Hogwarts Love Story Pt 11 {A New Year}

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The New Year is here! We start off with a "friendly" game of Quidditch at the Quidditch World Cup! Every Witch and Wizard is excited for this event but emotions come crashing down as we have a few "party" crashers

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. Have you ever stopped and wondered if you're actually awake? Or are you just living in a dream? There's a saying; dreams become the reality, it's only when we wake up, we realize that something is strange. You watched as Ambrosia walked up to her mother and "her" father, rejoicing to her return. He greeted her with open arms as he held onto the hand of his son. You watched as their lips moved but no sound escaped their mouth. Your attention was focused on your father's face; everything surrounding you was blurred and moving in slow motion. Your eyes were tearing up as you stared at the horrific image in front of you. The station was quiet but filled with people, suddenly a loud buzzing filled your ears as your father looked up from Ambrosia and then directly to you. He smiled "Hello Love" A bright white light, surrounded you. You closed your eyes to prevent any damage, you groaned in agonizing pain till you let out a huge gasp. Your eyes flew open, to your sight the world was on its side. The scene was not in your bed room, it gave a camping theme sense.
  2. You pulled your body up, you sat right side up and looked around the room. It was completely deserted, there were bags near the exit but they didn't belong to you. You wipes the cold sweat from your hair line and tied your hair in a bun. You put on some fuzzy slipper boots and pulled a pullover sweater over your head, you were on your way out till someone entered the tent. A familiar face walked in with the light shining bright on his face "You're up!" He smiled as he walked over to you, with his hands in his pockets. "Morning Oliver" You smiled. Oliver Wood, ex-boyfriend who shared a very emotional coaster with you during your third year at Hogwarts. He is a graduate and spending his first year at Puddlemere United, as the part of the First string Quidditch team.
  3. He stood behind you as you stood in front of the mirror, fixing your appearance before heading out. "You look fine!" He smiled as he rested his chin on your shoulder. You giggled as you pushed him off, to turn and face him "I thought we promised not to act all like a couple after the incident 3 weeks ago!" You said in a stern yet rather joking matter, as you pointed a comb in his face "My parents forgot about it..." He looked down and laughed "Besides, we weren't doing anything wrong" He looked up and bit his lip. You made a face at him and walked away till you reached the entrance "Yeah, but we're friends. We established that since the end of last year" You laughed as you fixed the hood of our sweater. "You do realize how much this is killing. Why couldn't we break up after summer?" He complained as he ruffled his hai and walked down and followed you. You gave a smirk before opening the tent flap "Just be glad I was allowed to come with you on this trip. " You said as you stretched out your arms and let the sun greeted your face.
  4. Everywhere around you, people were yelling and dressed I four main colors. Red and Black or Green and White. It was the Quidditch World Cup; hold every four years and you were fortunate enough to be able to come with Oliver's family. "So, do you have your betting money?" You teased Oliver as the both of you walked around the campsite, watching a bunch of people with Quidditch spirit. "I might go for Ireland this year. The leprechauns have really been pulling their all. Their seeker, Aiden Lynch is amazing, he's wicked fast too, also Troy, is a keepers nightmare!" Oliver went on about the statistics about the Irish Leprechauns, one of the two teams who have a secured spot in the final Quidditch match against Bulgaria. "Well, I hope you're wrong. The Bulgarians have that new seeker, Viktor Krum! The youngest seeker to ever play in the Quidditch World cup! " You protested against Oliver, he smiled and nudged you. You nudged him back and he laughed as he put your head into a headlock.
  5. After the playful walk you shared with Oliver, you and his family made it way to the arena for the final showdown. Mrs.Wood was very pretty, she had long light brown hair that flowed down her back that resembled a waterfall, she also had beautiful emerald eyes. Mr.Wood was surprisingly a splitting image of Oliver, except he was more masculine, and his hair was much more longer and jet black. You walked to your seats and it was pretty an amazing view compared to the nosebleed seats at the top. You sat beside Oliver and his Mum as you awaited for the games to start. The arena was filled with supporters for the Bulgarians and Ireland, it was quite an exciting sight to see. As you were looking around, you watched as Lucius Malfoy and his son Draco Malfoy walked past, trying to make their way to the ministry box. Draco hasn't changed since you've spent Christmas together. He was wearing his typical casual black attire and his his hair was neatly parted. You blushed at the sight of him, you never told Oliver what happened during Christmas between you and Draco, nor did you tell him about his little present.
  6. Oliver looked over at you and noticed you were turning red. "Are you cold?" He asked out of blue which made you jump, you shook your head and gave a small laugh. You were cautious with your emotions now, just in case Draco walks by again and that incident reoccurs again. There was a loud uproar when the Minister of Magic; Cornelius Fudge walked into the center or the arena. He places his wand to his neck, casting the spell Sonorus; making his voice act as a megaphone. He introduced this years Quidditch match, and once he left the match began. It started off with Veelas who were very attractive creatures who are able to seduce the opposite sex. They are similar to harpies, thus making them seem humans, there are those in the wizarding world who possess the Veela trait. They were the opening act for the Bulgarians, they caught the hearts of many of the males especially Oliver. You rolled your eyes as you covered his eyes, Mrs.Wood did the same to her husband.
  7. The Veelas performance were rudely interrupted when members from the Ireland team flew in, making the Veelas scream and scatter. There was a lot of complaints from the men, but when the Irish let off their firework, it created a dancing animated leprechaun where the Ireland supports roared with cheer. A Bulgarian flyer however swooped in and stole the show, his face was enlarged at the opposite side of the arena; it was Viktor Krum. You cheered along the Bulgarian supporters. It was a very fun experience for you. After a few rounds, Oliver cheered as the Irish Chaser, Troy managed to get the first point for his team. Ireland was actually leading the scoreboard; there were no signs of the Golden Snitch as Viktor and the Irish Seeker were still searching for it. Suddenly, Viktor zoomed to the left, he had his eyes on the Golden Snitch; quickly the Irish Seeker followed Viktor. Ireland supporters roared at the Seeker to move faster, Oliver was about to go over the railings if he continued this. The Bulgarians would have won the match, if one of the Ireland Beaters didn't play so dirty. A bludger zoomed straight into Viktor's face, steering him off course; the Bulgarian supporters (including yourself) were outraged "FOUL! SOMEONE CALL THAT PLAYER OFF! WHERE IS THE REFREE?!" You screamed at the top of your lungs, you were furious for the foul play, you've just witnessed
  8. Viktor was given a bloody nose, some of the Ireland supporters also didn't enjoy the foul play. However, Viktor got back on track, he zoomed over the Golden Snitch and the Ireland Seeker. They were now, neck and neck; Viktor got back at the entire Ireland team by playing a Quidditch move called "Wronski Feint" It tricked the Irish Seeker and Viktor was successful with the capture of the Golden Snitch. The Bulgarians cheered and roared, Oliver and some of the Ireland supporters were in despair. In the end, the overall standings crushed the hearts of the Bulgarians. After acquiring the Golden Snitch, they placed 2nd with the Ireland Leprechauns, in 1st place.
  9. After the match, you and Oliver's family headed back to your tent. It was an exciting game and Oliver was so happy with the outcome yet he was very impressed with Viktor's strategic play. You laughed and went off to prepare for bed, the following day will be end the of summer and marks your return for another year at Hogwarts. However, there was a horrific scream from outside your tent, Mr.Wood assured you that it was just Quidditch fanatics celebrating; it wasn't. The screams became unbearable for the ears. Curiosity got the best of you, you and Oliver walked out to see the place in flames with red and green fire surrounding the campsite. Crazed fanatics were running in horror as out of thin air, masked men in black cloaks apparated on the site and the horrendous sight above you were a family of muggles (They own the campsite but they have no idea about the event) were hovering up above mocked for their impurity. Oliver quickly took a hold of you but it wasn't for long, as the crazed fanatics running around managed to separate the two of you, going on opposite directions. "_________!" Oliver screamed at the top of his lungs before disappearing in the crowd
  10. You were now alone, standing between the end points of life and death. The fire that surrounded you was intensifying and made it hard for you to breathe, you drew out your rosewood wand, preparing for battle. "Aguamenti" You pointed at an enraged fire that surrounded some of the campers, you managed to free the campers but it did not settle down. Ashes from the fire flew in your face, restricting your limit to see. You tried to find an exit around you but there was nothing more than fire surrounding you. You took the chance and headed towards the forest at the northern part of the camp, you watched as adults tried to take a gander at the death eaters. You were almost at the exit when a Death Eater apparated in front of you. You stopped dead in your tracks, holding a close grip on your wand; the silver mask of the Death Eater only showed your reflection. Death Eaters were known to show no mercy, famous for the usage of the unforgivable curses. Imperio, Crucio and Avada Kedavra. None of the curses could be countered, it was a matter of escaping to survive. You had no where to run, without thinking you pointed your wand "Obscuro!" You yelled, a black cloth emitted from your wand and wrapped around the eyes of the Death Eater. You took that chance to escape and made it to the forest. In a distance you heard another spell "Morsemorde" A green light shot up into a sky, a series a dark clouds formed to what appeared to be a skull with a serpent as its tongue.
  11. Hey guys! So, here's the first part of the sophomore chapter! With my wording and careful consideration; I'm probably going to make Hogwarts Love Story pt 11 similar to pt 7 - 7.4 . Yes, more than one part! This series will involve more spells, potion and action than before! After writing all that action in pt 9.2, it was a real nice change. Don't worry, there will be romance between the boys as well as more to add to the cuteness factor. There will also be drama as we know from the ending of pt 10; Ambrosia will be one of the main characters as she now plays an unfortunate role in your life. Draco Malfoy is also one to have the light shine upon him after what was written in the Christmas special, so fear not Draco fanatics, lots of quality time with Draco! To sum up what will be expected in this chapter; Harry Potter & the Weasley twins will be featured a lot in Year 4! I'm pretty excited for this chapter as well as all of you are! Be sure to comment, rate and email me at my email if you have any special request / ideas / suggestions ! :) Stay Magical x

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