Hogwarts Love Story Pt 15

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A month has flew by in Hogwarts. Let's see what's about to happen as the First Tri-Wizard Event is about to take place! Who are you rooting for in the tournament?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. You were relieved for the moment that finally things were turning out your way. It was freeing not being able to think about anything but yourself and what you think is best. You departed from Neville as he was on his was to deliver samples of Gillyweed to Professor Sprout for future lessons. You were walking by one of the schools many courtyards that were located near the Charms Corridor, when you happen to see quite a show. Professor Moody seemed to be levitating a blond hair ferret in the air, you did not question why he had it, you questioned where did it come from; however the horrified looks on the Slytherins faces gave you a pitiful feel in your stomach. "A-Alastor?! What are you doing?" Professor McGonagall came marching into the courtyard accompanied by Pansy Parkinson. "Teaching" He said focusing on the ferret, you watched while students (noticing Harry) were all having a good laugh out of it; while the Slytherins did he opposite "Is that a student?!" She said worried as she watched the ferret bounced up and down in mid-air. "Technically, it's a ferret!" He replied, Professor McGonagall overpowered Professor Moody's magic revealing that the ferret is actually Draco Malfoy
  2. His hair was everywhere, his robes dusty and crumpled up. He panicked as he was on all four legs until he stood up on his own two legs; he looked at Professor Moody with a crazed look in his eye "My father will hear about this!" He hissed at Professor Moody, Professor Moody fell for Draco's taunt only to have it backfire on him as he chased Draco around the tree. Professor Moody was held back as the entire Slytherins group left heading towards your way. "Good one there Draco. You were really the star of the show!" You yelled out in a distance; the Slytherin posse halted in their tracks. Draco straightened himself up before approaching you, Pansy snarled as he dared. "That man is an absolute lunatic." He chuckled as he walked up you, you laughed as you straightened up your body. "I'd love to know what you did to even deserve such a punishment!" "I just taunted Potter; the usual. I bet he wouldn't last a minute in the tournament. We best have out hopes set on Diggory or Viktor..." He said under his breath
  3. "Try to be optimistic, Draco." You said as you took a piece of hair that was dangling in your face and tucked it behind your ears. His posse was standing behind as most of them waited patiently; Pansy cleared her throat to show a sigh of impatience. You watched as Draco rolled his eyes, making it seem more ironic that he would ask her to the Ball. "I can't see why you asked her to the Ball. You can barely tolerate a moment alone with her." You said as you looked over Draco's shoulder to glance at Pansy, he was taken aback by your words "H-How did you know that I was -" "Oh, well, Ambrosia told me. Yeah, she wasn't the best person to break the news but hey, it's your choice." You said as you shrugged your shoulders, he seemed a loss for words; he was either trying to explain himself or was stunned. "__________. I didn't want to take her; she was getting on my last nerves. If I didn't say yes, Merlin knows what would have happened." Draco's explanation did cease your emotions than it previously was, hearing it from Draco made it very awkward that you were once mad at him for asking Pansy instead of you. "Well, I'm pretty sure you're going with Potter or anyone from that lot." Yep, that just made things a whole lot awkward "Actually, no. I'm..." You released a huge sigh before revealing your date "I'm actually Cedric Diggory's date. He just asked me to the Ball a while ago and I said yes." Draco was absolutely stunned, he didn't know how to react; he was literally standing there speechless as he looked around awkwardly.
  4. "What? Cedric Diggory? You're going to the ball with Di-Diggory?" Draco echoed the news you told him, he ran his fingers through his hair only to make it messier that it previously was. "Y-Yes. In all honestly, if you would have asked me instead of Pansy, I would have said yes" You said hoping to cheer up Draco's mood. It did. A smile he was resisting to hide appeared on his face. "Draco! Will you please get over here right now?" Pansy commanded, you faced showed signs of disgust as you heard her voice. He sighed and shrugged for he had no choice; he left with a smile and a wave before feeling the wrath of Pansy's jealousy.
  5. A month flew by at Hogwarts; nothing really occurred during that time. You received a lot of friendly letters from Oliver, Harry spent any moment he could perfecting the Summoning charm for his first challenge, Draco spent moments he can away with Pansy to talk to you, the twins experimented some-well, experiments on you (Madam Pomfrey) noted you as a Regular, Cedric was surrounded by girls but always made time for you (It seemed weird because you weren't actually dating), Neville went around Hogwarts looking for plants with your assistance. But Ron was probably the most eventful person out of them all
  6. "Ron! This is getting ridiculous! You've been using me and Hermione as an owl for you and Harry for the past month! I think you should talk to him yourself!" You explained to Ron. You were sitting at the Great Hall at the Gryffindor Table as Ron angrily ate his breakfast. Ron has been ignoring Harry for the past month because he feels that his best friend doesn't trust him enough because his name was in the Goblet without his knowledge. Ron claims that Harry just wants the prize all to himself. "You can defend 'arry all you want! A best friend should be able to trust me with their secret, no matter how outrageous it may sound." He said as he stabbed his fork into his German sausage. "Do you hear yourself right now? You're acting so hypocritical! Harry told you many times that he never put his name in the Goblet nor did he ask someone to do it for him!" You said as you leaned in closer to Ron; he mocked your words as he continued to finish his breakfast. His attention was diverted as the sound of girls came running through the door as they all followed Cedric. "I can't believe I still don't have a date for the ball and it's in a matter of weeks..." He grumbled; you watched as Cedric gave you a small wave. You smiled and turned away "And I still can't believe you agreed to be that git's date!"
  7. You scoffed and rolled your eyes "Well, that's what you get for making it your last priority! Why don't you ask Hermione? I haven't heard anything from her." His head shot up as he came to realize "Hermione!" You blankly stared at him; it should have been obvious; he perfectly had many opportunities to ask Hermione to the Ball. "Yeah, I'll do that!" He cheered up as he continued to eat his breakfast. You stood up and placed your gloves over your hands "So, are you going to support Harry in the first event today?" You asked while adjusting your hat, he wiped his mouth and stood up; he said nothing at glared at you before walking away "Oh...Okay! That's cool too! I'll see you at the event!" You blurted out awkwardly with the eyes of others on you. Today was the first event of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. You didn't know what was to be expected; Cedric and Harry kept it confidential between the both of them while Fleur was in a state of panic as this day drew closer and closer each day.
  8. You walked with Neville and a bunch of your friends from your house and Beauxbatons that you've made over the past month, you all made your way to the Quidditch Field that was transformed for the first event. "How does it feel coming back here?" Neville asked as he walked side by side with you, looking at the Quidditch gate every once in a while; you haven't set foot near the Quidditch Field since it reminded you of Oliver. You had your hands in your pocket as you shrugged "I don't know. I might try out for the Quidditch team next year. Who knows, it seems like fun" You entered the stands of the Quidditch field and looked down to the enclosure; it was a very rugged and rocky terrain, at the far left there was a gated entrance and on the opposite side, there seemed to be a cavern, you thought that was where the champions entered. "What do you think is going to happen? A showdown?" Neville said in excitement, you thought that much to until you saw someone placing a Golden Egg on a nest in the centre of the enclosure "I don't think so, well we don't know until we actually see with our own eyes" The crowd was already roaring with excitement, everyone had banners for Fleur, Viktor and Cedric; there was hardly any support from Harry. "Neville, help me cheer on for Harry when he's on." You said turning towards him, he agreed and that he wouldn't even give it a second thought.
  9. Any vacant seat vanished as they were quickly filled by a student. Fred and George made their way distributing some of their products; they've agreed to let you watch since you've been helping them for the past month. A high pitch whistle suddenly was heard throughout the arena, confetti was shot into the sky. Ludo Bagman stood up from the Judges panel; he would be doing the commentary for the event. "And now, after waiting patiently for this day to come; we all welcome you to the first event of the Tri-Wizard Tournament! Our challengers must obtain the Golden Egg once confronted what lies waiting for them! Our first challenger is none other than Cedric Diggory!" You as well as many other people got up from their seats and joined together in a very passionate and spirited cheer. You watched as he entered wearing yellow and black garments, representing his Hufflepuff colors. He smiled at everyone but you hardly think that was necessary. In the middle of the roaring and the clapping, Ludo Bagman made another comment but you could hardly hear what he had to say; however once he finished, the gated entrance was opened and out from under the shadows, illuminating eyes appeared. Loud thuds were heard as whatever was lurking in the shadows made its way into the light; Cedric seemed calm, however, too calm. A large serpent with a dimmed sapphire color came into the light but what you assumed was a serpent was no longer once basked in the light. Gasp and cheers of encouragement filled the arena once Cedric's fate was standing in front of him. "It's a...a-" Neville said sounding completely terrified A loud fiery roar was released into the sky, it stretched out its wings and swung it dimmed sapphire tail "Dragon..."
  10. This chapter was similar to when J.K Rowling wrote the chapter about the Dark Mark in the Goblet of Fire and commentated about it; she said it was the hardest chapter ever (it was actually so hard to write) Sorry guys, I really had to fast forward on time because I really wanted to get to the events and Yule Ball faster. From pt 14.2; the ball was two months away, what am I supposed to do? This way I can get to all of your ideas faster! However, this release really annoyed me again; I finished it two days ago and it ended off originally with Cedric flirting with you but I didn't want that, so I changed it to the dance class but apparently that's not till after the first event. This is really messy chapter but I just wanted to get this over with and work on the rest! Okay, that's all! Toodles x

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