Just another love story (part 4)

This is part 4 of just another love story! I wanna Thank everyone who's taking my quiz. Thank you so much. Make sure to comment and rate and tell me wat u think. And Also hit the SUDMIT button so I kno that you took my quiz. Thanks again. 

Discription of the guys~ Miky-dark brown hair and Light bluish greenish eyes Kyle-brown hair Greenish blueish eyes  Matt- brown hair, green eyes, six pack, nice smile andrew-blond hair, blue eyes, eight pack. Alex-blond hair, light brown eyes, eight pack and a cute smile Josh-brown hair, blue eyes and a six pack

Created by: kimmy2224

  1. You then decide to take a shower. After 20 minutes you get out. You go to your closest and see all the cuties clothes in the world. " wow!" you say. "I got all these clothes for you based on your personality" says the house. " oh thank you. It's so cool" you say looking at the ceiling. " my name is Anna but you can call me Ann" she says. "oh ok ann" you say. You then pick out what you are going to wear. You take of your clothes and put on your shirt. As you were putting it on someone opens the door.
  2.   " ahh. I'm changing!" you scream. But it was to late. The door opened all the way. " oh haha" you say. No one was there. It must have been the wind. You finish changing you did ur hair, makeup etc. you finally finish and go downstairs. The guys are playing in their stupid video again. " dont you guys have anything better to do" you say walking into the living room. Andrew was on the floor. " not really" says Alex. You laugh. " I'm gonna take a walk outside. Anyone wanna come with me?" you ask. " I'll go" says Mike. He walks you out and closes the door. " so where do you want to go" he asks you. " surprise me" you say. " ok. Here get in" he says and opens the car door. You walk in and sit down. He gets in and starts to drive. 
  3. You guys didn't stop talking to each other the whole ride. " and remember when the time when we filled a bucket with toothpaste, ketchup, tomatoes, water, yogurt and slime and then put it over the door in miss. Hudmans class room" he asks you. " haha yeah. She walked in and everything for dumped on her" you say laughing. " that was the best day of 5th grade" you says laughing. " but we got detention for 2 months" you say and look at him. " that's what made it the best. I got to be with you more often" he says and turns to you. " oh..hehe thanks" you say blushing. Finally he stops the car and parks it in a huge parking lot. Mike opens the door for you and you walk out. 
  4. You look around to see where you were. " haha what is this?" you ask him. "It's karaoke night. You still like karaoke right?" he asks you. " haha well yeah.  I just can't believe you still remember" you say looking surprisingly at him. " of course I remember. It's hard to forget anything about you" he says looking back at you. " thanks" you say blushing. " well lets go" he says grabbing your hand. He walks you to the karaoke club and opens the door for you. " ladies first" he say trying to be a gentleman. " haha you must have changed a lot. I remember you being the complete opposite of a gentleman" you say laughing. " hey people can change" he says. " not that much" you say. 
  5. He laughs. " so are you gonna sing or what" he asks you. You used to love to sing in front of crowds when you were younger. But you haven't tried that in a long time. " umm..I don't know" you say. " oh come on you have the best voice" he says smiling at you with his adorable smile. " ok fine I'll do it" you say hypnotized by his amazing smile. " awesome. I'll sign you in" he says walking up to the DJ. You smile at him while he walks up to the DJ. He makes you feel like such a kid, but you like it. The DJ says something to him and he walks back. " your all set" he says with a big smile on his face. You laugh at him. "come on" he says and takes your hand.
  6. He drags you all the way to the dance floor. Then he starts to dance. All you did was stare at him laughing. " come on dance with me" he says. The music got louder and louder. You shake your head " no. I can't dance". He takes your hands. " yes you can". You smile at him. " fine" you says starting to dance. You were better then you thought. Soon everyone started to form a circle around you. You danced your butt off. After the song was over everyone started to cheer." you call that dancing"says Mike. " as if you could do better" you say teasing him. " watch and learn" he says. He does the chiken dance. You laugh at him. " oh you like that" he says winking. " yeah your awesome" you say in a sarcastic way. " what about this" he says doing the weirdest move ever. You laugh again.   
  7. Then the music stops. Someone Walks onto the stage and up to the mic. " haha ya! We had some good dancers tonight" he says and someone shines the spotlight at you " haha But Now it's time for some karaoke!!" he continues. Everyone screams. " everyone give a huge round of applause for Tiffany!" he says. Everyone  cheers. Everyone was dancing and cheering and jut having an Awesome time. And the whole time Mike was doing something funny. You couldn't stop laughing. " and now for our last contestant. _____ _____!" the room starts to shake with applause. You froze in place.
  8.  "____?" asked Mike. " you okay?" he asks putting his hand on your shoulder. " huh? Oh ya just a little nervous" you say looking at him. " don't worry about it. You'll be great" he gives you a warm smile. He was the nicest person ever. You tackle him with a hug. He Hugs you back. " thanks" you say and kiss him on the check. Before he could say anything you walk up onto the stage. " yeah! So what song do you wanna sing cutie" says the DJ. You pick the song of your choice. The DJ starts the song and you walk to the mic. You looked nervously at the crowd. Then you spot out Mike. 
  9. He gives you and thumbs up and smiles at you. You smile back at him. Then you started to sing. You did so much better then you thought. The crowd cheered through out the whole song. When you finished everyone was cheering their heads off. " ha yeah! Looks like we have a star here. She can sing and dance" says the DJ. You blush and look at Mike. He was still cheering. You laughed. "well I think we have our winner!" he says  handing you the trophy. "oh my god!" you say surprised. " thank you so much" you give the guy a hug. " your welcome sweet heart. You run off the stage and to Mikes direction. You jump on him and hug him. " I won!" you yell happily. " I heard" he laughs. You smile at him looking at his amazing eyes and perfect lips. " hey are you hungry?" he asks still holding you. "yes I'm starved" you say. " Awesome. There's a pizza hut around the corner. You wanna go?" he says. " yeah sure" you say. You were still on top of him but you couldn't get off. You were I busy enjoying the moment. He smiled at you. You smiled back at him. Then he started to lean in. You felt butterfly's in your stomach. He leaned closer and closer. 
  10. another guy? Your such a slut" you back away quickly and get off of Mike. It was the two girls. The one with blond hair was talking.  The ones that started to fight with you. You looked at them with an evil look. "mind your own business" you say with a warning look on your face. " aww isn't that cute. You think I'm scared of you?" they say teasing you. You hate these girls so much. You felt like punching them but you didn't. " hey back off. What do you want from her" says mike trying to help you. "you back off" she says looking at Mike. " stop talking to him like that. Why don't you do us all a favor and leave. No one here likes you anyways. And if they did they need serious Brian surgery! Bye bye now" you say. Looks like you won the war again. The two girls stomp away cursing. "damn.." says Mike looking at you. " shut up. Lets just forget about then. you say blushing. He smiles at you. " no problem so..umm...where were we?" he says grabbing you waist and pulling you closer and closer......
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! Plz comment and rate and also hit the SUDMIT button so I kno u took this quiz! Thank u!! :)

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