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This quiz is the last of the three part, Hogwarts life for boys quizzes. Hope you enjoyed the series. Maybe you'll see Emma, Sam, Marie-Anne and Spencer in quizzes to come. IMPORTANT: The last question on the last quiz IS NOT important anymore.

Maybe you'll see a quiz about Spencer/Emma/Sam/Marie-Anne's kids? You never know! But for now, you'll have to stick to these quizzes. It's all over after this. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD BYE.

Created by: chaz55

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  1. Before we begin, ignore what you saw on the other guiz about the URLs. (Last question)
  2. The hat shouts "HUFFLEPUFF" and you go sit down at your table. Marie-Anne hugs you. You:
  3. FLASH FORWARD: You're in your sixth year. You've been friends with Marie-Anne for the last 4 years more than Evan Stevens (one of your best friends in Hufflepuff). You see her in the Great Hall. You:
  4. You decide to walk towards cause she didn't notice you talking but before you can, Sam pops up in front of you and kisses you. You:
  5. The kiss didn't mean anything to you (*You: Yes it did *Me: Well, this is my quiz!), so you go ask her out. She says yes. You:
  6. As your walking back to the common room with Evan, Spencer texts you saying we need to talk. Meet me at the Owlery. You:
  7. When you arrive, she is there with a ton of make-up, looking very pretty. There is an iPod on a desk nearby. She grabs your hand and you two start dancing to "Rhythm of Love". You had an amazing time. She asks you out. You:
  8. Since you told her no, she cries and runs away. You:
  9. As you're walking back to your common room, you're stopped by Emma who you haven't talked to since your 3rd year (its been a while). She says she wants you back (she dated you in her 3rd year) and that she felt terrible that we haven't been speaking. You:
  10. You decided to let Emma go. You had a hard day and the only person you want to talk to is:
  11. You text Sam and tell her to meet you at the Room of Requirment. She quickly writes back and says sure. When you get up there you:
  12. Now who are you dating?
  13. Now before we finish up with this whole quiz, this is the last part. Hopefully, I will make another quiz soon.
  14. Did you:
  15. Now:
  16. You are married to:

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