A love story part 4

There are many love stories,but only a few great love stories.what is love?,love is something that is so great that it cant be put in words.rate and comment please.

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Created by: Paisley_marie

  1. Travis says "well I'm sorry for staring but I couldn't help myself" you say...
  2. Travis says "look cloey I really wanna take you out this Friday" and you say "sorry I have a date with zach" and he says "I don't wanna be rude but what do you see in him?" you say...
  3. Travis gives this sort of sad-looking face and you say "trav don't make that face" and his face brightens and you say "what" and he says "you called me trav,thats what everybody else calls me".you smile and then glare over at where zach was standing.he had left because you were taking to long to come back.what are you thinking in your head?
  4. "wanna study some bio at my place?" Said Travis ,you say "yeah but I gotta find zach first and see if he's ok".Travis sighs and says "damn can I get one minute with you,all you talk about is zach zach zach".you say...
  5. Travis grabs your hand and you feel a small amount of guilt looking at his sad face,he says "I'm sorry if I'm always flipping out on you but its just something about you that just gets me hooked".for once you can tell he's serious about what he's saying and you give a slight smile.how do you feel about Travis now?
  6. you say "I'll call you later ok,I promise".Travis says "ok" with a relief and walks away.later that day at your house you sit on your bed wondering who to call,Travis or zach.just when you're about to make your decision you hear a knock on your door.it's zach,you let him in and hugs him like you haven't seen him in years.you instantly apologized about earlier and said "sorry I left you and didn't come back" he smiles and says "it's ok,I know you didn't do it purposely"."aw zach,you're so sweet".he laughs and says "thanks".what are you thinking?
  7. you say "hey,you wanna play the question and answer game?" and he says "sure,why not?","I'll go first,what do you see in Travis?".you sigh and say "why do y'all always mention each other,it's so annoying"."I didn't mean to upset you" said a worried zach.you say...
  8. "look I'm just gonna head home" said zach. "but you just got here" said cloey.zach didn't reply back to what you said he just left your room in a fast pace and then made his way out of your house.what are you thinking?
  9. You call and text him for the next hour but you get no reply and he keep sending you to vm(voicemail).you sigh and call Travis because you're bored.he answers and says "Sup clo"."clo?" said cloey."it's my new nickname for ya,get used to it said travis.ok trav,that's my new nickname for you,except when I'm mad at you."which I hope never happens again" said Travis,.you smile at the thought of his constant compliments he throws at you.you go to sleep thinking about you great conversation with Travis but you also sleep worried about how zach is feeling.thursday morning you wake up and you head to school .when you get there you notice zach and immediately rush to zach to fix things,what do you say?
  10. Zach says "I forgive you I'm still just a little...tense".you say "well let me help you relax".you start massaging him and people start to stare.after a quick two minute massage you finally stop and zach says "thanks cloey,I appreciate it".he picks you up high off your feet and hugs you.you feel like a kid in his arms because he is so tall compared to you.zach says "are you excited about our date tomorrow?" you say...
  11. Part five coming real soon

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