Which will fall for you part 39

Hey everyone! Thanks for waiting, and its (finally) here! Part 39 of my quiz series, which will fall for you. I'm really, really sorry that it took so long- but school has to be a priority *sad*

So last time, Bea offered to make you a partner- but you refused. Now its time to fight to the death! What will happen? In a battle with all these strange powers, you never know. Thanks again for waiting!

Created by: xxdarkxx

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  1. Instantly, something sharp and shiny whizzes past your face. You duck just in time to see Amelia launching a dozen sharp little knives at the group. Anthony uses his powers to make them stop in mid air and send them whizzing back at Amelia. She carelessly knocks them away. "Want to fight me, Anthony?" She purrs his name. Instantly she's repelled backward a good ten feet, landing on all fours. She looks up and glares at Anthony's cold gaze. "Fine! You will die!" She launches herself at him. On your other side, Mark and Serene are facing Demitri, poised to fight. A few feet away Tanner and Miku are ready, Miku with his gun, Tanner with muscles flexed, preparing to fight the little Kuro twins. Bea grins at Carter.
  2. "Carter! It's been a long time, hasn't it??" She closes one black eye as she steps forward. "Who would think - ugh!" She cuts off as she spins to hiss at Violet, who is poised to fight, holding several fans. Bea touches her neck where the fan scathed her and brings back a pinprick of black blood. She looks disgusted. "Shut up and fight, you monster," Violet spits. Bea's eyes cloud over and she smiles. "Fine." Carter and Violet tense.
  3. But you're only registering all of this subconciously. You're actually focused on one person - and she isn't looking you in the eye.
  4. "I don't want to know why," you say quietly. "Just fight me." Hannah shakes and holds up her hand, one of her long metal spikes materializing. "I...I can't!!" She screams as she launches the spike at you as hard as she can.
  5. In an instant, your sword is drawn and knocking the heavy metal spike away from its target. New spikes are already melting into shape in Hannah's hands. These are short and sharp, like daggers. She flies at you, arms raised. Eyes screwed shut, she descends upon you with the intention of digging the spikes into your shoulders. You inhale sharply and duck and roll out of the way at the last second. The spikes lodge themselves in the marble floor. Hannah is still crouching. She pulls out the spikes and turns to you, and you see that she's crying.
  6. You charge at her, sword drawn. The fight is close and dangerous; soon you have many cuts and blood is dripping from your arms and cheeks. Both of you are breathing hard. Hannah's eyes are filled with more greif than you could ever imagine. The dagger spikes melt into one long thin spike. "Why can't I be happy..." She whispers, and lunges towards you.
  7. You block and quickly thrust under her spike. You feel resistance as your sword peirces her side. Blackish red blood instantly begins to soak through her clothing and she gasps. At that moment you hear a scream that makes your blood run cold. You spin around to see Amelia on the ground, clutching her throat. Blood trickles from the corner of her mouth as her scream is silences. Anthony watches blankly as she dissolves, just like the demons do - except the ash is black, not gray.
  8. Suddenly on the other side of you is a heart wrenching "NO!" and a series of gunshots. Your attention is drawn to the side and you take in the scene. Tanner is on the ground, seemingly unconcious. Miku looks furious, clutching a wouund on his gun arm, pointing his gun shakily at the twins. The two tiny Kuros are crying noisily, snot and tears running down their faces like rivers. The girl - Abigail - is clutching her stomach as the black blood seeps through her white dress. Her brother holds her tightly, screaming her name.
  9. "ABIGAIL!!" He screams as she dissolves into dust in his arms. The tears flow harder than ever from those big, flickering blue eyes. "Abigail," he hiccups through his tears, staring at the ash staining his hands. Then the gunshot fires and Jack too is dissolving into black ashes.
  10. "Miku!" You cry as he drops to his knees, clutching his arm. His gun clatters to the floor as he collapses as if in slow motion, blood pooling around him. You see Anthony running towards him and Tanner when suddenly a sharp pain in your arm draws you back to your own battle. You hiss as Hannah, still clutching her stomach, dislodges the spike from your arm. She's panting as she tries to keep from crying out in pain. You touch your arm, where blood is starting to seep through. The pain isn't that bad, you tell yourself; you've had worse, and its not like its your dominant arm. You suck in a breath and leap at Hannah, noting her eyes grow wide.
  11. You don't even know what happened, but Hannah's on her back, breathing hard, her hand lying a few feet away from her. She won't stop crying. You feel sick and move back a few steps.
  12. At that moment, your skull suddenly feels like its about to explode. You look around in agony and see the other members of your team clutching their heads as well. Demitri is standing with fury in his eyes. Through the pain you watch Serene flutter to the ground like a leaf.
  13. Within an instant Demitri is surrounded by you, Mark and Anthony as you all attack him simultaneously. He tries desperately to enter your mind again but he can't penetrate your anger. It only takes a few seconds of struggle before Demitri falls, dissolving into dust on the way down.
  14. Your heart feels cold - you're simply strategizing, calculating. Simply a defense mechanism. All four kuros dead, you think, expecting satisfaction but feeling none. All that's left is Bea, right? Three of your group have fallen; its five to one. There's a good chance you can win, you tell yourself.
  15. You join Violet and Carter; their battle has paused. You, Violet, Carter, Mark, and Anthony stand in a line, facing Bea. She's smiling. Violet and Carter and breathing hard, but Bea doesn't seem to have gone on the offensive yet at all. Your heart pounds.
  16. "So. You've killed my pets. How sad." She still smiles. "Oh well. I guess then its time for me to kill you, ne?" Her form begins to dissolve and a blackness takes over your vision.
  17. Annnd...that's all for now.... *is shot* just kidding, but I'm sorry to all of you for taking so long and I hope that this made it a little better. (I tried to make it longer to make up for it.) So, yeah...hope you liked!

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