Life at Hogwarts

This quiz is for boys to see what house yo are in plus your Hogwarts life. I have high hopes that you will enjoy it and thank you to all the other Hogwarts life quizzes that inspired me to make this one.

You will find out what house you are in and more about what your life is like at Hogwarts. I guarantee there will be a part 2 of this quiz and maybe even a part 3!

Created by: Noah
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  1. You're a year late at Hogwarts. Everyone knows everyone but you're new.
  2. Diagon Alley. You got your broom, books and everything you need except a wand. What wand do you get?
  3. As you are walking out of Ollivanders, you bump into a girl. She politely says excuse me and then looks at you. She introduces herself. "Hi I'm Emma Stern, and you are?"
  4. Let's say you picked introduce yourself. She asks you if you go to Hogwarts. You say its your first year cuz you got in late. She says she's in Gryffindor, which you have no clue what it is then she walks away. Where do you go next.
  5. Let's say you said pet store. What animal do you get?
  6. You're at platform 9 and 10. You need to figure out where 9 3/4 is. Who do you ask.
  7. You ask the girl. She introduces herself as Samantha Fast (Fast is her last name). She has blonde hair in a ponytail and you think she's cute. She says she likes your shoes and you say:
  8. You ask to sit on the train with her and she says ok. Then she grabs your hand and you run through the pillar together. You close your eyes tight and you're in a completely different room! Then you see the train but you realize Sam is gone.
  9. You see a girl with short black hair your age.for some reason you think she knows where Sam is. You go up to her and realize she is kind of cute too. You introduce yourself and ask her where Sam is, then she slaps you.
  10. You board the train with Spencer (the girl) by your side and then see Sam. You:
  11. As you walk by the different compartments, you see a girl with curly, long, brown hair sitting with Sam and another boy. You:
  12. You decide to sit down next to Sam. She was looking for you and was so relieved you were there. You introduce yourself to the boy and the girl. They say their names are Bradley and Marie-Anne Russel. You realize they are twins. You:
  13. When you arrive at Hogwarts after 3 hours, you are super excited what house will you be sorted into?
  14. When you arrive at Hogwarts after 3 hours, you are super excited what house will you be sorted into?
  15. Your name was just called. You sit down on the stool. Aahh, I see a lot of girls are going to like you at this school and slot of boys will be your friends too. I have found the perfect house for you!
  16. Then the hat shouted __________
  17. You'll have to find out what House you are in in part 2!
  18. The result you get now is NOT the house you are in. Now who are you gonna be?
  19. Before I go I need to say that I by mistake mixed up the results. I will say you met Emma on the train and Sam at Ollivanders but it's mixed up sorry!

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