So you think you can fight?

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fighting is a time honored tradition for the human race. fighting is one of our most common expressions. we fight for fun, for vengeance, to settle a feud, or even just for exercise. fighting is a staple of human behavior, and it's a skill that no one can go through life without.

fighting is a must learn skill. learn it or fail. this quiz is designed for the easiest shortest, most sophisticated means of determining how much more work your going to have to put into it before your done. plus if i do say so myself, it's hysterical!

Created by: Slim_t
  1. To give you the best possible edge what weapon (of the choices) would you use?
  2. How many people are you comfortable fighting at one time (choose wisely. this question is not what you think)
  3. how often do you think about fighting (be honest, if your not this won't work)
  4. how often do you fight? (again be honest. i know you might want to seem like a decent person and or a bad-ass but please don't deceive yourself)
  5. do you have any firm relationships? family, friends, lover? (this really does matter, trust me. I'm a doctor) ;)
  6. do you have a romantic relationship? if so what is it's type? (alright I'm not really a doctor. but you still have to trust me)
  7. do you have a good relationship with your sibling/very close friend? (last personal question. by the way i do have a DOCTORates if that counts as a doctorness at all...)
  8. do my questions make you want to hit me? (this one is REALLY important so be sure and get right)
  9. what is your fitness level? (an obvious question, or so it seems) ;0
  10. how smart are you? (sorry i have to ask)
  11. why do you care about fighting. (this is a trick question)
  12. last question and probably the most important. on a scale from 1 to high would you rate yourself?

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