Do u know Sweetbell from World of Warcraft?

Do you know the game World of Warcraft? Well if you do what server do you play on. if it's Steamwheelcartel then you may know Sweetbell. See how much you know about her and see if you truly are a WOW lover.

When this quiz was made Sweetbell was grounded (3/13/09) Sooooo if she ever get ungrounded you can whisper to her. Thats when she get un-grounded. She's a really nice person just a little nuts.

Created by: Mihilo
  1. What class is Sweetbell?
  2. How long has she been playing?
  3. What's her favorite saying?
  4. Who is Ymon?
  5. What's her favorite color?
  6. What is Sweetbell's level?
  7. Name one of her friends
  8. When is she usally on (week days)
  9. When is she usally on (week ends)
  10. How quiet is she?
  11. How old is she?
  12. Where is her usally hang-out spot
  13. What does she do more.

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