Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 8

okok. So, do you want Kathryn to like Cameron and then not be friends with her or make her notlike cameron and you have a fight with him? choice is yours, baby! woohoo comment to tell moi. love you all.

okok, and also im hurting my eyes so please hit submit and sttay tuned all the way! thanks thatsa big help. nickelodeon! lol cheese bagel and radish to the side

Created by: Rockstar123
  1. ```Please read the first two paragraphs```
  2. The next morning, you wake up with a big headache. "Ughh," you groan. You get up and start to walk out your bedroom door. Instead of making out, you felt dizzy and fell. "Arggh," you grunt. It was really cold today for some reason. It was still spring, but the house was unusually chilly. Redeeming yourself, you set foot out again, this time steadier. The front door was wide open. *Wtf--* [PAUSE: THE'F' IS FUDGE SO NO REPORTING!!] You peer out the front door and see your dad talking to some guy. The guy had workers unloading something-you could tell it was heavy- from the truck. "Dad!" you call. "What's all this?" He turns back to the guy. "Haha, that's my daughter. Hold on a second." he says, and walks toward you. "Good morning," he says.
  3. "Good morning? This is NOT good, what are they doing here?" you complain. "Listen, honey, I just ordered a desk," he explains. "They'll unload it and carry it into the house. The next thing you know, they're outta here." You sigh. "I don't feel so good. I think I'm going to stay home." you say. Your dad raises his eyebrows. "Are you faking?" he asks, suspiciously. You turn around and glare at him with your eye twitching. "Alright, ok I was just checking!" he says. You close the front door behind you and shiver. At least the house was a little more warmer. The first thing you wanted to do was jump head into your bed and snuggle up into the warm fuzzy covers. Relaxing wasn't easy, though. For one thing, your head was killing you. In spite of the loud men downstairs wasn't such a help either. But then, lots of things went to your mind. Did Cameron understand what happened? If he went to detention today, and you are missing detention today, then you'll have to make it up tomorrow. You won't be able to see Cameron. *That's a good thing, right?* Fustrated, you your blanket over your head and once again closed your eyes. This time, the whole world blacked out. Nothing mattered, and you were in your sleep. You don't have to worry about anything, and everything is calm.
  4. You dreamt of how you caught an assailant from stealing something valuable. The whole town praised you. "It was nothing," you say modestly. "Nothing?" The town mayor says. "Nothing? Child, do you not see the importance?" He walked over to a floor mat, and pointed to it. "You see the tiny threads they're made up of? One thread would say they're nothing. But together, they unite and are very important. One might do a very little thing, but it is important to the world. That is why you should always be thankful of what you have, and not what you don't have." A loud noise awakened your dream. You opened your eyes. The mayor was right. You shouldn't be dreading for your mom. "Be thankful for what you have Hannah, not what you don't." you reminded yourself. You look over to the nightstand, and it was your phone vibrating. Without looking to see who it was, you answered it. "Hello?" you say. "Hi. Are you feeling better?" you heard a voice ask. It was Kathryn. "Yeah. How'd you know?" you ask, confused. "Oh, your dad dropped off a note during homeroom. I saw him explain." she answered. Homeroom? What time is it? You glanced over at the digital clock. It read '11:43'. "So are you at lunch?" you say. "Yeah, but I got caught by the hall monitor. I guess I have detention today." she says. You stopped breathing for a second. That only meant one thing: Kathryn is going to detention with Cameron. "Oh uh, that's great," you mutter. "What?" she asks, puzzled. "Oh uh, Cameron has detention today, too." you reply, slowly. Was that good? After all, Kathryn had told you she didn't like him anymore. But that cmight not be entirely true... "Really?" She says, sounding excited. She coughs and tries to make her voice less enthusiastic. "I thought you didn't like him," you say. "I uh, I don't know," she answers. There was a long pause. "Ok, text me later or something. I got to go. Bye." she says, hanging up. You end the conversation, too, and go downstairs. Your dad's car wasn't in the driveway. You open the fridge and fish through food. Finally, you take out to pieces of bread and peanut butter. You weren't a good chef, so going easy was ok with you. You didn't add jelly because you hated jelly. It tasted horrible with peanut butter. *At least that's what mom thought* You stopped. "Hannah. You have to be thankful of what you have, not what you don't have." you scold, out loud. You look down. If there was people around, seeing you talking to yourself like that, they'd want to avoid you for life.
  5. After eating your lunch, you turned on the TV. It was a bunch of kiddie shows, and other channels had news, or game shows. None of them interested you. You turned the TV off and pulled out a book. After reading the first two pages you wondered out loud, "Oh who am I kidding? No school and I'm reading!" It was really boring. You went up to your bedroom and listened to your iPod. What song do you like from below? (sorry I just HAD to put this question! Yeah, I'm distracted, ha. Oh and by the way, put what your fav artist/song is in the comments! yay)
  6. You doze off with the old fashioned black headphones over your ears.'It was a peaceful sleep, no dreams but calm. It was as if it was charging your energy to use later. After about an hour, you woke up. You yawned a looked at your phone. 3:11 with five text messages. Three from Kathryn: ~hey im with cameron. he seems bored. txt me!~, ~why is cameron mentioning you?~, ~cam's funny. now txt me be4 i kill u!~ You sigh. Apparently it seemed that she liked Cameron. Did it matter? The concept of being asked to hang out with your best friend's crush seemed wrong. It just wasn't right, and it was a shame to humanity. *So if it's so wrong, then Cameron stop bothering me, you two-faced jerk!* You feel guilty of calling him that. You remember the good times you had with him. How he offered you an iPhone. How he asked you to help him do the math homework when he already knew it. How he ditched football to come with you. *Is he being a player, or trying to be a friend?* The two other texts were from Cameron and Deanna. Cameron:~hey txt me back. im with kathryn, and she sems extrmly happy...?~ From Deanna:~hey Hannah! wassup feel better! xoxo~ You smile at Deanna's text. Hers was the only one that seemed welcoming. You decided to ignore Cameron and Kathryn's texts and only answered Deanna's. After all, a girl does need her own time. ~I'm good, thanks. how was school? What'd I miss?~ you text back. A moment later, she texts, ~well, cameron is giving ur hw to u. and kathy got detention. i gtg see ya~ You sigh. *Boringness, here comes.* Then, you wonder if you should answer Kathryn or Cameron. After the lonliness, you gave in.
  7. ~Hey~, you texted Kathryn. Instantaneously, she texted back, ~Where were u?!~ You bit your lip as you read it. Where were you? In your thoughts of pressure? Sleeping? Yes. ~sleepin. i g2g~ you text. Talking wasn't the thing todo now. You don't even bother texting Cameron back. At around 5:00, someone knocked a your front door. You ran downstairs to get it.
  8. sorry, this is short, but not that sort i have to say though, stay tuned, comment and please hit submit! STAY TUNED, COMMENT HIT SUBMIT!
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