Your life at Hogwarts

Welcome to the new Harry Potted series 'Your life at Hogwarts'. Irs all about you, Selena Clementine as the new 1st year gryffindor along with Harry and friends, and a certain unfriendly character (spoiler: its Draco Malfoy)

You get to live the life. It will be exceptional to magical. Who knows maybe some boys might even like you. In this first story it shows your first Hogwarts dinner. From you receiving the letter of acceptance to sleeping in Gryffindor house.we have it all.

Created by: magicgirl61
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  1. Ok here's the deal. Your name is Selena Clementine and you come from a muggle-born family. Your eating breakfasst when all of a sudden you think mails here. "Selena, darling, please go grab the mail." Says your sweet mother, Sally Clementine. You go and grab the mail. You walk back and your father, Mark Clementine says "What came?". "Magazines, bleh. Junk mail, worse. Bills for Dad." You say as you hand your father the bills. "Omg! Mail for me! You open it and read it: Dear Selena Clementine, You have been invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Believe it or not you are a witch. Below are instructions on what to do. Your sincerely, Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts. Your so excited you want to show your parents. What do you do??
  2. Your parents are extremely happy for you "I new my little ray of sunshine was special." Your father says, completely babying you. "Mark, darling, stop banging Selena. I promise we will go down there and get your supplies brand new. Only the best for the family witch." Says your mother, toning down the banging but still tight on spoiling you. "Guys. Can I get a pet?" You ask. Your parents are dumbfounded. "A pet?" They both ask. "Yeah. So I don't get lonely." You say. "Ok fine. But its your responsibility." Says your father. What pet do you want?
  3. Ok. Fastforwarding. Your mother bought you all your supplies, including your new pet you named Sweetheart. You arrive at King's Cross Station to see its filled with children. You see a family of redheaded, a girl being hugged by her parents (difference between you and her being hugged is shes not being strangled), a boy with jet-black hair and glasses with a large man, and a young Blondel haired boy with his parents that look just like him. "Bye Sweetheart." Says your mom. "Bye Sunshine." Says your father. You walk to the redheaded family as you leave your parent's side and ask "Hi. Are you going to Hogwarts? Do you how to get to the train?". "Of course we do." Said identicle twins in unision. "Follow us dear." Said a kind lady you figure is either their mom or granny. You go board the train with Sweetheart. Who do you choose to air with?
  4. If you picked the redheads (if not click didn't happen) you sit with the twins. "Hi." They said on unision AGAIN. "I'm Fred Weasley." Says one. "And I'm George Weasley." Says the other. "Is there really a difference?" You joked. "Hi. I'm Selena Clementine." They just stare at you looking all lovestruck. Why do you think so.
  5. If you picked the jet-black haired boy with glasses (if not click didn't happen) than you sit down and ask "May I sit here?"."Sureyoucanidontmind." Says the boy. Your curious what he said so you ask "I'm sorry. What did you say?"."I'm sorry." He says. "I said 'Sure you can, I don't mind'. I'm Harry Potter. What's your name?". "I'm Selena Clementine." You say., eager to meet someone new. All of a sudden the door whips open, revealing the same girl frlm earlier only with a small fragile boy that looks like he was crying. "Hi. I'm Hermione Granger. This is Neville Longbottom." She says. "Have you seen a toad. He's-" "He's my pet." Neville interrupted. How do you reply?
  6. If you picked the girl being hugged (if not pick didn't happen) you walk into the room and she says "Hi. Please sit. I'm Hermione Granger and you are?". You answer "I'm Selena Clementine." At the same moment a small, fragile boy walks in and asks Hermione "Hey have you seen a toad or will you help me?". "I'm sorry, but I haven't seen a toad." You answer. (De ia bu right? Sorry but I had to do it similar to Harry's cabin. "I'll help you. Selena, this Is Neville Longbottom." Says Hermione. "Please excuse me." And her and Neville walk away. Your thoughts?
  7. If you chose the Blondel boy (if not and if you didn't pick him thank God just click didn't happen) you walk in. "Sit!" Demanded the boy whom is flanked by larger boys like body guards. "Whoare you to order me around?!" You ask. (Oh no here it comes.) "I happen to be Draco Malfoy. Son of the infamous Luscious Malfoy. Might I ask who are you?" The boy says. The two boys grunted. "I am Selena Clementine. Daughter of Mark and Sally Clementine. I'm the first family witch." You say. "Also who is Luscious Malfoy?". He grins and yells "Filthy mud-blood. How dare I let you sit near me!" Draco shrieks. "Crabbe, Goyle! Get her out of here." How do you feel?
  8. You arrive at Hogwarts. Fast forward to the sorting hat. It already sorted Harry, Fred and George's younger brother, Hermione, Neville, and Draco. Its about to sort you now. Professor Mcgonagal places the hat on you. "Hmmm."says the sortinghat inyour brain. "As smart a davenclaw, as brave as gryffindor, as devious as slytherin, and as clutsy as huffflepuff. Such a preculiar girl.". "Anything but slytherin" you think. "Well what DO you want?" Replies the hat.
  9. The hat sorts you into Gryffindor as the entire table cheers. Everyone is patting you kn the back. Even the person you met on the train. "Hi. Welcome to Gryffindor." Say all the other years. Your thoughts?
  10. Dumbledore says all his announcements "No children on forebidden forest unless with hagrid. Blab bosh blab. You all walk up to the houses and the prefects say your password. ( year) before you can go in you trip and fall. Luckily you are caught by Harry. (If you didn't meet him on the train than this is what happensm:) "You ok?" Says Harry. "I'm Harry Potter. What's your name?". "My name's Selena Clemington. And yeah I'm fine. I tend to trip on my own feet." You joke. (If you already met. This happens:) "Hi shin." Says Harry. "Hey." You reply. "You ok?" He asks. "Yes." You answer. You both go into the house. Harry hangs out with Hermione and the twin's brother Ron, ht you go straight to bed. Thoughts?
  11. This is first part. Next will be 'Your life at Hogwarts pt. 2' Please tune into it. This is the end. Please comment and rate

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