Love is forever part 3

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Hello peoples :) thank you to everybody that comment on part 2 it always makes me smile knowing people like my quizzes :) I hope you like part 3

I was unable to get pictures of the guys but I should have some on part 4

Created by: sundaisy

  1. I am sorry this took so long I'm busy with my horse Dobber
  2. Recap: you wear having a weird dream when something woke you up and then you went downstairs to the kitchen to see what it is
  3. You walk into the kitchen. The light of the rising sun is shining through the window making the clean floor and counters shine. You look around the kitchen, it's empty. You go to the refrigerator to get something to drank but stop halfway there. You thought you saw movement by the window. You look around the kitchen and don't see anything. You continue to the refrigerator. As you put your hand on the handle of the refrigerator the sound of someone stepping on a loose floor bored fills the quiet room. You look where the sound came from and nothing is there. You turn back to the refrigerator and open it but look around again as you see movement in the corner of your eye. But once again nothing is there. Grabbing your drank you decide to go to your room. You walk across the kitchen and open the door and then you see something in the corner of your eye and hear something behind you and then everything is black.
  4. Your laying on the ground you get up and look around you're in a forest. You see nothing but trees. Not knowing where you are, you explore. You don't know how long you have been walking and then out of nowhere Barney comes out and sings "I love you, You love me, We're a happy family, With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me to" he continues to sing over and over it never ends. Finally you scream "SHUT UP!!!!!!" and then strawberry shortcake walks up to you and says "that wasn't very nice" your speechless. You turn around just to see Nancy Drew looking around with a minderfind glass. "um....what are you doing" you ask her "looking for clues" she replies as she looks at one of your shoes and takes it off and put it in her bag " WHAT THE HACK!!!!!!!" you yell "where wear you during peter pans kidnapping?" ND ask you but before you could answer a clown pops in out of nowhere and looks at you and says "you're a jedi!" and walks away. Than it hits you you're having a dream.
  5. You wake up in a bedroom it has dark gray walls with black trimming and dark wooden floors. You're on a king size bed and you feel someone gently stroking your cheek. You look behind you to see who it is. It's a guy you never seen before he haves black hair with dark red highlights and dark gray eyes. You scream and fall off the bed. He chuckles "who are you?" you ask him "my names Harth and I have been trying to get a hold of you for a long time" he says getting off the bed. You get up "your Harth?" you say stepping away from him thanking about what Brandon told you. Harth looks into your eyes "whatever those boys told you is not true. There using you. They want to take the throne" you look at him confused "what are you talking about" "they didn't tell you?" "Tell me what?" Harth was about to reply but the door fly's open. Derek, Justin, Brandon, and Ethan come into the room. Ethan runs to you "_______!!! Are you ok?" "I'm fine" you say. Harth tries to tackle Ethan but Justin pushes him against the wall. Than about 15 men in black cloaks run into the room "DEREK GET _______ OUT OF HERE!!!!" Ethan yells. Derek runs to you and holds out his hand for you to take. Thoughts run through your mind. Was Harth telling the truth? Were Derek, Justin, Brandon, and Ethan using you? You feel something bite your leg. You scream and fall to the ground in pane. Your leg starts to burn. The burning quickly spreads throughout your body. everything becomes blurry. You hear Harth yell "NO YOU IDIOT!!!!" and then you blackout
  6. You wake up in your room at the mansion. Brandon is sitting next to you on the bed reading a book. "What happen?" you ask sitting up. Brandon jumps a little not knowing you're awake. "SHES AWAKE!!!" He yells. You hear running footsteps and then Derek, Justin, and Ethan come into the room. "What happen?" you ask again. "We will answer your question if you answer ours first" Justin says "ok" you say "what did Harth tell you?" "He said your using me want to take the throne" the guys look at each other "I thank its time you know the truth" Brandon says
  7. In another galaxy there is a planet led by the royal family Fearless. Everybody lived in peace for many years. And then 400 years ago two brothers where born into the royal family, Thomas and Edward. They played together and trained together but their minds where vary different. Edward who was evil and selfish wanted to enslave most of the citizens. Thomas who was good and generous wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and ensure freedom and peace to the citizens. Soon the brothers ware arguing, the arguments turned into fights and then Edward was disowned by the family. Edward formed his own army, the black shadows. And then went into war against his brother. Edward took a liking to a young man known as Richard. Edward taught Richard all he known. When Richard grew older he became more powerful than Edward and when he had the chance he killed Edward. The war continued, there were no signs of it ending. 15 years ago the black shadows attacked the royal family's castle. They wear out numbered. Everybody was killed but Richards's great grandson Hugh was unable to take the throne because a charm has been cast so nobody can take the throne that is not a member of the royal family while a member is still alive. John and Theresa Fearless gave their daughter to their highest skilled guards and trusted friends to hide here on earth...._______ you are the daughter of John and Theresa Fearless and Harth is the son of Hugh. Harth wants to marry you so he can be king
  8. "Oh is that it?" you ask "we also have Powers" Ethan says smiling All the guys glare at him. "What?" he ask his smile fading *there all crazy* you thank. "Were not crazy" Brandon says *did he just read my mind* "yes I read your mind. One of my Powers is Telepathy" "one of your Powers?" you say "yes the average number of Powers is 3" Derek says "what are your Powers ?" you ask. "Earth, Power sensing and I can Talk to animals" Derek says. "I have Super-Strength and I can control Electricity and make Force fields" Justin says. "I can control the element water I have Super-Speed and I can turn Invisible" Ethan says "will I have Telepathy as you know and I can heal and I have Telekinesis" Brandon says "Do I have Powers ?" you ask "Yes" Justin replies "What are they?" you ask "we don't know yet" Ethan says "why didn't you tell me all this before?" you ask "We didn't want to just dump it all on you" Justin says. "Ok. What bit my leg?" you ask "it was a draog" Brandon says "a what?" "It's kind of like a mini dragon and it's venomous. Anymore questions?" "Um no that's it" you say. Derek looks at his watch "we should get some sleep". The guys say goodnight and leave than you go to sleep.
  9. Will that's it. I hope you liked it
  10. I'm hoping to make a Love is forever x-miss quiz (it will have no effect on what's going on in the series) but just so you know if I do its going to be a little random but funny...hopefully
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