A Warrior's battle (part 1)

READ PLEASE:this is the second chapter in my quiz-story-thing. It will make more sense (or less) if you actually take the first quizzes it's called "undieing love" This is what happens when I don't give myself a deadline ya I end up taking forever

READ PLEASE:this is the second chapter in my quiz-story-thing. It will make more sense (or less) if you actually take the first quizzes it's called "undieing love" This is what happens when I don't give myself a deadline ya I end up taking forever Vrhdhd

Created by: xxemogirlxx111
  1. It's been exactly one year today, I'm so excited! So much has changed I've learned that I'm not only a warrior,I can stop things with my mind, turn invisible, and I control the element of water, so I can now freeze people or create a hurricane at will! I also learned that jade controls the element of fire and scarlet controls the grass element. But I wonder, what has changed about Matt,Felix,Marth,skyler,and mist, I guess I'll find out today.
  2. *I feel stupid, I mean I'm actually writing my thoughts and feelings in this stupid book, although I think I should put this in my backpack* you pick up the white notebook with red and purple hearts you were writing in and put it in a small black backpack. "Esmeralda you've been in here all day, you should go outside and look at the place one last time"says jade "guess I should, Hey! Have you seen scarlet?" you ask "yes, I believe she is still in her room"says jade "ok then" you say. You close your backpack and walk to the room next to yours, the walls are painted white but nothing is hung up. You knock on a black door, *Scarlet needs everything to be a dark color, what does she have against light colors?*,"hello Esmeralda, why do you come and disturb me" says scarlet "when do we leave?" you ask "in a minute" "is jade comming with us?" you ask "to the temple yes but she will stay there"says scarlet "why is she staying there" "someone needs to protect the temple of peace and she volunteered to"says scarlet "can we leave now?!" you ask "yes just get jade and we'll leave now" says scarlet.you go back to your room to get your backpack, and then you go looking for jade. "hey jade I finally found you! Scarlet says it's time" you say "ok then" says jade as she grabs a red backpack, you both walk to Scarlet's room.
  3. "grab my hand both of you"says scarlet, you obeyand grab her hand and so does jade.you close your eyes and when you open them you see a desert. "Huh? heres the temple" you ask "Esmeraldadont you see it? its right there, are you blind?". you close your eyes and concentrate, then you open your eyes, "i see it!" you say.the temple looks like its made of stone and it doesn't look like a temple its more like a tower with a huge door made of steel. "lets go inside"says scarlet, "wait! dont you think there's going to be some defences for the tower"you say
  4. "I see you're not as dumb as i thought" says scarlet "if you think that there is something defending the temple then how do you see without getting hurt?" says jade "um...i guess i could throw something right?"you say "I dont know!"says jade "watever".You concentrate and open your hand, you focus all your energy on your hand, you open your eyes and see the ball of water you created in your hand , you throw the water at the temple, men made out of sand rise up from the sand. "what now?!"you ask "they're fast"says jade. its true the sand men get closer with each second."scarlet create some vines and grab the sand men and I'll blast them with water"you say, scarlet nods. vines come up from behind the sand men and prevent them from moving, you blast them one by one until they are all gone "i was not sure if you two could work together but i see that you can, its a miracle!" says jade
  5. "lets just go i bet they're waiting"says scarlet. you all walk until you reach the temple's door then you touch the door and it opens automaticly. you see grey pillars,a white tiled floor,and white walls. In the canter of the room stands Matt,Marth,Skyler,Felix,and Mist. All the guys run and try to hug you but Matt ends up hugging you first,you barely reconize him since he died his hair dirty blond with black highlights. "Miss me Esmeralda"says Matt. "Matt we all want to hug Girly"sayys skyler "fine'says" matt and he stops hugging you
  6. Skyler is next in line, he huggs yo,nothing has change about him. "Girly i told you the year would just fly by" "ya it did" you say. "um....my turn...."says Marth, you notice that he go snakebites (its a lip pircing)"um hi Esmeralda"says Marth "hi!"you say as you go and hug Marth because apperently he's too shy."hi Esmeralda"says Felix as he waves to you "hi..."says Mist, you wave to both of them
  7. "hey whats up"says Jade "eh not much we just going to SAVE THE WORLD, well the underworld and Earth"says Matt "ok then,well what now?"asks Jade "the stone! we need to get the stones!"says skyler "thats going to be kind of hard dont you thhink?"says Felix "the stones are just a legend!,its not real!"says Mist "just like humans belive that powers like ours are not real,we believe that legends are not real but it might be"says Scarlet "OWNED"says skyler "but are we realy going to to go across the kingdom for probubly nothing!" says Mist "Yes!"says Matt "but we would have to go on foot and it would take too long and well you see we cant!"says mist "i know were we can get horses,lets just hope the place is still there"says marth "Mist no one is forcing you to come if you dont want to come then dont' says felix
  8. "um I've been trying to make sense about this legend and all I understood was that it involves stones"you say "well the legend goes like this,there was once a king and during the time he ruled was a golden age for the Shinigami kingdom, it was a time when people lived in peace instead of fear, it was a time when people focused on art instead of training soldiers, and it was all thanks to the stones of spirit, the stones of spirit are three stones that hold more power than anything you can imagine, with one you can create tsunamis,hurricanes,landslides,you can even divide the earth in half, so imagine what you can do with three"says Marth "but what does that have anything to do with the kingdom being at peace?"you ask "no one would dare challenge the kingdom,but the king promise to use the powers of the stones to protect the kingdom not destroy it"says skyler
  9. "so where are the stones?"you ask "when the castle was destroyed three of the king's most loyal soldiers each took one stone, they each helped each other create 3 temples, one stone is in each temple, but the soldiers also created this temple so if the stones were ever needed there would be a map showing exactly were the temples stand, although it may be outdated"says Matt
  10. "let's look for the map then"you say "it can't just be one room, maybe there's a hidden room?"says Scarlet. She Seabees walking back and forth,"Zelka can you stop its annoying"says skyler "no"says scarlet. You hear a noise, it's like someone hit something hollow "who else heard that?"you ask "Zelka I think you steped on something"says skyler "maybe it's an underground room!"you say "or maybe nothing!"says mist "mist if you don't want to be here then you can leave,no one is forcing you to stay!"says Felix "what is wrong with you Felix! We are all going to die for nothing!, just face it everything is gone there's nothing to save!"says mist "Nothing to save! How would you know there isn't at least one more person, how do you know that there aren't survivors! And you know that if we don't do something soon then they will take over Earth too!"says Felix
  11. "let someone else save them then!"says Mist "leave, just leave I'm not in the mood to argue with you!"says Felix "FINE THEN, but when you finally see that it is hopeless don't come looking for me!"says Mist "FINE THEN"says Felix as mist leaves
  12. "I never liked her anyways"says scarlet "whatever"says Felix. "ok then,so um let's see,um I think this one is the one Zelka stepped on"says Skyler, skyler knocks on the a tile and it sounds different then the others. "so how do we pick it up,it's not like it's going to magically lift up"says Matt "I think I can lift it"you say "huh? How?"asks skyler "the same way you read minds" you say "with your mind?"says skyler "yup"you say "ok then do it"says jade, you nod and start concentrating, you think about nothing else but the tile. "look it's floating, I want to fly!"says Matt. You throw the tile and see that there is a ladder leading to a dark underground room. "you can't even see the bottom!"says skyler
  13. "I can make a fire bit I think it's better if I go in alone and light up the room"says jade, you all nod and jade starts climbing down the ladder. "don't get eaten!"says Matt "ya that's so going to help me Matt!"says jade "but it keeps you alert!"says Matt "shutup Matt!"says jade "Marth, jade told me to shut up!"says Matt "then listen and shut up!"says Marth "....ok"says Matt "I made it"says jade "to the monster's layer?!"says Matt "fine then, yes I'm in the monster's layer ahhhhhh come save me [sarcasm]"says jade
  14. "you heard the girl skyler, go save her!"says Matt as he pushes skyler down to the underground room "Matt I am going to kill you!"says skyler while falling "wrentit alive skyler?"says Matt "this is about me stealing your candy isn't it?!"says skyler "it was MINE you had already eaten yours!"says skyler "we don't have time for this!"you see "let's go then Matt goes first!"says scarlet as she pushes Matt down into the underground room "DEATH TO HOMEWORK"says Matt while falling. "whatever"mumbles Felix as he goes down the ladder. "it's like Matt is always hyper, whatever I'm going next"says Marth and he goes down the ladder. "me next"says skyler and she goes down the ladder and you follow her. The walls are made of stone and so is the floor, there is a large door with one torch on each side. "well we can't hang out here so lets go"says Felix "ok then"says Marth and he grabs a torch, opens the door and walks inside the dark hallway

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