Hogwarts Love Story Pt 17 {The Yule Ball}

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The Yule Ball is finally amongst us. Let's see what this magical winter wonderland will take us; it's a night truly no one will forget and it will be the most memorable day of your life here at Hogwarts.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Opening message; guys. I am super excited that I can finally share this release with you! To start off, there is a song that plays up until the end of question 9; it's called [So Close by Jon McLaughlin] if the song does end before you reach question 9, simply start the song halfway through or start over. However, at question 8 that song MUST be at the bridge of the song. The bridge is after the musical interlude, okay, I should shut up and let you all enjoy! Be sure to play the song after this message! Okay enjoy!
  2. It was finally the night you've been waiting for. The Yule Ball. Everyone gathered in the Great Hall as they waited for the champions to enter. When you entered, you were amazed for the Great Hall transformed into a Winter Wonderland; it was snowing as every decoration and tree was white with a blue decor. The four champions were now in the middle of the Great Hall with their dates, the men offered their hands while the women accepted it graciously. Cedric smiled as he pulled you close before enchanting you in a magical waltz, everyone was also shared in a waltz and little by little everyone joined in. Cedric lifted you up as he spun you around, you smiled as he did so. He chuckled before he spun you out.
  3. It was already ten minutes into the Ball "You're pretty light on your feet." He smiled as he looked down on your face; you blushed and stuck out your tongue playfully "I've been practicing. I don't want to step on your foot. We wouldn't want that." You laughed, Cedric managed to take a glance up, he nodded his head seeming to be in a conversation with someone. You looked back by Cedric quickly managed to turn you around "Oh, it's not my feet you should worry about." He smiled before spinning you out; you gave him an odd look but before you could say anything he spun you out, putting you in the hands of someone else "D-Draco."
  4. You were now waltzing in Draco arms, you heart was pounding louder than a club song in full blast. His hair was tamed and he smiled once you were staring into his grey eyes. "Hello there." He chuckled, you tried to pull away but he had a strong grip on you "I-I'm sorry. I really should get back to Cedric. It was an accident..." But he simply shook his head to what you had to say "You should enjoy this moment while it last and besides, Cedric is fine." He pointed out as Cedric was now dancing with Pansy. She was simply furious to what her eyes saw "Now, c'mon let's dance." He smiled as he whisked you away. Your arms were about to feel numb and your legs felt like gelatin but Draco managed to support you; you two were dancing like you were that night near the black lake. It felt so magical but you couldn't help to bring a smile to your face "What have you been doing? You've been so busy, I haven't seen you." You asked as you two were waltzing around the dance floor, he smiled and shrugged his shoulders "I had important meetings to attend." He laughed
  5. You gave a chuckle of disbelief as you stared into Draco's eyes. "And does that involve that important person, you've been meeting?" He nodded and lifted you up like Cedric did and spun you around "So, what was it about?" "Well, that person is going to help me with a surprise for you." You were a little shocked that Draco was going through so much trouble of preparing a surprise for you. "What? Why?" "It's the spirit of Christmas and think of it as my gift to you." He furrowed his eyebrow while giving you a smile. "Well, do I get to know what it is?" You asked still dancing in arms. He glanced up just like Cedric did and smiled "Why don't you find that out for yourself?"
  6. Draco held you close before extending his arm and spinning you out. He let go as soon as his hand was straight, you were now spinning till you bumped into someone but resuming the waltz stance. "I guess that means it's my turn." Your heart dropped deeper than it was when you were with Draco; your ears were ringing to your disbelief you looked up "Hi, May I ask for the beautiful maiden for a dance?" Oliver smiled down at you, while dressed in a midnight black robe for himself.
  7. Oliver placed his hand on your waist and held your hand high. "I've seen you dance. Don't worry. I'm a pretty fair dancer myself." You were a loss for words, you were indeed going to drop any second now, it was one thing to be in Draco's arms but now you were dancing in the arms of Oliver, who you haven't seen in months prior to the accident at the Qudditch Cup. You let go and brought your hands to your face, your eyes were watery and you were about to break any second. Oliver had a look of concern on his face as he walked over to you and place your hands down. "What's wrong?" He asked your hands were trembling; Oliver was now standing in front of you. This had to be a dream but when he wiped a tear droplet from your face, you knew it had to be real. "What do you mean? It's been two months and the last time I saw you, you were unconscious on a stretcher and now-now, you're standing in front of me." He smiled as he placed his arms around you and giving you a light kiss on the forehead "What about Puddlemere?" "It's the Holidays and the Captain is up for anything that will change my act. ________, I just had to see you again."
  8. You smiled as you pulled him out to the Grand Staircase. You wiped your tears and settled down, there was a cool breeze that headed your way and it felt refreshing. "How did you get there?" He sat on the stairs and rubbed his palms "You should have seen my face when I got a letter from Draco, asking me to come back." "Remind me to bake him a cake and more. This is the sweetest thing ever!" You smiled as you took a seat beside Oliver. He was also so happy to see your face but however, it dropped "I'm leaving tonight as well, but can you tell me-why didn't you mention the Ball to me?" You bit the bottom of your lip and looked down before finding the exact words "Well, you started your semester at Puddlemere, and if I mentioned the dance, you would have come up with the idea-" "Of putting off a day at Puddlemere to be your date." He finished your sentence and leaned against the steps behind him "So, that's why you're here with Cedric." "Well, he did ask me and besides, we're not together anymore."
  9. "Yeah, I remember." He said quietly, it became kind of awkward but after being completely sobered up, you stood up and reached for his hand. "Well, you're here. So, let's dance." He smiled and stood but before grabbing your hand, he placed it in his pockets. "I can see how every guy looks at you" He said, your heart stopped, you had no idea what Oliver meant "They're mad for you, it only took me now to realize that." Oliver said forcing a smile "What?" "Don't tell me you haven't seen it. Take Draco for example, I've notice, especially since he went through all this trouble bringing me here, just for you." Oliver walked up to you and placed his hands on your shoulders, you brought your hands up to your chest in shock.
  10. "But, remember what I said? During the end of Third Year, even if we're not together anymore I still -" "I love you. But it's better to have someone here for you rather than a thousand miles away. I'll share one last dance with you but then that's it. You'll return to Cedric and I'll leave." This wasn't what you were expecting when you imagined Oliver return, but it's true. He needs to focus on his career at Puddlemere than return to Hogwarts every now and then for you. You placed your hands around Oliver and buried your face in his chest "If you love someone, set them free...and if they love you, they'll come back. Should I hope to see you in three years?" He mumbled to himself, you pulled back and smiled; you managed to get teary eye once more "Only if you manage to find me." "Don't worry, I'll never stop looking." He smiled and pulled you in; sharing one tight embrace.
  11. You returned back into the hall with Oliver. Some people were in awe while others were stunned; Fleur couldn't help but to cry for you. You watched as Cedric was smiling at you when he was with his friends and Draco? "You're the sweetest guy in the world." You said as you approached Draco, giving him a tight hug. You paid no attention to Pansy, who was literally in shock that you pulled such a move. You pulled away and watched Draco and Oliver gave each other a firm handshake; Oliver pulled Draco close to him and whispered something in his ear. When Draco pulled away, he was blushing red "What did you tell him?" "I just told him, that I'll see him in bed tonight." Oliver teased as he winked at Draco. You blurted out in laughter and watch Draco stutter; you said bye to Draco as you pulled Oliver to see Cedric. That night couldn't have ended more perfect; everything was finally going your way.
  12. That night was truly a night you'll never forget. Hours later, everyone was in bed fast asleep for the Second Event was closer than expected. In the courtyard, remained two who did not feel the need to go to sleep just yet. "Do you have everything?" Draco asked as he sat beside Oliver on the stone bench, he nodded his head as his bag was on the floor in front him. "I really can't thank you enough." "Don't mention it." Draco said as he looked up to the sky "No, seriously. I mean-" "No. Really. Never mention it." Draco said straightforward, Oliver chuckled as he extended his hand towards Draco. Draco rolled his eyes in a smile before shaking it. "You better stay true to your word, or I'll be on the next train ride here." Oliver sternly said as he took back his head; Draco scratched the back of his head and leaned forward using his thighs as a support for arms. "Don't worry. I intend to, I never want to see her cry or hurt. Trust me."
  13. Here we are! The Yule Ball! I found it extremely cute but then again that's just me. Originally, the dance was going to be filled with drama when Oliver suddenly comes and sees you dancing with Cedric, but I changed it after some people manage to predict the dance already and I wanted to be something non expecting; so a sweet surprise from Draco? I know this was a great for the Oliver crazed fans but it was also a treat for the Draco fans. With Oliver's final words, you are now free to date whoever you want but at this point he prefers Draco. Sorry, for all of you Cedric fans, I'll make it up to you in the next few releases! Oh! Btw, Cedric was in on the whole surprise! Stay magical! x

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