How much of "The Burning Crusade" do you know?

There are many people who play World Of Warcraft, about 11,000,000 players and growing. Make that 12,000,000 players. WoW is a diverse game that includes hundreds of different ways to waste your time. Whether you want to be the highest level, the best, or the best at your proffesion, WoW has it all. Heck, you can even implement your dream career into this game. It has a lot to do.

Well, thank you awfully for clicking and viewing this! So, for starters, The Burning Crusade is a large game/expansion where you can slay demons, travel to a different ravaged planet, and destroy gigantic big-ass demonic robots that want to squish you in one stomp! Sounds fun, right? Well it is fun, ya doof! Now stop lingering around and take my quiz! Be sure to rate and comment at the end. Thank ya!

Created by: Joker1001

  1. What is "The Burning Crusade"?
  2. To what game does "The Burning Crusade" apply to?
  3. What is the world boss in "The Burning Crusade"?
  4. What is the maximum level in this game/expansion?
  5. What was the previous level cap?
  6. What is the prime species in this game/expansion?
  7. What level do you have to be to raid in this game/expansion?
  8. What date did The Burning Crusade come out?
  9. Which of these was a (sort of) famous quote from The Burning Crusade?
  10. What new Horde race was brought in at this game/expansion?
  11. What was the new Alliance race brought in at The Burning Crusade?
  12. What was the new continent brought in at The Burning Crusade?
  13. What IS the new content?

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Quiz topic: How much of "The Burning Crusade" do I know?