held your hand on the train.Dumbledore called you up and almost put the sorting hat on her head till it said"Gryfindore!".At slytherin you saw Draco smile.You sat down next to Ginny."The same thing happened to Malfoy",Ron fumed"The sorting hat put him in slytherin before it could touch his head".The slytheren table was just next to the Gryfendore table.Draco blew you a kiss.
  6. As you sat on a chair in the common room Ron starts calling Draco names."If he ever touches________ (your name) he will regret the day he was born!".You just ignore Ron and go to bed.On your bed you think of
  7. The next day is saterday and you go to see harry,ron,and ginny at Quidege practice.Slytherin is also practicing.You wave to Draco and he waves back.Draco caught the fake snitch.You saw Rons face turn red.He zoomed towards Draco and knocked him off his Nimbus 2001. You see that Draco is knocked out and you take him to the Hospital wing.
  8. You are in the hospital wing with Draco.He wakes up too see that his arm is not broken and that you are there.You both stare at eachother before going to the Great Hall.You eat and when you were done and headed to the doors,Draco grabbed your hand.Ron was already there.He punched him in the stomach.You...
  9. Before you leave you notice everyone in the great hall is staring.You help Draco up.Everyone was still looking.Then,Draco vomited in front of the WHOLE Great Hall.You...
  10. The next day you were at the lake.You saw Draco coming towards you."Hi_________".He sits next to you and takes your hand.Then he kisses you.You blush.
  11. Later that day Ron found out you and Draco kissed."That little..."Ron began,but you interupted,"Well Ron,I love him.Got any problem?" You went to bed thinking that Draco...
  12. In the morning you got a letter from Draco.It said: ''__________, meet me at the astronomy tower at 7:00 pm.'' your love, Draco You dicide to go.At seven you arived,but see Pansy Pakinson there with Draco.Pansy was kissing Draco.You...
  13. You are running down the hall crying till you hear Draco calling you."Im sorry,Pansy just likes me too.Did you see my face!".You smiled and you two went back to the tower. He tells you he loves you.You say...

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Quiz topic: Do I love Draco Malfoy?