How Well Do You Know WoW?

This is a World or Warcraft game quiz with ten questions.If you don't play the game or have never played the game, you might not want to try this one out.

All of the answers to the quiz can be found online and at various World of Warcraft type sites.Some answers are based on WoW history but are still WoW relevant.

Created by: demtar

  1. Where is Hellfire Peninsula located?
  2. Who is the Leader of the Orcs?
  3. If you traveled west from Durator, what three zones would you go through to get to the other coast?
  4. In what zone is Undercity located?
  5. When first created, where does an Undead character start the game?
  6. Who was Thralls father?
  7. In what zone can you find Cenarion Hold?
  8. Who is the Lich King?
  9. What is Wrath of the Lich King?
  10. Will WoTLK have any new classes?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know WoW?