World Of Warcraft Addiction Test

World of Warcraft is a game to live inside, not just play. This quiz will separate the casual player from the hardcore addict. See if you are a true addict or just another noob. This is the Vestige Guild Quiz by Rileymartin

Think you play World Of Warcraft? Try this Vestige Guild Quiz and Find Out if you're an addict. There are many studies out there looking to find out if video games are addictive, you and I already know they are but see for yourself.

Created by: Mark
  1. EASY ONE: What happens when you hit level 10?
  2. When the microwave goes ding....
  3. Today is Tuesday
  4. Translate: LFM for SM, need DPS and G2G!
  5. How many dreams have you had about World of Warcraft in the Past Month?
  6. Are you familiar with the term "Wife Aggro"?
  7. You are in a bar and overhear 2 men talking about World of Warcraft. One man says to the other, "I paid two thousand gold in the AH for the Twin Blades of Azzinoth!" What is wrong with this statement?
  8. Your Friends call you by your Toon Name
  9. You plan your weekends around raids
  10. Is World of Warcraft Minimized RIGHT NOW?
  11. Where were you at midnight on Jan. 16th 2007?
  12. What does this mean to you? /Tar Astral
  13. How long does a Flask Last?
  14. Ok, NO MORE SCREWING AROUND! How much health does High Warlord Nej'entus have?
  15. Last Question Pick the Longest Flight Time (don't cheat)

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