Who will you fall in love with (part 1)

You have just moved to a new town where everyone has some paranormal "quality" to them. You have the powerto seethe future. Your visions do not change. While at this plae you will meet a new friend and possibly the love of your life.

The three men you will meet here are David, the smart, funny, sensitive, hansome, brooding, vamp; Steven, the athletic, hawt, outgoing, bird-kid; and James, the goth, slightly annoying, easily ticked off, yet somehow so voulnerable werewolf. Good luck. I HOPE YOU READ THIS!!!!

Created by: batlover13
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  1. You walk into your new high school and see.....
  2. You walk into the principal's office and ask the secretary for your schedule. She gives it to you and that goth slams the principal's door shut and as he left slammed another door that was open. You think.........
  3. You walk into your new first hour after a trip to the ol' locker and see this guy with a seat next to him that you are seriouly thinking about sitting next to. The all of a sudden you have one of your visions. They're tee reason you move here. It shows the boy with attitude problems morphing into a wolf, the boy with a open seat next to him with fangs and a new boy with wings the color of midnight.
  4. Regadless of the fact that this boy may be a vampire, you sit next to him and.....
  5. Regadless of the fact that this boy may be a vampire, you sit next to him and.....
  6. Second period is chemistry, your worst subject, there's a seat next to the boy with wings from your vision and you take it. He says "Hi, I'm Steven. You must be -------." You say.......
  7. You two talk about....
  8. Who do you like so far?
  9. Do you walk out of second period with Steven or do you get out ASAP?
  10. As you are walking out of second hour Goth boy............ Cliffhanger.

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Quiz topic: Who will I fall in love with (part 1)