Heaven or Hell

haha i am back it is me Octavius Grimwood here to help understand whether or not you are going into a wonderful place of sun or a firey inferno of pain..

and suffering. You understand what i am getting at. I hope that you get what you want........ - octavius Grimwood

Created by: Octavius Grimwood

  1. Do you like to be around people
  2. Do people laugh at you when you try to "fit in" (as in try to hang out with them.)
  3. If you are walking down the street and someone is hurting a 90 year old ladie what do you do (Honestly)
  4. What (i am sorry i have to ask) is your favorite color out of the ones listed..
  5. Do you belive in evil
  6. (haha sorry i am asking but) Have you done anything in your life out of these (answer on next question)
  7. Have you done any of the ones i have listed above on 8?
  8. Do you belive you are mad (as in crazy)
  9. I hope you have enjoyed this..quiz
  10. goodbye, i will see you soon.....

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