Paranormal Love (part 1)

Hey everyone. Welcome to part 1 of my Paranormal Love series. I would tell you what the story is about, but you will find out soon enough. Keep reading!

Sorry if part 1 is a little boring, i have to explain everything. Part 2 will be better, i promise! i'm not very popular on, so please give me a chance, i hope yall like it and take the next one!

Created by: Firey_Soul

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  1. "BEEP BEEP BEEP!" Your loud alarm clock wakes you up out of a deep sleep. "Shut up! I'm awake!" you yell at the alarm clock and pound the off button with no mercy. Ugh, it was monday. There was nothing you like about monday. You space out still half asleep for a few minutes then drag yourself out of bed. You go into the bathroom to brush your teeth and fix your hair however you like. What do you wear?
  2. You get dressed and go downstairs to eat breakfast. When you're done, you grab your backback and head out the door. (in case you're wondering where your parents are, you don't live with them, you live with your aunt Carmen and she's not home right now.)
  3. You walk to school blankly staring ahead of you. You're not even really telling your legs to move, they just are. You finally get to school and go to your locker. You get your stuff for first period. Lucky for you, your first period is study hall in the cafeteria. There are no teachers there so basically, you can do whatever you want. Also your school has a coffee shop, so it's not too bad. You want to get a coffee but then realize you have no money, so you just go to the cafeteria.
  4. You spot your best friend Allissa with her boyfriend Anthony sitting at their usual table. You go sit down with them as you do everyday.
  5. Allissa has dirty blonde hair emo style and beautiful dark green eyes, her thick eyeliner made them stand out even more. She looks like she's emo, but she's not. She used to be, however. You have known Allissa ever since you two were in pre-school. Allissa was that girl who never played by the rules and didn't have that many friends. This was only because no one bothered to get to know her. You however, did, and you were glad you did because Allissa is actually really funnny, creative, and fun to be around. She's also the only person you can trust 100%.
  6. Anthony has dark brown hair, almost black and eyes the color of dark chocolate, he has just the right amount of muscles. He's a teeny bit dorky but super hilarious and pretty nice, Allissa thinks he's the cutest thing ever although you've seen better. Anthony is your best guy friend. Actually, he's your only guy friend, (so far.) But it doesn't matter because you two are pretty close. Anthony has been going out with Allissa since 6th grade. (all of you are in 11th grade now.) It amazes you how long they've been together, but you know it's meant to be. Anthony is the one guy who loves and understands Allissa completely. They are definately soul mates and will probably get married right when they finish high school. You are happy that Allissa could be so lucky... if only the same thing would happen to you.
  7. In case you're wondering, you do have a boyfriend. However, your relationship with him is nothing like Allissa and Anthony's. His name is Evan. He has brown hair (usually messy) and hazel eyes. He's the captian of the football team, super popular, and kinda concieted. You have no idea why he asked you out. You two are from completely different planets, you hung out with the outcasts and he hung out with the populars. You both hate each other's friends... pretty much the only reason why you said yes was because he's hot. But lately, Evan was starting to get on your nerves and you were thinking about breaking up with him. You just weren't feeling the spark anymore (there never really was one to begin with.)
  8. Okay, now that you know all that, let's get on with the story. You sit across from Allissa and Anthony. "Hey ____, what's up?" Allissa says "Not much." you say groggily. "just having a monday." "Yeah, i know how you feel." Allissa says. "You look like you need a coffee." Anthony says. "I have no money." you reply. "That's okay. You can have some of mine." Allissa says handing you her coffee. "thanks," you say taking a sip. You three start talking about random stuff and laughing at the occasional funny joke. Then...
  9. 3 HOT guys walk in. We aren't talking just a little bit hot, we're talking INSANELY hot. So hot you could bake cookies on them! You couldn't help but stare as they walked in what seemed like slow motion and sat down at a table near you. Your attention is drawn completely to them and you zone out completely from the conversation. They are all stunning, but what guy really catches your eye?
  10. Allissa notices you spacing out. "____, hellooo???" she says waving her hand in front of your face. You blink and turn back to Allissa, "What?" you say. "What are you looking at?" she asks. Before you can respond, she looks over Anthony and sees the guys sitting at the table, Anthony sees them too. "WOAH!" Allissa says. Anthony gives her a look. "woah...those guys...aren't nearly as hot as you..." Allissa says and blushes along with flashing an innocent grin. You laugh. "Oh, relax. Anthony, it was just a glance. They still have nothing on you." Allissa says. Anthony smiled and blushed a bit. Allissa kissed him on the cheek. Allissa looks at you and smiles. "____, why don't you go over to those guys and say 'hi'?" she says. "Who knows, they could be boyfriend material, and you can finally dump that a-hole Evan." "Don't you think you're rushing this?" you ask "And besides, they look wayyy out of my league." "No guy is too good for you. It's worth a try." Allissa says reasuringly. You sigh. "Okay..." you say.
  11. You can feel the butterflies flying around in your stomach as you walk twords the guys' table. You want to turn back but there's also something telling you to keep walking. You get to the table and put on a brave, confident act. "Hey, are you guys new?" you say in a friendly tone. All 3 guys look at you and your heart skips a beat. "Yeah, we just moved here from California." Guy #3 says. "Oh, cool." You say. "How do you like Colorado so far?" "It...uh... takes a bit of getting used to." Guy #3 says. You smile. "That's what they all say." you reply. "So, what's your name, cutie?" Guy #2 asks. You can't help but blush. "I'm ____. What's your name?" "I'm Bryan." He says with a flirty smile and a wink. You look at guy #3. "Hey, I'm Ethan." he says with a friendly smile. You look over at guy #1 "That's Chris." Ethan says. Chris gives you a small, flirty smile. His green eyes look like they can stare into your soul. It makes you a teeny bit uncomfortable, so you don't give eye contact for too long. You see that Chris isn't shy... he's mysterious. "Well, nice to met you guys." you say. Before you walk away, Bryan says "Hey, i hope i have some classes with you." "Same here." you say smiling.
  12. You go back to Allissa and Anthony to give them the full report. They're both happy for you. "So, who do you like best?" Allissa asks. You say:
  13. If you picked a guy, Allissa says "Yeah, he sounds cute. Go get 'em, girl!" If you said "not sure" Allissa says "That's ok, you should get to know them better and then you can decide."
  14. After 1st period is over, you go back to your locker. Your lock is being stupid again, you enter your combination about 20 times and it still doesn't open. The hallways are nearly empty. Oh, great. Now you're going to be late for class! You punch your locker and curse. "Need any help with that?" You here a guy's voice say. It doesn't sound like Anthony. It doesn't sound like Evan ethier. You turn around and see... CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!! So, this is my very first story quiz series, i hope you liked it. Don't forget to rate and comment. Thanks so much :)
  15. Who do you like so far? (i know i've asked this a million times but just tell me.)

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