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Okay, let see how things at Hogwarts turn out once you found out how Umbridge really is. There has to be a bright side to all of this somehow...Oh wait, there is! Quidditch Tryouts are here!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. The time you spent in Umbridge’s office was endless; when you finally left, you had your wand in your robe, books under your left arm and a nice little souvenir from Professor Umbridge. Neville smiled as you exited and he was now sitting by the ledge near the Dark Arts courtyard. “You still waited?” You said giving him a grim smile, he nodded and closed the Dark Arts textbook he was skimming through. “Of course I did, I said I would.” Neville smiled once again, even with his sweet smile, the pain from your hand did not leave. It was red, sore and very disturbing to look at. “Should we go for lunch?” He asked; you nodded and followed. Hopefully, it will take your mind off things.
  2. You entered the Great Hall and saw all was well, however, students in your Defence against the Dark Arts class were happy to see you; they complimented the way you stood up to Umbridge, if only they knew what went on. Neville pardon himself as he was called off by Hannah Abbot of Hufflepuff to go over some Herbology homework that was Neville’s best class. You smiled at Neville as he departed, before sitting at your house table, a hand rested on your shoulder. “_______.” A gentle voice behind you called, you turned around and saw Harry with an expressionless smile. “Hi Harry.” You said softly, he seemed that he had something to say but he couldn’t find his words all he did was pointed to the back of his hand. Your eyes widen, you somewhat forgot Harry had detention with Umbridge; it was just beyond your imagination that Harry shared the same fate as you.
  3. You looked down at your hand and quickly covered it but the second you laid your hand on the injury, a sharp stinging pain rose. You winced but quickly transitioned to a smile “She’s lovely, isn’t she?” Harry didn’t say anything but give a bearing smile. The moment was interrupted by the shrivelling voice of Professor Umbridge who sounded most displeased; everyone in the Great Hall heard it and decided to go check it out for themselves. Harry was the first to exit and you walked with Luna and Hermione shortly after. Professor Umbridge was on the Grand Staircase with Professor McGonagall about her disciplinary actions. “Are you questioning my authority in my classroom?” Professor Umbridge asked
  4. The conversation went on between the two professors; Professor Umbridge came to the conclusion that by Professor McGonagall questioning her teaching methods, she was questioning the Ministry itself. “Is she serious?” Hermione said under her breath “The Ministry is very corrupted, at least that’s what Dad says” Luna added with her dreamy like voice. “Things are Hogwarts are far worse than I feared,” Professor Umbridge voice said for everyone gathered to hear, your head shot up “Cornelius will want to take immediate action.” Everyone’s eyes filled with disgust and terror, you on the other hand, your eyes filled with rage. The next day, a proclamation handed by the Minister appointed Professor Umbridge was named High Inquisitor
  5. Hogwarts was not the same after that day; Professor Umbridge would walk around the halls with her pink attire and clipboard at hand and enforcing her new rules. On one day, you were fooling around with the twins; watching them play with their improved fireworks but as Professor Umbridge the fun had seized. Another day, you were helping Neville gather plants for Herbology that required you and Neville to be close to each other but with a flick of her wand, like last time, you were separated. Professor Umbridge would also stroll in your classrooms and inspect the teachers; in your Potions class you sat beside Ron and when Professor Umbridge came for once it was rather amusing. “You originally applied for the Defence against the Dark Arts position, have you not?” Professor Umbridge asked as she circled Professor Snape, with his monotonous expression he answered her “Yes.” She scribbled on her clipboard “And you were unsuccessful?” “…Obviously…” Professor Snape replied which made Ron snicker, you nudged him to keep quiet and when Professor Umbridge left class; you and Ron received a swift blow on the head.
  6. This went on for a while; she separated you and Cedric as Cedric went and gave you a hug, during break time she fixed your uniform as well as Harry’s but when it came to Draco, she let everything slide. You were on the back field with a bunch of other people from different years, you considered what Draco said and decided to try out for the Quidditch team; flying around would take your mind off Umbridge. Everyone came to watch you, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cedric, the Twins, Luna, Neville and Draco; sadly, it only just added more pressure. “Okay, you lot! You’re here for one reason only, to make the Quidditch team.” The Captain wasn’t the brightest person in the field but you dealt with it “Let’s see what you can do, brooms ready.” He smiled and turned around, he eyed you and smiled, and you were caught off guard and kicked your broom off the ground. Everyone was in the air and you could faintly hear your name being called “C’MON _______! YOU CAN DO IT!”
  7. The captain flew to the center of everyone, there were at least 13 people trying out for team. “Okay, I’m going to split you up into two teams; once I’ve done that, I want you to get together and sort out the positions you’re going to play.” You were group with 2-3 people who have made the team before where you were grateful. “Okay, you two will be beaters, I and you two will be chasers, and you’d like to be a keeper? Okay and you” He pointed to you, you were the last and the only position available was “Seeker” Your eyes widen and you gave an uneasy chuckle, to your knowledge, Seeker was the most important position in Quidditch and they were responsible whether the team won or lost. They caught the Golden Snitch which cost 150 points. “Jeremy! We’re all set!” The captain from before flew by your side and smiled, he had blond hair that was quite long that goes right below the ears with his bangs covering his eyebrows. “Great, let’s play!”
  8. As the game started, you watched as the Chasers, Beaters and Keepers do their part, it was only you and the other seeker who had spiked brown hair and seemed really confident. Down below, you can hear everyone cheering for you, it was embarrassing but you appreciated it. You hovered closer to the center of the field and as you did you heard the faintest sounds of wings to your right, you turn around and saw the Golden Snitch. You immediately zoomed after it and with your actions, the opposing seeker followed you. It zoomed around the whole perimeter of the field, the guy with spiked brown hair rammed your broom to the right, as you were off course you furrowed your eyebrow and flew back on course and did the same to him.
  9. You constantly went at each other pushing and shoving each other, suddenly the snitch zoomed to the floor causing you and the opposing Seeker to do a nose dive. The rush was amazing you admitted but the Snitch did not change it course, it continued to dive down; you bother were close to the ground, the other Seeker looked frantic and suddenly flew off, you decided to take the risk when it was an inch from the ground it flew straight, you pulled your broom up and you feared you were about to break your broom. The bottoms of your broom skimmed the grass and cause you to become a bit unsteady. You leaned forward which gave you a slight increase with speed, you were so close to touching the snitch you could feel its wings brush against your fingertips. You bit the bottom of your lip and swiped your hand in the air. In front of you, one of the watch towers stood and it was too late for you to change your direction. You threw your arm over your head, the tip of your broom bounced off the wood and made you slide forward and land in the gravel. You heard the whistle and felt something flying in your hand. Everyone flew over to your side and everyone from the bleachers came running down “Looks like we got ourselves a Seeker.”
  10. Your victory was celebrated in the courtyard; your new team mates commended you on your amazing play. “We have practice every third Sunday of the month, look forward to your first practice!” Jeremy smiled as he and the other players walked away. You were later greeted by Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Neville and the Twins “That was amazing play!” Neville smiled, Ron patted you on the back “Now that you’re on the team, don’t think we’re going to take it easy on you!” “No promises!” The twins joked, you eyed Harry who looked rather please “That goes for me as well, I’m the Gryffindor Seeker.” You confidence shot down, you knew that already but slightly forgotten and now that you remembered, you feared your first game. “But don’t worry; I may give you a head start, considering this is your first game.” He smiled; you gave him a tap on the head “Haha, very funny.” The atmosphere around you was jolly until a suitcase came ramming you in the back, knocking you down. “Ow…” You said as you rubbed your back and stood up. “Sorry about that…” Finch muttered as he held two other suitcases under his arm.
  11. You were helped up by Ron and Hermione “What’s going on?” Ron muttered to you; you were clueless as many. In no time, the courtyard was filled with students, you all decided to stand on the sidelines and when you did, you watched as a sobbing Professor Trelawney exited the castle. She was hysterical as she stood by the suitcase that was thrown at you, Finch dropped her other suitcases at her feet. By the doors, Professor Umbridge walked out with a proud face “Sixteen…” Professor Trelawney muttered “Sixteen years I’ve worked at Hogwarts…you can’t throw me out…you can’t do this…” Professor Umbridge was a few steps away from her and she took out a piece of parchment “By order of the Ministry, I can.”
  12. Sorry guys, I’m continuing the rest in Pt. 29. I’m working on it now, I had to stop it here because I couldn’t really think but if I start new, then I will be able to let the ideas flow! Well, today is my last day of the break! So, keep in mind the quizzes will be released in a much slower pace! The contest! Please hand in your entries! I’ll still accept them but by March 19th, I will not accept anymore! Anyways, off to work!

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