Hogwarts Love Story Pt 22

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The third and final challenge is upon us! Let's see what kind of trouble we get ourselves into this time and I can see something dark in our midst. Let's hope nothing bad is happening...

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. It was the time everyone was waiting for, everyone gathered outside the Castle where the third and final Tri-Wizard challenge will take place. You were sitting with Neville, Hermione and Ron where you all had a good view of the maze. You all were still 10 minutes early, so you decided to go to talk to Cedric, Fleur and Harry before the challenge started. Before you go make your way to the champions’ tent, you bumped into Draco. “Hi _________” Draco smiled as he blocked the exit. You smiled and gave small signs of blush, thankfully, the sun has set and everything glowed in amber orange. “Hi Draco, excited for the final challenge?” Draco didn’t have the look like the rest, he seemed more concern than excited “Uh…yeah, I’m sure it will be a good one.” “I hope so. Well, if you would excuse me, I’m off to go wish Fleur, Cedric and Harry luck!” You smiled as Draco shifted over to the side letting you free, you were about to make your way to the tent when Draco called out your name. “__________, tell Potter to be careful out there…but don’t say it came from me.” Draco said and hurried off to join the other Slytherin. At first you found it strange but there was always kindness in Draco.
  2. When you entered the tent, you can see people scurrying around everywhere. You saw Fleur and talked to her for a minute or two and ended off with a hug for good luck. She had a mortified look on her face knowing it was just minutes away for the challenge to begin. You decided to talk to Cedric first; you walked over to see him catching up with his father who looked nothing like Cedric. He turned his head and saw you walking towards him. “Dad, I’d like you to meet _______. _______, this is my dad!” Cedric said as he flashed his white smile. “Pleasure to meet you; I’ve heard lots about you! Shall we expect you for Christmas dinner?” “DAD, will you please shut it?” Cedric yelled as he pushed his dad aside, you were stunned and received a nugget of information. “I’m really sorry about that…” Cedric returned alone flushed with color “Don’t worry about it; I learned something new after all.” You laughed and so did he.
  3. “Well, will I be expecting you over for the holidays?” He asked, you were a little taken back but it wouldn’t be right saying no with his father a few feet away. “Tell you what, come back alive and you’ll find out. Good luck!” You smiled and gave him a quick hug before walking over to Harry. “And I saved the best for last!” You smiled as you stood over Harry. He was sitting on a stool near the entrance filled with anxiety. “_______.” He said softly, you crouched down to meet him at eye level. You studied his face before questioning him or saying anything; you gave a soft smile and rubbed his back. “Don’t worry. If I know you like I think I do, I’m sure you’ll be amazing! Harry, you’ve come so far! You shouldn’t back down now.” You gently said, he stared at you with his forest gentle green eyes and smiled. “You have no idea how much I needed that.” He smiled as he stood up; you pushed down and stood up standing beside him. “I’m always here for you.” You smiled. Before you can say anything else, Ludo Bagman tugged on Harry’s arm. “It’s time.” Harry turned to face you; you quickly wrapped your arms around Harry. “Be careful in there.” You whispered in his ears. And with that, he was swept away.
  4. You made your way over to the stands to sit between Neville and Hermione. You watched as the Four Champions were standing at the entrance of the maze with Professor Dumbledore standing in front of them. He started off introducing the challenge to those unaware and noted the champions that if they were in need of assistance to signal their wand up in the air and send off a flare. Everyone seemed to understand but the trick was the champions would not enter the maze together, for now standing behind Professor Dumbledore, was not one but four paths. “Champions, if you would…” Bagman gestured for each of them to stand at a path. They all entered the maze, from where you sat; you can see Harry turning around to face Professor Dumbledore before a wall of vines sealed the passage.
  5. The hardest part of the challenge was waiting, from where you sat; you can hear spells being fired from a distance as well as grunts and screams. At this point, all you can do is pray that everyone even Viktor make it out alive. You watched as someone who wasn’t one of the champions emerged from the maze and hurried over to the judges. From what you saw, it didn’t seem right. “Something’s wrong.” Hermione said as she inched to the edge of her seat. Madam Maxine’s face dropped and turned into sheer horror; out from the maze Fleur and Viktor was brought out unconscious. You squeezed Neville’s hand at such a sight. Professor Dumbledore turned his swiftly to the one of the watchmen that came out of the maze and started questioning him. You watched his mouth as he asked about Cedric and Harry; his face caused you great fear.
  6. You couldn’t tolerate this much longer, you snuck out of your seat and made it to the back exit of the stands when Hermione and Ron followed you. “Where do you think you’re going?” She asked, you didn’t answer until she studied your face. “Are you mad?” “So, you’re going to sit here and watch Harry’s body being carried out like last year? Hermione, he needs us and you know that. Now, I’m not going to let him fight whatever is in there alone. Are you with me?” You asked, you gave her a thoughtful stare and she was a bit skeptical. “I am.” Ron blurted out and stood beside you. Hermione flashed him a look “What? I can’t let you girls have all the fun.” You chuckled and turned back to Hermione. “Well, Hermione?” She sighed and her mouth curled into a smile. “What are we waiting for?” She said as she drew out her wand.
  7. You all entered the maze and it was darker than expected. You all muttered “Lumos” and began making your way to through the maze. “How do you expect to find Harry in all of this? This maze is probably 300 ft. long.” Ron complained as every opening seemed to be either a dead end or the start of where they originally entered. “We just have to keep looking, whatever you guys do, don’t panic and stay calm.” You muttered you all took a few more steps into the maze; you came to a point where your option was to turn left. Once you three turned left, you were face to face with a giant arachnid. A whimper escaped Ron’s lips as he was shot down in terror. “Can we panic now?” He said in a voice of a 9 year old girl. “Don’t move…” Hermione quietly said; the spider took one step before letting out its ear wrenching cry. You all screamed at the top of your lungs and headed back in the direction you entered. “HOW DID HARRY GET PASS THAT!?” Ron screamed at the top of his lungs as you ran through the maze, you and Hermione were running at the same pace and dodged every time the spider took a swung. “I’M GUESSING HE DIDN’T!” You replied in a yell.
  8. “HERMIONE DO SOMETHING!” Ron screamed, you all three continued to run through the maze swerving at every turn. “SORRY, I’M TOO BUSY RUNNING FOR MY LIFE!” Hermione replied with a snappy tone. Just then, Hermione brought out her wand and pointed at the spider while continuing to run “Levicorpus!” She pointed and screamed; the spider that was once chasing you was now dangling up in the air. The three of you stopped running and watched as the spider cried and dangled from a distance. “You couldn’t have done that before?” Ron panted as he placed his hands on his knees gasping for air. “I didn’t see you come up with any ideas.” Hermione smiled as she too gasped for air. “C’mon, we don’t have much time.” You chuckled out of breath.
  9. After many encounters with all sorts of beast and plants, you three were panting and gasping for air. “Do you remember all that stuff I said about joining the tournament? I take it all back…” Ron said as he was now sitting on the dirt floor. “This is hopeless, we’ll never find them!” You yelled in doubt that was the first time anyone has ever heard you give up. “YOU GOT TAKE THE CUP! YOU SAVED ME!” “TOGETHER!” You heard in a distance, sure enough, it was Harry and Cedric. “You hear that?” Hermione quickly turned towards you, Ron looked up still panting “I know now isn’t a good time but I should jog more…” “Cedric and Harry…” “And they sound close!” You and Hermione smiled. “And maybe stop eating so much Pumpkin Cake.” Ron made a side comment to himself. “Let’s go!”
  10. In the end, you managed to find a podium where it seemed like there was something originally placed here. “I’m guessing the Cup was here.” Ron blurted out “Thank you Ronald for pointing out the obvious.” Hermione bobbed her head before looking at Ron “Only trying to help.” You chuckled and placed your hand on the stone podium. “So, if the cup isn’t here. Harry and Cedric are out right?” You asked, the look on Hermione told you otherwise “There would have been a roar of cheering fans but do you hear anything?” “Can’t you be a little optimistic?” “I’m a pessimist” “I’ve realize” You replied before staring at the podium once more. “Where could they have gone?” “Well, they probably used a portkey…” Ron blurted out. Hermione’s face glowed “Ron, you brilliant man! A portkey! That’s exactly it!” “Okay, but WHAT was the portkey?” You asked but then staring at the podium it hit you. “Okay, new question; where EXACTLY did it take them?” “I can probably find out. It may be risky but it’s worth a shot.” Hermione placed the top of her wand on the podium. Her logic was …frankly, you didn’t know. You just went along with the moment. “Portus!” She chanted and with that the podium shined. “Together.” You muttered; the three of you placed your hand on the podium.
  11. You were now face down, the smell of dirt filled your nostrils. You pushed your body up and around you tombstones; a mist blanked in a dark sky surrounded you. Hermione and Ron sat up beside you. “Where are we?” Ron asked as he rolled up his sleeves and helped Hermione up. “WORMTAIL, WHO IS THAT?!” An unfamiliar voice cried; your joints turned cold. “Wormtail, he’s here!?” Hermione cried out, you walked closer to a tombstone where there was another yard past it. From your eyes could see, the man from last year known as Wormtail holding a blanket that seemed to cover something. He was holding Cedric at wand point but his attention diverted to you. “_________!” Cedric cried before ducking behind a tombstone to try his make his way to you. Harry was held up by a statue of a Death. “Wormtail, there isn’t much time!” The voice hissed once again. You watched as Wormtail dropped the blanket into a cauldron; bones, cut his hand off and took some blood from Harry. “The Dark Lord shall rise once more!”
  12. From the cauldron, it started to bubble till it exploded. Where the cauldron once was, stood a man dressed in a black clock. He has no hair with red illuminating eyes and slits for nose. He let out a gasp and ran his scaly fingers through his scalp. “The time of darkness has come again.”
  13. Okay, so the real story begins now! Yup, Voldemort is back! I wonder how my version of Voldemort will be. Well, on the bright side, Cedric is alive! When you teleported into the graveyard, Wormtail was inches away from killing Cedric but since you made a loud entrance, it distracted him! I can see that Year 5 will come faster than expected! Haha, well, my story is getting interesting. I wonder what’s going to happen in Part 23. Wow, it’s been 23 releases. This is amazing! Well, time to get working! Stay Magical x

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