How Much Do you Know About The Paranormal?

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IT IS I OCTAVIUS GRIMWOOD I HAVE RETURNED! Not Alone but with my new assiant Arachna! We are here to test how smart you really are paranormally. -Octavius

Please read all questions carefully and follow your instincts! We'd love to get feedback so please comment! We hope you get the result you want! -Arachna

Created by: Octavius Grimwood

  1. What are Auras?
  2. What is Ectoplasm?
  3. Where did Zombies Orginate from?
  4. What is Nesse
  5. Which one of these is NOT a way to contact (by contact i mean speak to) the dead
  6. Who were the people who inspired Bram Stroker's Dracula
  7. What are Witches and Warlocks suspected of doing?
  8. What are the Items in need for an excorism
  9. Which one of these is a Psychic Ability
  10. Where was one of the most famous photos that is titled "The Brown Lady" taken?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About The Paranormal?