How good are you at fighting in Warrior battles?

If you love the warriors series then this is the quiz for you. Have you ever wondered how good of a warrior you would make, take this quiz and find out.

Warriors need to be kind, follow the warrior cod and have good skills. All warriors have to memorize battle moves and the code did you have good enough training?

Created by: Whitestar
  1. Would you kill a cat during battle or any other time?
  2. What clan was the first to use tail signals?
  3. Can the wind and light from the sun be used in battles?
  4. What move is often followed by the reverse climb and what clan often used it?
  5. What way of attacking works best?
  6. Can darkness be used as an advantage?
  7. Should every cat follow the warrior code?
  8. If you could would you harm a clans kits and its supply of herbs?
  9. What is the name of the move where you attack quickly so the enemy can not tell who you are, retreat then attack again fast so the enemy does not know who you are?
  10. What clan used tunnelers and what are tunnelers?

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Quiz topic: How good am I at fighting in Warrior battles?