What is your World of Warcraft race

For the Horde we are strong powerful invincible we are the wisdom carriers we fight for honor Orgrim and Thrall our power grows everyday so join us you will fell eternal pain hahahahahaha forever Thrall.

For the Alliance we are hope love care and we fight for all life Menthil we live forever and we will face evil for all eternity we must stand and fight so join us not the Horde.

Created by: Justin Trent
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How brutal are you.
  2. Do you use allies.
  3. What is your element.
  4. What is your faction.
  5. What is your symbol of life.
  6. Which is your favorite pet.
  7. Do you want power.
  8. Who would you kill.
  9. Are you lucky.
  10. Who do you love.

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Quiz topic: What is my World of Warcraft race