A supernatural love story part 1

Hey people! This is my first ever quiz so I don't really know how good it will be...anyway! Its a love story as you can tell by the title and ya! It will have some twists and stuff if I make part two.

Please if ou comment be nice. I also might of messed up on the guys appearances for the results and story. So the results are the right looks. You will meet 3 out of the 4 guys in the story. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Tigerluvvvver

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  1. K. First off, this line thingy, ________ means your name.
  2. BTW youre in highschool. You walk into school, after waking up badly, missing the bus, and it being raining while you walked to school, you aren't in a very personable mood. You are walking and this jerk, parker trips you in the hallway. Everything falls all over the floor. You yell "WTF!!??!" but the group with him just laughs and walks off. So your picking up your things when this gorgeous guy bends down and helps. You look up and see these beautiful emereled green eyes. The guy your looking at introduces himself and says " hey, I'm Zachary, I just moved here with some of my friends, that Parker seems like a real a--hole. So what's your name cutie?"
  3. So you tell him your name. Whichever answer you choose. He asks if you will sit with him and his friends at lunch and gives you a piece of paper with his phone number on it. You say,
  4. You goto math which is your first period. The teacher announces that there is a new student in the class. That is name Is Adrian. The teacher tells him to sit by you of course. You take a look at him and your jaw drops. Literally. He has unbelivebly attractive red hair and gorgeous hazel eyes. He says hi and all you can do is:
  5. So you sit through math and keep glancing over at Adrian. You keep thinking of him and barely hear the bell ring. You head off to second period but not before he gives you hiss number too!! You go off and yet another new student. This time in English. He says his name is Blake. You,
  6. Well this is my first quiz so if you like it rate and comment please?
  7. I ran out of ideas and thoughts, so any ideas might help!
  8. Hi
  9. Almost done
  10. This quiz making is harder than it seems! Well bye and I mightmake part too if people like this one! Also, their are two Zacharys. So the one that is longer is a fuller description!

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