Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 11

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Created by: Rockstar123
  1. The next day at lunch, Kathy was being all smiley to you. Something was up, and it's not going to be good. *Seriously, why can't I get a break?* "Hello everyone. And Hannah." she said enthusiastically. Either a truck ran over her brain or this was't real. "Hi Hannah." Mark said as he approached your table. "Hi Kathryn." he said in a smaller voice. Weird. Kathy just smiled and whispered to you, "I need to talk." You roll your eyes. You knew this was coming sooner or later. She pulled- actually, rather DRAGGED- you to the bathroom. "Ok. The cheer squad auditions are today. You are coming with me." she determined. You let out an exasperated groan. "We don't even have the forms given out from two or three weeks ago. We don't have a routine or cheer!" you pointed out. Your points made you happy that Kathryn might forget about the whole idea of cheerleading. She shrugged casually as if it were normal. "We'll just crash the meeting and wing a routine." she said plainly. You stare at her. How can she possibly react like this? It was like an asteriod was going to crash into earth any minute, no, any SECOND now and she just shrugged it off. Rethinking the outcome, you try to protest against the crazy aand baffling scheme of hers. Just to get some guy that you might like. *No I don't! No I don't! NO I DON'T!!!* Finally, you give up. Kathryn's wild intentions are dominant and unstoppable. "Ok. I'll meet you at the art room. The gym is near there, and that's where they're meeting." you informed. But you weren't sure she was listening. It seemed like she was having a deep reverie. No, it couldn't be, because she was doing a victory dance in the bathroom. You roll your eyes and walk out on her pretending that you don't know her. Oh Kath.
  2. Of course reading was after lunch. It is always hard to control a class right after lunch. Everyone and everything don't seem serene. All the boys are sweaty from a game at recess or not paining attention. Most girls are gossiping about what happened to who. You kind of feel bad for any teacher. But that isn't going to change the fact that you hate reading as well as Mr. Parsel. He's so, dull, or uninteresting. "Ok, as you know, the final copy essay is due in three days. So I advise more work." he booms, in a loud voice. Obviously, he was trying to get even the troublemakers paying attention. It's just so that Cameron was one of them. You don't even look his direction. Lately, for actually a week and a half, you avoided him. It was pretty easy, but ot made you a little guilty inside. But anyway, staying away was loyalness to Kathryn.
  3. "We'll meet tomorrow and it'll be done." Mark says, turning to you. "Yeah." you reply, half listening. You were doodling in your book, bored. Usually Kathy was with you, or Cameron was bothering you. It felt a little lonely. *But don't get me wrong, I love Mark. He's a great guy and all...* The bell rang to end the class. In reading you were so bored and alone. The feeling was sickening. Your entire day was awkward. It was finally the end of the day, and you shoved your two-inch binder into your locker. You slam it closed and locked it. Walking the way to the art room, you made a quick stop at the bathroom for the mirror. Good. You looked fine, and better than two monthes ago. Hurrying out, you walked smack into a dude. Some blondie who was walking slowly, blocking the whole traffic. "Move it slowpoke!" you gruff. Until you reconized the slowness. It was Cameron. You should've known, because three weeks ago you were dealing the fact that he walks so SLOW. "Hannah!" he says, surprised. "Yes, I know what my name is," you tell him impatiently. "Where you goin'?" he asks. "To the cheering squad. Now bye." you answer, pushing him out of your way. He followed you, and you knew why. Cameron likes tormenting you. "Cheering? Haha, in your face Miller. You're kidding right?" he asks. "What do you mean? I'm not good enough? I'm not POPULAR enough?" you shot back. "No, just that, never mind." he mumbled and walked away. *Stupid loser.*
  4. There was a long line of girls, and all of them seemed familiar to each other. They made a group, a big one, in the front. You waited behind them, nervous. Kathy wasn't there yet. Two guys walked past you and whistled. "Looks like a new babe joined cheering." he commented. The other guy high fived him and walked away. "Screw you," you muttered underneath your breath. At last, you saw Kathryn walking to you.
  5. You asked, "Where were you?" She shrugs. "I was coming. You know I'm always late." she responds. At last, the cheer instructer stood in front of you guys and whistled loudly. "OK GIRLS!" she yells. "Yes Ms. Goodwell!" the girls chanted, as if it were programed in them to. "WE ARE AUDITIONING. SOME GIRLS WILL NOT MAKE IT. SO TRY THE BEST AND GOOD LUCK." Ms. Goodwell bellows. Then she takes the first girl and leads her into the gymnastium. "What a welcome." you murmur. Kathryn smiles. She adds, "Don't pout. Maybe you'll hook up with a guy too, and Cameron and I can go on double dates with you." You shoved her and she laughs. "Easy for you to say," you grunted underneath your breath. You made it soft, and this time Kathryn didn't hear the remark. Gradually, the queue of girls got shorter and shorter. The anxiety was so immense that you could feel it within you. *That's so nervous wrecking. Stop shaking. Stop shaking...* Soon, the line was down to three girls. Some girl younger than you, Kathy, and yourself. The cheer instructer called the next girl in. You sighed. Kathryn went. She came back with a smile on her face. It was your turn now. "Hello. Have you ever attended cheering or gymnastic?" she asks. *Well hello to you too.* You answered, "I took gymnastic, but I was ten." She nods in approval. Ms. Goodwell hand you papers and told you to fill them out. Gladly, you agreed and walked out. She gave you the papers without you worrying. Newbie. You walked out, seeing Kathryn facing you. "See! Whatta I tell you?" she gloats, slapping your back. "Oh be quiet." you tell her, hiding a smile. It was pretty easy. Well, at least for now.
  6. The next day after school, you met Mark. He told you to meet him at the library. You agreed, obligating to get the long and boring essay over with. It turns out that Mark is a pretty good partner. You two sat at the table area, where other kids were. Most were geeky, and everyone was obedient and quiet. The librarian sat calmly at her desk, as if it was her leisure. "The final paragraph is the conclusion." Mark whispered. You nod and get straight to the work. After a long period of time, Mark says, "You know Cameron? I don't think he's Kathryn's type."
  7. You raise your eyebrow in interest. "Why?" you question. He shrugs nervously. "I-I-I--I l-like her." he spats and looks away. You smile. *Ohh, she's gonna love this...* Of course. He always got her stuff. Always talks to her. Always comforts her. Always breaks weird silences. Always asks who her partners were. Always- well, you get the point. It was adorable. And Mark was really cute, with brown hair swept away and deep, caring honey green eyes. Kathryn can't break his heart. That'll be ridiculous. Mark is too sweet and nice, and even kind of worshipping. "I think she likes you, too," you say, unsure. A surge of hope and excitement lit up Mark's eyes. "Really?" he asks. "Yepo." The work was done. "Well, see you tomorrow," you say, waving good-bye. He waves and leaves as well. You run home, and jump in bed. The whole conversation was very surprising. Surely, Kathy had to appreciate it.
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